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Marginal Optimization

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri May 6 14:43:31 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
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| --- Anti-under-utilization ---
| [...]

| This sort of thing would require a new
| generation of computer hardware -- 
| auto-balancing of all accounts, con-
| nected-back to the vendor in real-
| 'time'.

Of course, there'd be some "start-up"
overhead in the implementation of such
'new' computer uses.

But, with respect to such, the fact that
the Problem that's being addressed is
constrained to "marginal optimization"
of "off-hour" Busininess -- the goal be-
ing the minimization of negative [or "drain-
ing"] 'assets' -- cannot fall out-of-mind.

A computer 'implementation' that im-
poses a net-increase in Nusinesses'
overheads =does not= "solve" the
marginal-optimization problem, but
'only' makes it worse.

Get it?

"Marginal optimization" is not some
"windfall" with respect to computers.
At least not over the short-term. [Over
the long-term, it can become a robust
application of computers -- but the
"ramping" of this computer-'side' of
marginal-optimization must remain
within the economic constraints of
inherent in the marginal-optimization
Problem -- else the computer 'side'
becomes Fraud against both Busi-
ness and the Citizenry because, in-
stead of eliminating the overhead of
under-utilized assets, it magnifies
such overhead.

Get it?

And there's another facet of the com-
puter 'side' of the marginal-optimization
Problem -- small Businesses cannot
be "left out" of the overall endeavor,
yet they cannot afford to purchase
all of the necessary "hook-ups" [as in
the real-'time'-feedback that I wrote
of in my preceding post.

So part of the Solution to the margin-
al-optimization Problem must be im-
plementing it in a "pooled" way, which
might be accomplishable via the Inter-
net, and which would, thus, give small
Businesses access to ful-Participation
in the generalized supply-and-demand
"optimization". And a scannable-access-
point could be opened-up to Consumers
through which they could become aware
of the Participation-Opportunities that'll
become available to them at such-and-
such 'hours' at particular Businesses that
are in their locale.

And so forth.

Throughout all of this, it's Important to
work within the constraints of the non-
automated marginal-optimization Prob-
lem -- else any so-called "fixes" them-
selves become Negative-'assets', and
'only' magnify the hurtfulness inherent
in the Problem that they 'propose' to

That'd be Big-'time' =Fraud=, and can-
not be tolerated by the Citizenry.

Get it?

"Of course", there's been a =lot= of
such Fraud already Committed in the
name of "computerized-automation".
Within such, what's usually "automated"
are the computer-vendors' 'profits',
with the Consumer being forced to
pay increased costs for stuff that used
to be less-costly.

This sort of thing is Fraud -- because
the automation vendors end-up imposing
negative-'optimization' upon both their
Clients and their Clients' Customers.

Get it?

The only Real Solutions are those that
actually =increase= marginal optimiza-

Everything else is Fraud, as above,
which typically takes the form of Pre-
dation, by the 'automation' vendors,
upon their Clients and their Clients'
Customers -- because the 'automation'
vendors 'drown' their Clients is 'tech-

I once worked at a place that got
talked-into purchasing a whole 'new'
computer system by their 'automation'
vendor -- at a multi-million dollar cost -- 
when all that their existing system needed
was a database reorganization that
could've been accomplished in a single
'day's 'time', during any weekend. [Yes,
I did explain this reality to my Employer,
but, flumoxed by the 'automation' vendor's
'tech-speak', my Employer 'chose' to lis-
ten to them rather than me :-]

You know?

All such Fraud 'moves away from' Truth.

And, since Truth does what it does, re-
gardless of how folks 'scheme', Truth
'just' imposes the Consequences of its
having been 'moved away from' upon
everyone -- including those who instan-
tiated the 'moving away from' [thier
'business' stagnates as a result of the
negative-marginal-'optimization' that
they've imposed upon their 'clients'.]

Get it?

Such Fraudulent 'games' are Rampant
in the 'stock market' -- and "nobody
understands" why Economies Stagnate?

Wake up!

=IN ALL THINGS= "[T]ruth wins, one
way or another, sooner or later" [a Sign
Maker whose Name I don't recall].

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors one
right back.

Not, and Not.


It's 'easy' to 'obfuscate' things to degrees
that 'flumox' Human 'analyses'.

But it's =IMPOSSIBLE= to 'flumox'

And 'economies' Reflect Truth, its be-
ing 'moved toward', and its being
'moved away from'.


So all that's necessary to See-through
all the 'obfuscation' is to Honor Truth.

As I discussed in long-former msgs, to
range widely within Truth's One Map.

Get it?

There's =Terrible= Responsibility, inherent,
that rests upon the "shoulders" of any
who'd "do Business".

Get it?

Such Determines the Survival of Humanity.

Why isn't this Taught in Business Curricula?

Business isn't some damnable "get-rich"

It's a Holding-of-Humanity in one's

And Prospering is Possible only to the
degree that one does so 'moving toward'-

k. p. collins

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