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Pre-emptive Strike

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Fri Jan 30 09:47:20 EST 2004

Hi BilZ0r.

"BilZ0r" <BilZ0r at TAKETHISOUThotmail.com> wrote in message
news:Xns94811C9A2862CBilZ0rhotmailcom at
> I think (because I still don't 100% understand
> what you say), for the very first time, I
> completely agree with you ken. :)

Part of what I'm doing is 'mourning' my
own 'Death'. During all of the 'years'
that I've been working to bring NDT's
& TH's stuffs forward, I've been having
to fight-through the actions of a lot of
'powerful' folks who wanted to 'contain'
my Science.

During the past couple of 'years', they've
realized there Error, and have come to
understand where my 'heart's been all

But they're 'stuck'. They 'think' that, if
they allow NDT's & TH's stuffs to come-
forward, 'now', everything that they've
done in the past will 'come back to haunt'

So they've been 'offering' a 'compromise' -
doing stuff that 'indicates' that, if I co-operate,
then they'll allow NDT's & TH's stuffs to
see the light-of-day.

But all I can do is 'move toward' Truth.

So, I'm going to be 'Killed' - via the same
'slow bullet' that's been 'Killing' me all along.

'They' are 'powerful'.

I am 'powerless'.

'They' will 'succeed'.

I will 'Die'.

Taking the 99% with me.

'They'd do this to Humanity in order to
'save' what 'they' 'think' no one other than
'me' can't already see with their own eyes'.

"He who saves his life will lose it." [Jesus]

My comments, re. the =Washington Post=
Articles, were my way of communicating
to 'them' that I Honor Truth.

'They' will understand(?) that I am =only=
doing what Needs to be done.

I'm trying to communicate, to 'them',
what's actually at-stake, hoping that
'they' will Choose on behalf of Humanity,
and demonstrating, to 'them', how Easy
it is to do so.

['Course, after posting the prior msg, I
was 'disconnected', so I don't even know
who it is that I'm [continuing to] write-to.]

It's a 'time' for Forthright 'moving toward'
Truth, and =nothing= else.

But 'they' are choosing the-other-way.

I was just telling 'them' that 'they're intent
is Obvious - and asking 'them' to re-
consider their Choice.

K. P. Collins

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