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To the Folks at NASA

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon May 2 16:19:51 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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| [...]

| [It's worth looking into the definition of "rattling":
| "To make or emit a quick succession of short
| percussive sounds." [American Heritage Diction-
| ary]. This definition is literally a verbal "picture"
| of the result of connection-points having be-
| come worn beyond tolerance, which results in
| connectors', and, hence, structural members,
| moving increasingly, as the connection-points
| become increasingly-worn [as the "holes"
| through which "bolts", etc., pass increase in
| 'diameter' augmentingly]. [...]

The "mak[ing] or emi[ssion] a quick succession
of short percussive sounds." [ibid] happens be-
cause elements of a structure are moving across
the spaces where physical stuff is "not in-there"
be-cause the stuff that was formerly in-there wore
away [under the force of the "vibrations" that I've
been discussing] and the "percussive sounds" are
emitted when the motions of the connectors [bolts,
etc.] that move in the enlarged holes through which
they pass abruptly 'halt' be-cause they've come
up against the 'other sides' of the holes through
which they pass.

This's all "of course" stuff, but I'm discussing it
because folks don't, typically see it because it's
so 'familiar' that its details are usually "configur-
ed"-out of consciousness during the 'normal'
course of the TD E/I-minimization that occurs
within their nervous systems, because, further,
"rattles" occur ubiquitously in mechanical sys-
tems, and =usually= are not correlated with
catastrophic failures. So they are "ignored" -- 
until their resonances physically move, with a
mechanical structure, to loci from which their
collective tiny forces become 'one' aggragate
force which is exerted in a 'single' Direction -- 
"Clunk!" -- catastrophic failure happens.

So it's really not "useful" to 'ignore' the "buzz-
ing" of tinny "rattles" -- because, when this
"buzzing" is progressively-monitored, there
will =always= be, within it, differentials that
=always= point directly to the "Clunk!" that
will =always= occur at some point in the

It's 'funny' -- it happens even if a mechanical
structure, like a car, just sits unused in a park-
ed place. It'a =always= the one-way flow of
energy, from order to disorder, that is WDB2T
that embodies the harmonics, but in such 'static'
instances, it's molecular-level WDB2T that
embodies the harmonics. And the "Clunk!"
happens, in such 'static' instances, when such
molecular-level vibrations's resonances add-up
at a particular point at, and from, which a part
of the car "falls-off" under the force of 'gravity' :-]

[Aside: One of the reasons that I've gotten into
this stuff, with respect to the proposed heating
of the "bellows" in the Shuttles' external fuel tank
fuel line, derives in my "studies" of the actions
of those high-power subwoofers that Young
Folks put into the trunks of their cars on the
structures of their cars. When one of these sub-
wooferred cars passes-by, one can hear the
power of the subwoofers literally tearing the
cars apart :-]

The 'blindly'-automated typical 'choosing'-to-
'ignore' discloses a =lot= about the innate
functionality of 'the' nervous system -- spec-
ifically, with respect to the way nervous sys-
tems 'gamble', or 'play-the-odds', that accrue
during courses of experience -- which "gam-
bling" results from, and occurs in inverse-pro-
portion to, the setting of the "volitional dimin-
ishing retruns decision" threshold [AoK, Ap7].
The lower the volitional diminishing-returns de-
cision threshold, the greater the "gambling".

Volitional diminishing returns thresholds, them-
selves, become minimized, during the 'normal'
courses of experience, as a consequences of
the way that groups, typically, impose relatively-
small 'rule'-sets upon the groups' "members",
which results in the members' ranging, and
experiencing, narrowly within Truth's One Map.

And, to the degree that this happens, the mag-
nitude of "gambling" increases.

This happened at NASA

There's no "cure" for this stuff except doing
the work that's inherent in ranging widely
upon [within] Truth's One Map.

Yet, there's a commonly-occurring inter-
active dynamic, within groups, that nega-
tively-sanctions ranging widely within
Truth's One Map -- folks who do range
widely within Truth's One Map are "ostra-
cized" by 'loyal' members of the group
because their ranging widely within Truth's
One Map induces elevated TD E/I within
the nervous systems of the 'loyal' members.

This's particularly-Sorrowful stuff, because
what's actually happening is that the 'loyal'
members are 'just' supplanting physical
reality with the abstract TD E/I that occurs
within their nervous systems -- they maxim-
ize the "gambling" be-cause their 'wisdom'
is 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

Anyway, the "percussions" of the Dictionary
definition of "rattling" are emitted when
stuff slams against stuff, which wears-away
stuff, which augments the magnitudes of the
"percussions" that constitute "rattling" -- be-
cause what the "percussions" actually are
are little "hammer" blows which impose
WDB2T upon stuff, wearing it away, which
increases the sizes of spaces where there's
no stuff, which allows the stuff that moves
to move more, which, when resonances
become 'unitarily'-focused, increases the
force of the little "hammer" blows.

It's all WDB2T.

And it's all so =Interesting= -- especially
in the way it physically-connects =every-
thing= within physical reality -- even when
it 'seems' that there's "nothing" in-there :-]

k. p. collins 

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