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Single Unit Recordings of Retina, LGN, and V1 RE: Ocular Dominance Shift

Matt Jones jonesmat at physiology.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 4 09:41:55 EST 2004

disposable0005 at yahoo.com (Anonymous) wrote in message news:<b70a59b8.0409280347.c90702c at posting.google.com>...
> Hi,
> I'm trying to find a paper that might contain single unit recordings
> of cells in LGN, V1 layer IV and II/III.  I'm looking for these not
> only in normal conditions, but also the effect of monocular
> deprivation on the single-unit recordings of those cell types.
> Does anyone know where I could find this?  I don't need large
> datasets, just a few traces to get an idea of what kind of spiking
> patterns are there.


I can't think of any study where people have recorded simultaneously
from retina, LGN, and multiple layers in V1 (this sounds very
challenging). However, I can suggest a few authors to search for:

Most of the work I know of in the retina, where people recorded spike
trains in response to visual stimuli, has been done by the lab of
Dennis Baylor, and the lab of Marcus Meister. Meister had a Neuron
review a while back called "The Neural code of the Retina."

The ones I've enjoyed most recently have been from the labs of Clay
Reid and Yang Dan. I think Reid at least also records in cortex.

Striate Cortex:
Lots of people do this. It's hard to know where to start the list, so
here are some names to get started with: Barry Richmond, Jonathon
Victor, Charlie Gray, Wolf Singer. There are tons more.

i am not sure whether any of these studies record in multiple layers
simultaneously, or whether any of them involved monocular deprivation.


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