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On Tornadoes and other Meteorlogical Phenomenon

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 12 03:17:40 EST 2005

Gees, every 'time' I turn my computer
off, I remember something else that I
should've said.

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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| [...]

| What happens is that the "sharp-edged"
| pressure-differentials act collectively, to
| literally squeeze energy that's 'normally'
| 'contained' within SSW<->UES harmon-
| ics into the non-SSW energy-surround,
| which creates a "conducting-path" for
| the flow of "charge" between Earth and
| clouds.
| [...]

One literally experiences this "squeezed-
out" UES when one's "hair stands on
end" just before a lightning bolt is going
to strike nearby one's position.

It's the "squeezing-out" of this energy,
from the atmospheric SSW-UES harm-
onics that makes one's "hair stand on
end" -- =BE-CAUSE= the "squeezed-
out" energy alters the SSW<->UES
harmonics of one's body, including one's
hair, which can literally be seen in the
way one's hairs 'move away from' each
other. They do this because, standing in
the midst of the "squeezed-out" energy,
the SSW<->UES harmonics comprising
one's hair temporarily 'contain' more en-
ergy than they 'normally' do, which
pumps-up their harmonics, which re-
sults in their collective action being one
in which hairs 'move away from' one
another, which, because they're 'anchored'
in one's scalp, results in their "standing
on end".

When you experience such, you're literally
experiencing the "UES" to an extra-'norm-
al' degree. [And the UES can literally be
weighed in this phenomenon.]

But the important thing that I want to dis-
cuss, a bit, is the fact that this "hair-stand-
ing-on-end stuff always =precedes= a light-
ning strike.

The standard explanation for this is that
it occurs 'because' there's a "charge leak"
that establishes the "path" that the light-
ning will follow. But this 'surmise' doesn't
actually explain how and why a =partic-
ular= "path" becomes "energized", and,
more-importantly, how and why this
=particular= "path" is so relatively-con-

The pressure-induced "squeezing-out"
of energy from the SSW<->UES harm-
onics that I discussed in my preceding
post explains both of these phenomena
concisely, all the way down to infinite-
ly-small dimension, leaving nothing dis-

The "hair-standing-on-end" phenomenon
always precedes nearby-to-one lightning
strikes be-cause it's the "squeezing-out"
of energy from the SSW<->UES harm-
onics that establish the "path" for the
"lightning" to follow.

As I discussed a few posts back in this
thread, it's "sharp-edged" atmospheric
pressure "confrontations" [which occur
as "crumpled-bags" [which are literally
like the Geometries of the edges of
stacked-up soap-bubbles]] that con-
struct the "sharp-edged" pressure-var-

Experimenters haven't recreated these
dynamics in the Lab because the pres-
sure aparatuses that they use typically
exert 'uniform' pressures, in which
there occur no "sharp-edged" pressure
confrontations. But this sort of "sharp-
edged" pressure confrontation is fairly-
easy to establish in the lab, and I en-
courage Experimentalists to do so by,
basically, creating synchronized shock
waves in confinement vessels with op-
positely-"charged" upper and lower
surfaces. Should yield analogues of
"lightning". [Might not be a "flash"
[especially not early-on], but there'll
definitely be induced energy-transfer
between the upper and lower "charged"

Anyway, the Key things to See are
as above.

The "aura" =precedes= the lightning
strike, and is =particularly= confined,
which correlates exactly to "sharp-
edged"-localized pressure confront-
ations, and not to "charge"-leaking,
which, by definition, absent a local-
ization "force", has to occur in a gen-
way -- which is no-way with respect
to the relative-precision of the "paths"
that lightning bolts follow.

Get it?

It =needs= the "sharp-edged" pressure
confrontations -- to make the "paths"

Hence, the "squeezing-out" of energy
from the SSW<->UES harmonics is
rendered Observable.

"ta da!" :-]

And, yes, all of this occurs [of course
at extremely-less-powerful energy 'levels']
within nervous systems' 3-D E. Within
nervous systems, the analogous dynamics
constitute the means through mutual-tun-
ing occurs amongst various ionic conduct-

There's nothing "mysterious" in these nerv-
ous system considerations. Nervous
systems evolved within physical reality,
after all, so it's just Reasonable that
nervous systems, so evolving within phys-
ical reality over the course of billions of
'years', would embody the dynamics in-
herent in physical reality.

And they do.

They do so so spectacularly that one can
"look in the brain and see the Universe :-]

Do you get what I'm saying?

Nervous systems literally Know Physics,
and are, literally, Physicists, and all one
has to do to do Physics is learn Neuro-
science  :-]

Anyway, there's much-more in the
"lightning" stuff. I've only discussed the
bare-Basics. To See what I've discus-
sed requires that one carry through it
the stuff that I discussed in the "Tapered
Harmony Primer [again]" thread, and I
encourage folks to do that.

A "homework" assignment :-]

[I think I have to "rest", a bit, so if I'm
not online, that's what I'm doing.]

k. p. collins 

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