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On Tornadoes and other Meteorlogical Phenomenon

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon May 9 09:38:14 EST 2005

I watched an Excellent PBS =Nova=
show the other night. It discussed
Tornado-Prediction efforts.

I've Solved the Problem. [Solved
it a couple of decades ago, and
sent a portion of the Solution to a
Fair Witness, back then.]

I was going to take the 'time' to
fire-up a wordprocessor so I could
be "neat", but I've been up all night
developing a computer simulation
that Verified the basic principles of
the Solution, and I'm really 'tired', so
I'm just going to "wing" this post [as
usual :-]

But I hope folks'll spend some 'time'
with it because its stuff is Beautiful,
meaning-filled, ties-into the stuff I
discussed not too long ago in the
"Tapered Harmony Primer [again]"
thread, and is just plain Fun [wjich
I'll demonstate, if I can stay-awake
long enough to write a decent msg.
Everything I'll discuss maps-into
nervous systems' 3-D Energydyn-
amics [3-D E] as I've discussed
them in the past here in b.n. So, if
folks work to understand the stuff
I'll discuss in this post, doing so will
help folks understand 3-D E within
nervous systems. The Solution is
also interesting because it is, simul-
taneously a Solution of the "Navier-
Stokes CMI "Millenium" Problem.]

Tornadoes form be-cause of flow-
dynamics that I've discussed reiterat-
ively while discussing the basics of
Tapered Harmony.

Basically, they occur be-cause, when-
ever there're large-scale atmospheric-
pressure variations, there's =always= an
inside-to-outside volume/surface-area
[V/Ar] differential that acts upon any
and all atmospheric flows. [The "V/Ar"
is a Hugely-useful "function" that's at
the "heart" of Tapered Harmony, and
I've discussed it, pretty-thoroughly, in
long-former msgs, and in the more-re-
cent reiteration of "Tapered Harmony
Primer" thread, so I'll trust that anyone
who wants to understand the way the
"V/Ar" will be used in this post, will've
read, and understood, those prior dis-
cussions, or will do a Groups Google[tm]
to find, and read, them.]

Basically, tornado formation reduces,
Rigorously, to the "V/Ar" -- because
of the flow-differential noted above.

To see this, imagine a bunch of stuff
[any stuff] that has a "pressure"-cor-
relate relative to other stuff that it

It doesn't matter what the relative
pressures are. What matters is the
stuffs' freedoms to move.

And such freedom to move, of the
Earth-local atmosphere, becomes
diminished whenever two "weather
fronts" encounter each other.

Sort of like this [looking down at the
surface of Earth from above]:

>>>>>>>>>>|   | ||| |   |<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>|   | ||| |   |<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>|   | ||| |   |<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>|   | ||| |   |<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>|   | ||| |   |<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>|   | ||| |   |<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>|   | ||| |   |<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>|   | ||| |   |<<<<<<<<<<

only not so "orthogonal" :-]

The ">" and "<" denote directed-flows,
and the "|" denote "relative pressure",
which is 'just' a "V/Ar" variation [a "var-
var" :-]

If you were a "|" in the 'diagram' above,
how would you move?

The ">" and "<" are "pressuring" you, so
you can't move in their directions, but,
since they are "pressuring" you, you're
getting pretty "pressured", and that
crams more atmospheric stuff into a
given volume of "you" -- so you're be-
coming relatively capable of "moving".

But you can't move against the ">" and
the "<" be-cause they're "pressuring"
you, and you move downward because
there's relatively-solid Earth in that dir-
ection, but you can move up, perpend-
icular, out of the CRT screen.

That's exactly what happens in Torn-
adoes, only ["of course"] in a much
more "wild-and-woolly" way.

Basically it's the same low-dynamics
that occur whenever you stir stuff to
mix it -- there's a pressure differential
that builds in the direction toward
which you move your stirring instrument
[your spoon in your soup :-], and the
"pressured" stuff, there, has a larger
V/Ar than does the stuff "behind" your
stirring instrument -- so, in proportion
to the "pressure" it experiences, that
"pressured" stuff flows, increasingly [!]
in any direction other than the direction
in which you're applying "pressure"
with your stiring instrument.

[Gees, it's so easy to diagram this stuff,
but hard to describe it in words because
it's directions are myriad -- but always
relatively away from the max-pressure
"point". You'll have to stir some fluid
stuff, and watch its flowing away from
your spoon :-]

The "pressured" stuff "piles-up", to a
degree, relative to the rest of the fluid,
all in a way that's rigorously-directed
relative to the source of the "pressure"
build-up, your spoon.

It's exactly analogous to the building
of the little "mounds" in the "Shampoo

Anyway, the myriad directionalities
of this moving-away-from-max-"pressure"
flow =all= reduce directly to the V/Ar.

Within this, pressure-wave resonance
are established -- pressure builds until
its V/Ar is sufficient to overpower the
pressuring-flow, and then it "depres-
surizes" [in ways that're Exactly-anal-
ogous to the way that the building of the
little "mounds" in the Shampoo Exper-
iment build-up to the point at which they
can eject a little "squirt" of shampoo], and
this happens chaotically-but-cyclically
[with everything being mapped Exactly,
right down to sub-'atomic' levels, BTW -- 
no so-called "randomness", and no so-
called "uncertainty".]

But these pressure-wave resonances
are tuned by the power of the presur-
izing flows, and, if and when, the pres-
surizing flows become great enough,
the "depressurization"-flow transitions
from being 'sporadic' to being continu-
ous -- be-cause the net pressure dyn-
amics have built-up a globally-positive
V/Ar -- an energy-"sink" that, just
like your kitchen sink, when you fill it
with water, takes a period of 'time' to
drain completely [a really-long 'time'
if your kitchen sink is like mine :-]

And a "tornado" is formed.

At this point, the atmospheric pressure-
flows literally become a macroscopic
'atom', with all of the energy 'contained'
within the tornado reducing directly, and
Exactly, to the V/Ar. [Which is why I
worked-through this Solution -- I saw
that I could give folks a fairly-easy way
to see the "V/Ar", and how it works in
Tapered Harmony and in the 3-D E of
nervous systems' ionic conductances.]

It doesn't matter if, as was pointed out
in the =Nova= episode, there're small
currents in the mix.

What matters is that there's a relatively-
localized pressure-differential. That's all
that's necessary to induce the V/Ar dyn-
amics which are discussed [in an overly-
simplified way] above.

This's True be-cause, when there's a
relatively-localized pressure-differential,
such =always= imposes a 'side'-to-'side'
V/Ar differential upon any flows coming
into it -- which induces "moving away
from" flows relative to the point of max-

Come to think of it, the pressure-differential
that instantiates tornadoes is probably a
=minimum=. It makes no net divverence.
Just invert all the directionalities [well,
there is a one-bit difference :-]

Anyway, what forms tornadoes is the
occurrence of 'side'-to-'side' "pressure"-
differentials, which, =BE-CAUSE= of
the V/Ar, acquire a group discipline that
shapes =all= local atmospheric flows
with respect to the =one= V/Ar, which
yields a continuous, unitarily-directed

The "continuous-unitarily-directed"-ness
derives =SOLELY= in the V/Ar.

"Lightning", including upper-atmospheric
electrical phenomena like "sprites" and
"elves",  happens for the same reasons.

When a "lightning bolt" occurs, it literally
traces the "borders" of atmospheric re-
gions that're analogous to "crumpled",
but still-relatively-formed, "paper bags".
Here, the "crumpling" occurs be-cause
of pressure-differentials with "sharp-edges",
for the same reasons as above. It's all the
V/Ar, but, in the case of "lightning", the
energy transforms from "mechanical" to
"electrical", =literally= under the guid-
ance of the V/Ar :-]

So, if folks want to Predict tornadoes,
a setup that'd work can be created out
of relatively-inexpensive, battery-backed-
up [solar-photo-electrically-charged],
uniquely-identifies, "sending-barometers".
Connect them, wirelessly, to the Inter-

Locate these on a grid that's as fine-
scale as is practical, and they'll enable
real-'time' reading of the V/Ar in pseudo-
3-D [the 3rd-D being derivable because
Earth is 'solid', relative to the atmosphere
[which is only in-the-ball-park-'true' be-
cause it's actually the UES that's flowing,
and movement within Earth that's correlated
to tornadoes definitely occurs, only extreme-
ly-less than in the atmosphere.]

Such a setup would permit the continual
calculation of area-wide V/Ar, and enable
Exact tornado Prediction.

There is one "problem", however, because
pressure-differentials can occur at distances
above the surface of Earth, and an Earth-
bound barometric grid wouldn't give a
long-enough lead-'time' with respect to
these, even though the same V/Ar dyn-
amics apply.

But there're relatively-inexpensive ways
to monitor higher-level V/Ar. It should
be doable via laser interferomety, for
instance -- be-cause atmospheric pres-
sure variations act as "lenses" [you know -- 
why the stars "twinkle"]. [Might create a
hazard for Pilots, though -- "infrared" lasers?
If this "upper"-atmosphere pressure-dif-
ferential-problem can be solved, without
blinding Pilots, then that solution would
make Flying safer -- because the same
grid would map "downdrafts", and it's
info could be relayed to airplanes in real-

Anyway, "Tornadoes" are 100% V/Ar,
as above.

[It's the same-stuff that I discussed, in the
"Tapered Harmony Primer" thread, with
respect to Earth's rotation. And, as I ex-
plained in long-former posts, it's the same-
stuff that underpins what's been referred
to as "spin" in 'nuclear' Physics, and it's
=everywhere= within the 3-D E of nerv-
ous systems.]

[I'm too-'tired' to reread this before I post
it. Please Forgive me if it's full of typos,
left-out words and phrases, as usual. I'm
always 'tired' these days, and "nothing
touches the tired spot" [A. Lincoln]].

[If anyone wants to see the computer
Verification, that can happen, in-person.
It's really-Simple. Basically, a "corralled"
V/Ar imposes stereotypically-ordered
motion upon everything that interacts with
it. What I calculated is the way that cor-
ralled cell-to-cell interactions =always=
"build-in-the-middle of the corral" -- 
yielding a "mountain" where mutual-interac-
tion is maximized -- be-cause of the V/Ar,
as above. It was easy to program because
I've done a g'zillion other programs 'like'
it. Got it on the first try. One doesn't
need a "supercomputer". One just Needs
the V/Ar :-]

K. P. Collins

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