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To the Folks at NASA

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 4 22:18:24 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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Basically, what I've been discussing is
why the Shuttle Catastrophes occurred
when they did.

The Shuttles are wearing-out be-cause
of the repeated stresses they've endured.

Observer: "There are no bolted members
on the shuttles. Their structures are welded
out of materials having qualities rated for
space flight."

Yeah, but the inter-weld spans undergo
flex as a function of the lift-off vibrations,
and, with repeated flexations, their molec-
ular structures weaken -- just like a nail
that a bored Child bends and rebends,
over and over again -- which shifts the
whole-Shuttle resonances as I've discus-
sed. It was to get-at this molecular-'level'
stuff that I discussed the stationary [rusting]
car's falling apart". And the sub-woofers'
"tearing cars apart". WDB2T "bows-down"
to no physical boundaries. 'atomic', mol-
ecular, mactoscopic... it makes no dif-
ference. WDB2T does what it does
throughout physical reality. Nervous
systems 'try' to 'compensate' for it with
imagined 'finery' and 'strength', but
WDB2T 'just' does what it does, and
it's more-useful to understand that than
to 'imagine' this or that 'defending' against

It's why the Shuttle catastrophes have
been grouped as they have been, and
why further use of the Shuttles is com-
mensurately-dangerous -- and why, as
I've discussed, heating the "bellows" will
negatively-impact Shuttle performance.

Of course my discussing this stuff is
'offensive' -- because it "breaks the
'rules'" which state that "optimism must
prevail" in matters of National endeavor.

It's just that, if the 'rules' ignore WDB2T,
then the 'rules' are obviously "imaginary",
and it does no good to allow them to
dictate what 'will' be, because it's Truth
that Determines what will be.

Do I expect folks to lend credence to
the stuff I've discussed?

I Hope some will.

But I've understood all of this while I've
been posting this series of msgs, and Chose
to do so in order to give folks experience
with the 'way' that it's 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization that determines folks
'decisions', not Truth.

And I Stand with-Truth, so, while I don't
"welcome" the 'criticism' and understand
it, and persist in Honoring Truth.

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you right

Not, and not.


Other matter:

I'm writing with a 'broken-heart' because
I've been watching PBS's showing of an
excellent portrayal of the Rwandan Geno-
cide -- and the fact that NDT's understand-
ing was out-there, available, before that
Tragedy unfolded, but that it remained un-
communicated -- as it still remains uncom-
municated -- made me sick-to-my-stomache,
and took my breath away, more.

When folks take the simple step that's
pointed-to in The First Amendment?

When will folks who Profess to Honor
and Serve Truth do so?

How many more Genocides, Wars, In-
dividual and Group Savagery must un-
fold before folks'll, simply, allow NDT's
understanding to be Communicated?

Think about it.

Silence is the finger on "the triggers",
isn't it?


It's 'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance" -- 
the absence-of-understanding of how
and why nervous systems process in-
formation, via 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization, within nervous systems
which, nevertheless, do process inform-
ation via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization -- that does this to Humanity.

That absence-of-understanding, which is
allowed to 'prevail' over Humanity, is
the Enemy.

And it takes my breath away that there's
no one who will manifest other-than-

It's 'the beast' that 'dictates' that to folks,

Who will Stand-Up?

k. p. collins 

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