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Error in the 'news'

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun May 8 09:14:54 EST 2005

I heard a 'news report' that addressed
behavioral issues that are properly ad-
dressed from the perspective of Neuro-
science, and which was completely-Er-
roneous earlier this morning.

I feel =Bad= about Correcting the matter
because the PhD whose work was dis-
cussed was so Sincere in his discussion
of his work. But I must Correct the Error
that was communicated, because it's dan-

Briefly, the 'report' discussed "underper-
formance", and argued against the com-
monly-occuring view that underperform-
ance is due to "laziness" on the parts of

The Author was Correct in his taking
a stand against that view, but he Incor-
rectly attributed "underperformance"
to a deficit in "mental energy", and went,
quickly, and far-off, into the "wild blue

The "underperformance" that was being
discussed has been completely-Reified
in AoK, all along, and is due to individ-
uals' "carrying" long-term TD E/I(up).

The outwardly-observable correlates,
relatively-short attention spans, weak
volition, lack of accomplishment, etc.,
all reduce to relatively-weakly-formed
"biological mass" [AoK, Ap5], and are
all instances of commensurately-weak
"behavioral inertia" [ibid].

There's nothing in-there that derives in-
nately in the Biology. Rather, as is dis-
cussed in agonizing-detail in AoK, Ap5,
6, 7 and 8, and the Refs ciited in AoK,
the behavioral dynamics that've been
routinely Erroneously-attributed to
"laziness", and Correctly argued against
by the Author whose work was discussed
in the 'news report', derive in individuals'
Suffering consistently-inconsistent ex-
periential dynamics. I'm not going to go
over it, here, because it's discussed, ade-
quately and Simply, in AoK, Ap8, but
consistent-inconsistency burdens individ-
uals who experience it with long-term
TD E/I(up) be-cause nothing within
their routine experience "stays the same",
over the course of the TD E/I-minimiza-
tion dynamics that occur within their
nervous systems, for their nervous sys-
tems to achieve any significant degrees
of TD E/I-minimization.

So their "biological mass" [the micro-
scopic trophic modifications ["micro-
mods"] that occur as a function of the
neural activation that actually occurs
within a nervous system] develops in
relatively-random ways.

To the degree of it, "randomness can
do no useful work."

Hence, the outward appearance of
"weak" behavioral "purpose".

This "outward appearance" is =illus-
ory=, however. As is repeatedly dis-
cussed in AoK, it's correlated to rela-
tively-interminable elevated TD E/I,
which correlates, further, to relatively-
strong behavioral effort.

It's just the opposite of the routine

This stuff, which has been in AoK all
along, needs to be generally-compre-
hended for numerous reasons. I'll dis-
cuss a couple of these.

1. "Consistent-inconsistency" tends
to be handed-down, experientially,
Parents to Child, in a vicious cycle.

Once a Child who's been 'parented'
in consistently-inconsistent ways ma-
tures to adulthood, giving birth to
his or her own Children, he or she
tends to 'parent'-in-the-negative by
'blindly' and automatically asserting
"consistent-inconsistency upon his
or her Children =be-cause= doing
so 'simply' minimizes the work that
'parenting' entails.

It's a Sorrowful dynamic, in which
the 'parent' deliberately 'strategizes'
to impose "weakness" upon his or
her Child through the assertion of
"consistent-inconsistency". [There's
a whole spectrum of correlated
intergenerational Psychological
"couplings" that are consistently-
observable -- Parent-to-Child,
back through generations, but I'm
not going to get into these because
they only dance-around the TD
E/I-minimization dynamics that're
discussed in AoK, and briefly re-
iterated above.]

2. The actual TD E/I-carrying cap-
acities of these folks who Suffer
consistently-inconsistent experiential
dynamics is relatively-great, and,
if and when they "invert" [AoK, Ap4],
they typically do so with great force-
fulness, which attacks society in
arbitrary ways -- serial Murder,
mass Murder, terrorist Murders,
and, if attained, Brutal-ab-use of
'power' -- like any of History's Savage
Dictators. This last stuff occurs be-
cause long-term experiencing of
consistent-inconsistency literally
"shapes" nervous systems' "special
topological homeomorphisms" [AoK,
"Short Paper" section; the "multi-
Mobius-ed Kline Bottle :-] in ways
that are "disconnected" from =any and
all= societal 'norms'. [When such
Dictators 'profess' "ideals" that's
'just' a "cover-story" in which their
strengthened TD E/I-handling cap-
acities are "couched", so that they
can be released.]

So both 1. and 2. need to be Lov-
ingly addressed by Societies, be-
cause doing so is in Societies' best-

It's kind of 'funny', then, that the
routine view is that individuals who've
Sufferred consistently-inconsistent
experience are "just lazy", because
all that is is another "cover story",
this time, on the parts of 'societies' :-]

[I Sincerely-Applaud the Author,
whose work was discussed in the
'news report', for where his 'heart' is
in his standing-against this Erroneous
routine 'view'. He's Correct in that
[but not for the Correct reasons.]]

You know?

It's a matter of Truth.

Truth that 'societies' 'move away
from', and end up having to "dance
around", interminably, at =Great=
Cost to themselves.

Which is a Sorrow-filled Waste, and
is Exactly what the routine 'view' a-
scribes to the individuals who Suf-
fer consistent-inconsistency, exper-
ientially -- ['societal'] Laziness.

That's 'pretty'-'funny'.

What am I supposed to say?

All of this stuff has been Gently,
Lovingly, explicated in AoK [and
the Refs cited in AoK] all along,
laid at folks' feet, Gratis.

It seems to me that I'm supposed
to say, "Wake up!"

[Forgive me, Please, for saying-it-
Plain. I'm working to guide folks,
I Hope, Gently-enough, through
the "zone of randomness" [AoK,
Ap4] -- to generalized "inversion
[ibid] -- be-cause such is Nec-
essary if Humanity is to Cease
Wasting virtually all of its collect-
ive energies in "dancing-around"
stuff, like the stuff that I've discus-
sed in this post, while such stuff
interminibly Inflicts Savagery with-
in Societies.

Such generalized-Inversion with
respect to our Humanness is flat-
out Possible. All the Verification
of that has been given in AoK,
all along.

So, Wake up! :-]

Understand, and Prosper.

You know -- instead of 'guessing'
and 'hoping' that the Savagery will
spare you.

While it's 'dictated' by 'the beast',
"Abstract Ignorance", =EVERYONE=
is Victimized by it.

There isn't enough "money" in the
Universe to "build walls" stout enough
to fend-it-off.

But, with Understanding, generally-
communicated, Humanity, collectively,
can Eliminate it, at no cost, other than
the work inherent in Understanding.

So, you know -- "Wake up!".

Folks've had all that's necessary for
'decades' already.

What can be the 'reason' that Savagery
is allowed to 'dictate' to Humanity, other
than that Humanity is "asleep"?

Wake up!

k. p. collins 

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