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Left/Righ and hearing

Dirk Bruere at Neopax dirk at neopax.com
Tue May 10 19:59:09 EST 2005

Allen L. Barker wrote:
> Dirk Bruere at Neopax wrote:
>> Kalman Rubinson wrote:
>>> Just to add:  There's an obligatory synapse in the inferior colliculus
>>> between the brainstem nuclei and the medial geniculate.
>> OK.
>> My main interest in this concerns subliminal technologies, brainwave 
>> entrainment, binaural tone stuff etc.
>> Seems that feeding different images into different eyes might be a lot 
>> more productive that an equivalent for the ears.
> Why do you conclude this?  Why should the separation into
> different hemispheres make a real difference?  A common sort of

Because they can be addressed separately and fed separate messages?

> subliminal/entrainment method encodes the actual signal (whether
> auditory-frequency or ELF "mood") as the beat-pattern between two
> slightly different tones.  The two tones are then fed to different
> ears, and the claim is that they later get recombined in the brain
> in a way which consciously or unconsciously influences the person.
> Whatever the efficacy of such systems -- there is little reputable,
> published research in the area -- such methods would not
> necessarily require that the separation be across the two
> hemispheres.  The signals *are* getting combined; the only question
> is whether the beat-encoded information has a real effect.
> Whether or not it works, and to whatever extent, there are certain
> pits of snakes which one should avoid.  The Monroe Institute (near
> Charlottesville and the NGIC Army Intelligence Lab) holds some
> patents for such methods and makes various claims.  This is *not* an
> endorsement of any sort.
> --------------
> The Monroe Institute
> http://www.monroeinstitute.org/

"The trademarked term Hemi-Sync signifies a patented combination of multiplexed 
audio binaural beats and pink sound (or music) designed to alter arousal levels. 
Hemi-Sync sounds are combined with verbal suggestion, relaxation exercises, and 
guided imagery, all carefully crafted to engender desired experiences in focused 
states of consciousness. "

It sounds rather vague from what I can see on the site and appears to be an 
attempt to corner the residential course market by blending standard subliminal 
tech with progressive relaxation hypnotic induction.


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