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kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 4 18:20:09 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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In case folks're 'wondering', no, I'm
not writing in a foreign language.

I'm "testing the waters" with respect
to the degree to which I have to
"translate" the stuff I post.

This, because =I've= been 'wondering'
if folks aren't understanding the deep
stuff that's routinely in the discussions
I post because I've worked to state
things in over-simplified ways.

So I'm testing whether or not posting
in less-simplified ways is useful.

Sooner or later, I've got to do this,
anyway, because the stuff I discuss
is always massively-parallel dynamics
that just doesn't fit neatly into sequen-
tially-presented verbal symbolism.

Rather, the massively-parallel stuff
must be taken-in, and "held in place"
as the verbal symbolism accumulates
to it's entire contents.

Only then can anything in-it be ade-
quately comprehended.

I probably should've stated, plainly,
that I was going to make this "trans-
ition", but didn't because I just got
'tired' of "holding folks' hands".

So I'm exploring the degree to which
can write without "holding folks' hands".

All of the "95%" stuff requires such
massively-parallel statement, so I
might as well see whether or not any-
one can follow the discussion at that
massively-parallel 'level'.

I'm not writing in a "foreign language".

I'm just writing in a way that, as above,
has to be "held in-mind" until entire
msg-contents have been taken-in.

And, then, post-processing has to
occur, during which the massive-
parallelism is reconstructed in the
reader's nervous system.

It'll be interesting to analyze the
net result :-]

[It's easier, in-person, because ev-
erything can be simultaneously com-
municated "graphically", and doing
so [at least the way I do it] commun-
icates the massive-parallelism in real-
'time', plain-to-see.

I know folks 'think' that, when I "beg"
to be allowed to "meet with folks, in-
person", I'm doing "self-seeking" stuff.
But, although, yes, I'd like to be Free
to just work more-devotedly, in an
efficient workspace [one in which I
can work in more than one reference
at a 'time'], the main impetus of my
"begging" to be allowed to meet with
folks, in-person, has been with re-
spect to it's having been obvious to me
that folks weren't getting the massively-
parallel stuff that's always in every msg
I post. And I want to do what's neces-
sary to "get over that hump.

I'm getting-"old", by the 'day', and 'time'
is short for the doing of what needs to
be done.

'two'-much Waste, no?


It's the work of 'the beast', telling folks
that 'they must move away from' under-
standing how and why nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization.

Anyway, no, I'm not "writing in a foreign
language". Yes, I have "transitioned"-a-
way-from "holding folks' hands".

I'll Appreciate any comments that folks
wish to offer, one way or the other.

ken [k. p. collins]

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