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On Tornadoes and other Meteorlogical Phenomenon

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue May 10 22:43:42 EST 2005

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I'd like to reiterate, and expand, the
discussion of my previous post, but
I'm too-'tired' to do that, so, if you're
reading this [Thank You] I encourage
you to explore the preceding post in
light of what I'll discuss in this post,
which applies to everything that I dis-
cussed in my preceding post.

What stimmed what I'll discuss in this
post was an "Essay" broadcast on
NPR's =All Things Considered= ear-
lier this evening. The essay commented
upon the "all-possible-paths" 'view' of
an 'electron's 'position' within an 'atom' -- 
you know, the 'view' that an 'electron'
takes "all possible paths" as it 'orbits'
'the nucleus' of an 'atom'.

There's a =lot= of Error in this 'view',
and, in this post, I'm going to [again]
eliminate =all= of that Error [so put
your "Thinking-Caps" on, folks :-]

There's so much that needs-Fixing,
in-there, that the main Q. is, "Where
to begin?"

The only 'place' in which so-called
"electrons" have any "existence" is in
the cognitive-processes that occur
within folks' nervous systems.

No such things as "electrons" exist
within physical reality -- so all talk
of "electrons orbiting" is Fiction [cap-
ital "F"].

The notion that there're "physical en-
tities" that "orbit" the "nuclei" of
"atoms" results, in its entirety, from
Misinterpretations of experimental
data that was accumulated in the
late 19th and early 20th 'centuries' -- 
be-cause TD E/I-minimizations that
occurred within folks' nervous sys-
tems were literally attracted to the
conceptualizations that were, then,
'familiar' within Physics.

This resulted in folks' 'seeing ev-
idence of' "collisions" in the data
be-cause, at the 'time', folks were
'unfamiliar' with the way the direc-
tionality of energy-flow is Determ-
ined, Continuously, by energy-
density -- which is 'funny' be-cause,
in 1905, Dr. Einstein published his
"Special Relativity" Paper, and, when
one eliminates non-physically-real 'time'
as a dimension, one Sees that Special
Relativity is 100% energy-density
calculations, and one can See the
PTOFA, that 'led' contemporaneous
Physicists to 'see' "collisions" amongst
"point-like" 'particles' in their early
interpretations of experimental data,
in the awarding of the Noble in Physics
to Einstein for his 1905 "Photoelectric
Effect" Paper instead of his Special
Relativity Paper. Contemporaneous
folks could not "get their minds around"
Special Relativity, and sort of "fell-back"
on the way that Einstein's Photoelectric
Effect Paper 'supported' the 'fam-
iliar' [TD E/I-minimizing] notions of
"solar systems", which had held-sway
in Physics since Newton's Work in
the mid-17th 'centruy'. Folks could
not "think outside the box" of "sys-
tems of point-like entities".

And be-cause folks 'theorized' 'two'-
fast, "jumping on the bandwagon" of
the early misinterpretations of the
experimental data, those interpreta-
tions became the 'familiar' [TD E/I-
minimizing] stuff, and the battle for
understanding, within Physics, was
temporarily lost -- even though Dr.
Einstein went on to formulate "Gen-
eral Relativity", which, when 'time'
is eliminated, is also 100% energy-
density calculations.

[Folks didn't realize, and still don't,
that SR and GR are 100% energy-
density calculations be-cause they
were, and remain, "fixated" upon
the powerful Reifications what were
achieved in Newtonian Mechanics,
and be-cause they persist in treating
'time' as a "physical dimension", the
doing of which obscures the energy-
density variations that are what SR
and GR are all about.]

While considering this stuff, it's useful
to reread the material quoted from T.
S. Kuhn's, =The Structure of Scientific
Revolutions=, in AoK's "Short Paper"

I'll copy it, here:

"How, then, are scientists  brought  to  make  this
transposition? Part of the answer is that they  are
very often not. Copernicanism made few converts for
almost a century after Copernicus' death.  Newton's
work was  not generally  accepted, particularly  on
the continent, for more  than half a century  after
the PRINCIPIA appeared. Priestly never accepted the
oxygen theory, nor Lord Kelvin the  electromagnetic
theory, and so  on. The difficulties  of conversion
have  often  been  noted  by scientists themselves.
Darwin, in a particularly perceptive passage at the
end of his ORIGIN OF SPECIES wrote: 'Although
I  am fully convinced of the truth of the views given  in
this volume...,  I by  no means  expect to convince
experienced  naturalists  whose  minds  are stocked
with a multitude of facts all viewed, during a long
course  of  years,  from  a  point of view directly
opposite to mine.  ...[B]ut I look  with confidence
to the future, -  to young and rising  naturalists,
who will be able to view both sides of the question
with impartiality.' And  Max Planck, surveying  his
own career in  his SCIENTIFIC AUTOBIOG-
RAPHY,  sadly remarked  that  'a  new  scientific
truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents
and making them see  the  light,  but  rather because
its opponents eventually die, and a new generation
grows up  that is familiar with it." [THE STRUC-
Thomas S. Kuhn, (Chicago, 1970), pp. 150-1,
with permission.]

I included this quote from Kuhn in AoK both
to Honor his Courage and Powerful Insight,
and because I knew, as I was writing AoK,
that it had fallen to me to Explain how and
why the "reluctance" that Kuhn wrote about
arises within folks' nervous systems, and that
it had fallen to me to lift Humanity up out of
such. [If folks 'wonder' about the way that
I've proceded, over the 'years' -- you know,
without seeking to "profit" from the work I'd
done -- it's be-cause I knew that it'd fallen-
to-me =Completely=, and that I could not
forsake the "lifting" in favor of 'getting-rich'.
What 'good' would've been my 'getting-rich'
been if, in doing so, I'd relegate Humanity
to 'just' more self-Ravaging? So I "bit the
bullet", resolved to restricting myself to do-
ing-only that which Needed to be done,
Guarding my Being, always, from the "Dis-
tractions" of monetary-'wealth'. It's been
Hard. I've come to understand that folks
'think' all manner of Negative stuff about
'me' because I Chose this way. Folks
'think' I'm "naive", or "stupid", or etc.,
but all I've been doing is making-sure
that I've got nothing to Distract me from
the "lifting-up" of Humanity. On my 'side'
of things, my jaw's been hanging-down,
for 'years' because folks've been so "hard-
headed" with respect to what I've been
doing -- you know, that folks would al-
low one who'd devoted his Being to car-
ing for them to languish on the edge of

Sorry about saying all of this Plainly, but
the need to so say it is =in= the stuff I'm
discussing in this post -- in the stuff that
I'm explicating with respect to how and
why Physics went on it's "wild goose
chase" for non-existent 'particles'.

All of Humanity's self-Ravaging has occur-
ed for the same absence-of-reason that
drew Physicists into Error back at the end
of the 19th 'century', so I might as well ad-
dress the more-fundamental dynamics while
I'm addressing the specific case, in Physics,
that I'm discussing in this post.

It's 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
left uncomprehended, that did this to Physics,
and it's 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiza-
tion, left uncomprehended that does the Same-
Stuff to Humanity as a whole.

Perhaps in addressing the specific case, I'll
enable folks to make-progress with respect
to the general case?]

Let's see -- where was I before I "digressed"?

SR and GR being 100% energy-density
calcs, but folks still not realizing that, the
point being with respect to the way Error
has been "perpetuated" within Physics,
which I'm addressing from the perspective
of assertions made in the "essay" that was
broadcast on NPR's =All Things Considered=,
which agreed-with(?) the Erroneous con-
ceptualization that so-called "electrons"
"follow all possible paths".

I don't know how to say what needs to
be said without just saying it [I've been
going over it, again and again, from all
manner of experimental results, all the
while I've been online -- 17 'years' -- 
but folks don't seem to've gotten it.]

The "all-paths" view is =just= a "chimera"
calculation in which a lot of Erroneous
pre-conceived notions were carried-
forward, within 'physics', Unthinkingly.

And it's 'interesting' to Study how and
why this happened.

A main thing in why it happened was
that 'physicists' aligned themselves in-
opposition to Dr. Einstein -- often, but
not always, be-cause they just wanted to
'be' Dr. Einstein -- you know -- to receive
'their share' of the Praise and 'noteriety'
that was given to Dr. Einstein because
of the Work he'd accomplished. They,
so 'wanting', made Dr. Einstein a "target",
sort of in a 'way' that 'held', "If one can
proove Einstein wrong, one will inherit
the mantle of Einstein." :-]

This sort of thing was, largely, "the green-
eyed monster", which reduces directly
to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiza-
tion, left uncomprehended.

Why am I getting into this "untoward"

Because Dr. Einstein was not only Correct
all along, but he was "bruised and battered",
nonsensically, by it -- all to the Great-Detri-
ment of Physics.

The 'mind'-set of the 'day' was "lynch

Nobody actually Cared about Physics.

Everybody 'wanted' to 'be' Dr. Einstein -- 
'wanted' to inherit his "mantle".

It's all rather 'sickening' when one Studies

But what I want to emphasize, in this
post, is the way that this non-Physics
"hysteria" side-tracked all of Physics.

Folks didn't Care about =Physics=.

Folks 'wanted' to 'be' Dr. Einstein,
and "damn physical reality", if that's
what's necessary to 'prove' themselves
'right' [by 'proving' Dr. Einstein 'wrong'.]

And the more of this that happened, the
more Physics was forsaken, and the
damnable "chimera" calcs got piled-up
so deep that no one was able to clear-
out that "stable", piled-high with the
excrement of 'jealousy'.

It's Sorrowfully-'hilarious' -- folks
accepted all manner of Non-Sensical
stuff -- "wave-particle duality", "uncert-
ainty", "randomness", "unpredictability",
"cat's simultaneously dead and alive",
"spooky action at a distance" -- you
know -- all the 'stuff' that's grouped
under the heading of so-called "quant-
um weirdness", including so-called
"particles" that're "everywhere at once"
[the "all-possible-paths" stuff].

And, in so doing -- in so abandoning
Truth -- 'physics' set all of Humanity
on a 'path' that's "disconnected" from
physical reality -- you know -- such
Error has "trickled-down" to where
'it' come, typically, without folks' knowing
that it has, to permeate the daily affairs
of even the most-routine experience.

At the 'top' of all of this is always
some 'physicist' asserting that the
Common Sense Reality espoused
by Dr. Einstein is "falacious" "because
quantum mechanics says so".

No one ever stopped to consider
what 'quantum mechanics said' in
light of what Special and General
Relativity said.

And, it's Genuinely-Hilarious, when
'quantum mechanics' cannot be rec-
onciled with Sr and GR, nobody
sees the Common Sense that's
pointed-to by that fact.

Part of it was that Dr. Einstein was,
himself, "side-tracked" by the 'success'
of his 'photoelectric' stuff, which, it-
self, 'saw' 'particles', and which dove-
tailed' with the 'quantum mechanical'
view of 'physical reality'.

Gees -- I'm long-winded.

It's because it's 'heart'-breaking, to
one whose First-Love is Physics,
to experience Physics being so way-
laid by the Coersiveness of 'group-

So I'll cut to the chase scene:

The "everywhere-all-at-once-ness"
of the "all-possible-paths" view is
=BE-CAUSE= what's actually go-
ing on in-there is as I've discussed
it, over and over again -- infinitely-
divisible energy, 'trapped' in com-
pression<->expansion harmonics
with surrounding energy be-cause
of Volume/Surface-area ratios

It's =not= that so-called "electrons"
"follow all possible paths", but be-
cause what's actually in-there is 'just'
infinitely-divisible energy, and, when
one probes this infinitely-divisible
stuff, one observes energy-density-
Determined dynamics -- =NOT=
'particle collisions".

Throw out all of the damnable
"chimera" calcs, and calc the energy-
densities, and all of the so-called
"quantum weirdness" 'just' vanishes,
and Common Sense physical reality is
're'-established, and folks don't 'have
to' acquiesce to 'believing'-in Non-
Sense anymore.

Get it?

Everything needed to understand
all of this was given to folks in the
little "Compton Refraction" and
"Sphere" QBASIC[tm] apps that
I posted long ago. Both of these
little programs are all about the
"V/Ar", and flat-out Nail it -- make
it 100%-Concrete -- no 'undertain-
ty', no 'randomness'.

Anyway, I'm "pushing", a bit, be-
cause my health seems to be Failing.

I've no way of being certain because
I can't afford to go to the Doctor,
but I think my heart is failing. The
pain that I wrote about, 'years' ago,
has gotten steadily-worse. [It might
be because I've grown steadily more-
malnourished, basically, eating "crap"
just to assuage hunger. Had some
eggs the other day, and that seemed
to make a difference for the better.]

Last night it was so bad that I thought
that'd be it for me.

I'm not 'afraid' of Dying. As things
stand, it'll come to me as a Release :-]

I am Afraid, however, of Dying be-
fore folks get it -- which is why there's
so much "Lamentation" in this post -- I
understand the magnitude of the "behav-
ioral inertia" and the "biological mass"
in which it's instantiated [and the cor-
related PTOFA] that's out-there, long-
established, and 'fear' that, if I don't do
what needs to be done, there'll be no
one else who's equipped to do it.

So, I "push", a bit -- to try to enable
folks to "Wake-up" from their 'blindly'-
automated-TD E/I-minimization "slum-

I mean no "offense".

I mean 'just'-the-opposite stuff.

It's just really-Strange to me that, after
all I've shared with folks, no one will
meet with me, in-person -- just to do
what cannot be fit-into words [yet].

Anyway, it's why the "Terrible Times"
were so Terrible.

I saw the existing 'state' of Humanity's
'existence', juxtaposed against the 'state'
to which it'd fallen to me to lift Humanity
up to.

And I knew that it'd be "forty miles of
bad road"-stuff, from there on out.

I'm not "complaining" on my own be-

It's just that 'time' is short, and getting-
shorter by the day.

Now I'm going to flop into bed. I'm
reading =Eragon=, and I'm just at the
part where "Arya" is [I presume] going
to "wake up". "Eragon" has been
"dreaming" of her for years.

I always like the parts where "dreams
come True" :-]

k. p. collins 

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