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To the Folks at NASA

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 4 16:34:17 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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| [...]

| there's a commonly-occurring inter-
| active dynamic, within groups, that nega-
| tively-sanctions ranging widely within
| Truth's One Map -- folks who do range
| widely within Truth's One Map are "ostra-
| cized" by 'loyal' members of the group
| because their ranging widely within Truth's
| One Map induces elevated TD E/I within
| the nervous systems of the 'loyal' members.
| This's particularly-Sorrowful stuff, because
| what's actually happening is that the 'loyal'
| members are 'just' supplanting physical
| reality with the abstract TD E/I that occurs
| within their nervous systems -- they maxim-
| ize the "gambling" be-cause their 'wisdom'
| is 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.
| [...]

Which is why I used single quotes around
'loyal' -- "burying one's head in the sand"
cannot be construed to constitute "loyalty".

What it is is group-wise-coerced TD E/I-
minimization which seeks to maximize the
"efficiency" and "coherence" of the 'rules'
that govern the group, and has nothing
at all to do with "loyalty".

"Loyalty" is doing what needs to be done
to Serve, regardless of what 'rules' say,
and =routinely= requires "loyal" folks to
act outside of 'rules' that're acquiesed to -- 
in order to Protect folks with respect to
Consequences that're unforseen within
the 'rules'.

But it's 'funny' -- such Genuine-Loyalty
is routinely negatively-sanctioned, with
derogatory "epitapths" being ascribed
to Genuinely-Loyal folks -- be-cause,
since their Loyal-Actions are 'unfami-
liar' within the narrow range defined
within, and by, a group's 'rules', and
be-cause the way that nervous systems
process information, via 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization, their Loyal-
Actions tend, strongly, to 'blindly' and
automatically elevate TD E/I within
group members' nervous systems.

It's 'pretty'-Sorrowful that it's been so
over the course of Human History.

The Sorrow can be seen in the News
on a daily basis -- it's the Sorrow in-
herent in the suicide-Murders that're
occurring in Iraq, for instance. The
suicide-Murders are committed by
group members who 'perceive' them-
selves as acting 'loyally' with respect
to the narrow-range 'rules' that've come
to be 'defined' within the groups of
which they are "members".

It's easy to see that such actions can-
not be construed as constituting "loy-
alty" to a group -- because, as is dis-
cussed in AoK, Ap8, the main feature
of such actons is that they result in the
instantiatiation of "inwardly-spiralling"
interactive dynamics, which 'only' point
directly back to the group's membership,
designating it as a "target" for non-group
behavioral manifestations that're literally
Calculated to 'move toward' TD E/I-
minimization within non-group-members'
nervous systems.

So everything "flies off the handle", with
Truth being almost-completely "ignored"
['moved away from'] -- everything des-
cending into a sort of man-made "Hell"
in which the primary 'quality' of all that
unfolds is Suffering, all-around.

This's the stuff of the "gamble" that I dis-
cussed earlier, and why it's so Sorrow-
full, beyond all of the Death and Destruc-
tion that occur within it's flying-off-the-
handleness, is because almost all of the
higher-level capabilities that're right-there,
within all 'normal' Human nervous systems,
are "shut-down" -- which is another way
of seeing that the 'loyalty' that precipitates
such Savagery is =not=, and cannot be
construed to be, Loyalty.

Get it?

"Loyalty" requires Rationality, and just
cannot occur within 'blindly'-automated
interactive dynamics.

My Gosh! How my 'heart' Aches be-
cause, when I range widely within folks'
interactive dynamics, all I see is folks being
"bounced around" because they do not,
yet, grasp these facts about 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization -- about "the
'beast', which so ab-uses them -- to the
point of completely-stripping them of their

And it's been Sorrowfully-'hilarious' that
it's been the Same-Stuff that has 'prevent-
ed' folks from acknowledging, and bene-
fitting from, NDT's understanding -- 'loy-
alty' to "the way things are supposed to
be" within Neuroscience, Academia, Gov-
ernment, Business and Journalism -- no
one being able to 'just' Be-Human -- ev-
eryone coerced into the 'blindness' of be-
ing 'loyal' to that which has merely become
relatively-'familiar' to them during the courses
of their experience.

That's not "loyalty".

That's 'just' unthinking, institutionalized
'blindness' that 'gambles' upon its 'being-
sufficient', which it =never= is.

Yet Truth that eliminates the Error inherent
is 'moved away from' as if it [Truth] is
"the enemy".

It's all so Sorrowfilled!


For Goodness' Sake, wake-up!

k. p. collins 

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