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On Tornadoes and other Meteorlogical Phenomenon

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 12 01:45:01 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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| "Lightning", including upper-atmospheric
| electrical phenomena like "sprites" and
| "elves",  happens for the same reasons.
| When a "lightning bolt" occurs, it literally
| traces the "borders" of atmospheric re-
| gions that're analogous to "crumpled",
| but still-relatively-formed, "paper bags".
| Here, the "crumpling" occurs be-cause
| of pressure-differentials with "sharp-edges",
| for the same reasons as above. It's all the
| V/Ar, but, in the case of "lightning", the
| energy transforms from "mechanical" to
| "electrical", =literally= under the guid-
| ance of the V/Ar :-]
| [...]

My last statement, above, needs a further

What happens is that the "sharp-edged"
pressure-differentials act collectively, to
literally squeeze energy that's 'normally'
'contained' within SSW<->UES harmon-
ics into the non-SSW energy-surround,
which creates a "conducting-path" for
the flow of "charge" between Earth and

It's the formation of such extra-SSW-
energy "paths" that triggers "lightning".

When there're no such "sharp-edged"
atmospheric-pressure conjunctions,
"lightning" can't happen.

Get it?

It's another way to see the dynamics
of the SSW<->UES harmonics, and
how they vary as a function of "pres-
sure", which all reduces directly and
Simply to Volume/Surface-area ratios

One can literally =See= the UES [Uni-
versal Energy Supply] in these dynam-
ics that vary with atmospheric pressure.

Perhaps other folks would call the en-
ergy that's "squeezed-out" of the SSW
<->UES harmonics a "plasma" [or a
"proto-plasma", since "plasmas" are,
typically, viewed as being correlated to
=applied= high-energy. But it's same-
old, same-old, with the high applied-
energy deriving in the "sharp-edged"
atmospheric pressure "confrontations".

It's Simple, really, the only 'difficulty'
being that traditional perspectives in
Physics just don't see Continuous,
infinitely-divisible energy, the SSW
<->UES harmonics, the V/Ar, or
the UES and its flowing.

Instead of the 'normally'-"statically-
'stable' 'atoms' that are invoked in
the traditional view, Tapered Harmony
Sees SSW<->UES harmonics that
alter with their local UES-pressure,
and, in so altering, giving-up-to, or
taking-in-from, more or less energy.
with respect to the UES.

This's all 'just' a matter<->energy
phase-transition that derives, fund-
amentally, in the same V/Ar dynamics
=throughout= the Uuniverse -- with
respect to such, the dynamics deep
within "Stars" are the same as the
Earth-bound "lightning"-generation
dynamics discussed above.the

=This= is the way that "The Laws of
Physics" are the same throughout the
Universe, and, simultaneously, =why=
it's so.

Tapered Harmony goes on and on,
in this way, becoming more-tightly-
integrated as more stuff is discussed.

It's both extremely-useful and Beautiful.

[What I've discussed, here, needs, as
a bare-minimum, the stuff I discussed
in the "Tapered Harmony Primer [Again]"

k. p. collins

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