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To the Folks at NASA

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon May 2 12:58:07 EST 2005

typo alert [Sorry].

Also, one Important 'addition' to my prior
post is added below. [I seem to have a
'knack' for 'forgetting' to say the most-
important thing :-] Probably happens be-
cause, to me, the most-important thing is
always "so obvious" that it's given a lower
priority within the "supersystem configur-
ation" [AoK, Ap5] dynamics that occur
within my nervous system -- and, as I fight
to access the details, I "forget" to say the most-
important thing -- like while my Senior-'year'
high school Science Project was being

Could be, though, that I'm 'just' =Really=
'tired' -- perhaps my analysis of the Shuttles'
progressive wear-and-tear applies, also, to
myself [of course it does, as it does to ev-
eryone else, too. It's just that, in my case,
I'm always "lifting-off" under 'abnormal'
power -- so the effects are amplified in my
case. [I've had this "skip-the-most-import-
ant-stuff forgetfulness" since a Child, though.
Probably as a result of My Dad's "pushing"
me so hard to get-things-Right. Dad always
Knew the most-important stuff, so, in my
interaction with him, there just wasn't any
need to "restate the obvious" -- interesting.

Forgive me, Please, for sharing this explora-
tion of my Being as it has, just now, occurred
within me, and for not 'hiding' it from you. It's
meant to be a sharing that Teaches you use-
ful stuff with respect to the way that nervous
systems work.]

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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|| [...]
| The the way that the general operational-stress
| histories of the Shuttles correlates with the on-
| sets of the two catastrophic failures of Shuttles
| also points to a [w]ork-correlated creeping-onset
| of systematic fatigue within the structures of the
| Shuttles.
| What's happening is that frame members, and
| their interconnections are 'moving away from'
| their engineered tolerances, which allows the
| Shuttles' structures to flex to commensurate
| degrees beyond engineered-in tolerances,
| which allows resonances to both augment and
| "wander" [become progressively-displaced],
| and, thus, interact in new-to-each-Shuttle ways
| upon each Shuttle's lift-offs.
| This happens in ways that're exactly-analogous
| to the ways in which accumulating stresses and
| strains in automobiles, as they age, become in-
| creasingly-accumulating "creaking", "banging",
| "clanging", "rattling", etc., that emmanate from
| cars as they accumulate use.
| [It's worth looking into the definition of "rattling":
| "To make or emit a quick succession of short
| percussive sounds." [American Heritage Diction-
| ary]. This definition is literally a verbal "picture"
| of the result of connection-points having be-
| come worn beyond tolerance, which results in
| connectors', and, hence, structural members,
| moving increasingly, as the connection-points
| become increasingly-worn [as the "holes"
| through which "bolts", etc., pass increase in
| 'diameter' augmentingly]. It's an easily-repli-
| cated phenomenon which, in fact, occurs
| whenever there is physical energy-exchange.
| It's why the tips of your screw-drivers become
| worn the more you use them, for instance :-]
| =ALL= 'systems', including 'the' Human system,
| exhibit such "creeping"-fatigue -- be-cause it's
| a fundamental consequence of the Fact that
| the energy-flow that is WDB2T both permeates
| the Universe and empowers all physical Action
| within it.
| The "wearing-out" is 'just' WDB2T, and, in the
| differential "wearings-out" of various materials,
| one can see, follow, and replicate all of Science
| and Maths.
| It's Fun to explore this general Problem, but in
| the the Shuttles' cases, it's Critical that the on-
| set of "creeping"-fatigue's passing-through vib-
| rational-thresholds be both comprehended
| and Observed.
| I don't know what sensors are onboard the
| Shuttles -- inertial-vibration-detectors would
| be best -- but if there're any sound-recording
| "histories" of Shuttle lift-offs and landings,
| these'd certainly disclose the creeping-fatigue
| in their progressive, flight-to-flight differences.
| This stuff is Critical. It =MUST= be sorted-
| out as exactly as is possible.
| Another way to do it would be to test the
| Shuttles o[n] "vibration tables".
| Observer: "Oh sure, Ken. Double the stress
| through such testing."
| The stresses and strains happen during lift-
| off, anyway. And a 50% margin of safety
| is relegating both the Li[v]es of the Astro-
| nauts and the Shuttle Program to 'Chance',
| isn't it? Yup. And it's not necessary to
| test at lift-off intensities to monitor the
| Shuttles' structures for "wandering"-res-
| onances - intensity can be reduced in ways
| that're proportional to the monitoring in-
| strumentation's sensitivity, which can be
| made very-great, on the ground, because
| "weight" of the monitoring apparatus isn't
| a problem. It'd be something like a whole-
| Shuttle "sonogram", only what's of partic-
| ular interest is what's =not= in-there, vs.
| what should be in-there.

[Note added while fixing typos:

I meant to say it in my earlier post, but
"forgot" to say it [because my Conscious-
ness got "redirected" when I realized,
while writing, that it's all 'just' Newton-
ian Mechanics -- a resonance-shift within
the TD E/I-minimization that was occurring
within my nervous system :-] [which is
another way of seeing what "supersystem
configuration" [AoK, Ap5] is]

Anyway, "what's not in-there" is the stuff
that was formerly in-there because wear
has occured at structural binding-points -- 
the holes through which bolts, etc. pass
becoming larger = "stuff that's no longer
in-there", and which allows augmented

This's remeniscent of the "tuning-precision
voids" discussed in AoK's "Short Paper"
section -- which is why, in-general, such
"not-in-there" stuff can be used as a route
to Exact Calculation.

Get it?]

| Low-intensity
| vibrations wouldn't disclose full-stress
| resonances, but they would disclose the
| "creepingness" -- and, if the "creepingness"
| is in-there at low-intensity, then it's in-
| there, to proportionately greater degree[s],
| at increasing intensities -- fundamentally,
| it's 'just' Classical Mechanics -- Newton's
| "Laws of Motion".
| Anyway, if the folks at NASA look, they'll
| probably find that they've already got
| the data that they need [if all data from
| Shuttle Flights have been preserved].
| Just look for "differentials" correlated with
| the Flight-history of each Shuttle.
| k. p. collins 

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