Left/Righ and hearing

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Just to add:  There's an obligatory synapse in the inferior colliculus
between the brainstem nuclei and the medial geniculate.


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>Dirk Bruere at Neopax wrote:
>> Left and right visual data are procecessed by opposite hemispheres.
>> Is the same true of hearing, or is it left-left and right-right?
>For hearing the process is basically the same. Sensory information 
>(hearing, seeing, smelling...) is processed by specific neural cells, 
>called sensory receptors. These neurons connect to the thalamus, and 
>from that, to the respective sensory areas of the cortex.
>The only thing that you have to know is that in both, hearing and 
>seeing, some sensory information coming from the left side goes to the 
>same hemisphere (ipsilateral), and some goes to the opposite hemisphere 
>For hearing the cells responsible for collecting the auditory 
>information are the hair cells (or auditory receptor cells). They send 
>the information through the auditory nerve to the brain stem, where they 
>activate other neurons, which send the information to the both thalamus 
>(medial geniculate nuclei). That means, it activates the same thalamic 
>nuclei (ipsilateral), and the opposite thalamic nuclei (contralateral). 
> From thalamus the information converges into the respective cerebral 
>auditory cortex.
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