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Tue Jan 27 14:08:02 EST 2004

Last night, I caught a TV Editorial by
the folks at


Because they didn't give it a
unique URL, I've Quoted, in its
entirety, here:


There is no doubt what the founding
fathers had in mind when they added
the freedom of speech clause to the
First Amendment.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
observed a number of actions by the
court in the last four years. Based
on free speech grounds, it struck
down restrictions against tobacco
advertising, virtual child pornography,
sexually explicit cable programming
and even illegally intercepted
communications. So it's inconceivable -
in fact, insane -- that the same
court placed restrictions on the
very speech the framers of the
Constitution had intended to
protect: criticism of the government.

The founders were not looking ahead
to protecting Nike shoe ads or Hustler
magazine's photos. Although the Bill
of Rights do just that. The First
Amendment gave citizens a right
unheard of at any other time or place
in mankind: a Constitutional guarantee
that the people could criticize their
government without fear of punishment.
Doing so anywhere else in the world at
that time would have brought
imprisonment or death.

Last December 10th, five Supreme Court
Justices sided with incumbent politicians
in Congress who wrote a law that strips
away the most fundamental right that any
government has ever given to any man.
Instead of upholding the Constitution,
Justices Breyer, Ginsburg, O'Connor,
Souter and Stevens, allowed a law to
stand that makes it a criminal offense
to criticize members of Congress during
certain periods before elections.

If there's ever a time for any American
to be a single issue voter, then this
is it. Censored speech knows no race,
no color, no creed, or no religion.
Everyone loses - except incumbent

Next fall, before the November elections,
I will post on my website the name of
every single member of Congress who
voted for the McCain-Feingold bill,
which these five justices recently
upheld. This will remind each of you
on how to vote if you want to protect
the rights of this and future generations

That's the Point."

End quoted material.

The Editorial commented, in an
extraordinarily-Deceitful way, on the
McCain-Feingold Act that was passed
last year, and which imposed restrictions
upon campaign financing.

The Editorial didn't explain any of the
Rationale that underpinned the passing
of the Law, but it did criticize both
McCain and Feingold, and the Supreme
Court Justices that upheld the Law.

The Editorial Falsely presented the
McCain-Feingold Bill as 'constituting'
a diminution of the First Amendment
of The Constitution of The United
States of America, which Amendment
Guarantees Freedom of Speech to all
U. S. Citizens.

Why the Editorial was extraordinarily-
Deceitful, and False is that, unlike
the McCain-Feingold Bill, the Editorial
'turned-a-blind' eye to the fact that
The First Amendment was written into
Law on behalf of =ALL= Citizens, but
Reality is that some Citizens, by
virtue of their relative Wealth, pos-
sess 'power' that vastly outstrips
the 'power' of the vast majority of

This is a circumstance that points
directly back to =everything= upon
which America was Founded - the abuse
of 'power', held in the hands of a
few, and which abusively dictated to
the vast majority of folks who pop-
ulated Colonial America.

So, what the Editorial actually ad-
vocated, in it's dinigration of the
Guarantees asserted by McCain-Fein-
gold, was that =everything= upon
which America was Founded is 'inval-

The Framers knew, first-hand, how
disproportionate 'power' forsakes
the Common Good. They'd experienced
such, and recognized it as the
Wellspring of Tyranny.

They saw the Problem, and worked to
Codify that Tyranny shall have no
place within the boundaries of America,

Which is the =SAME= Spirit in which
McCain-Feingold was written into Law,
and Upheld by the Legislators and
Supreme Court Justices that the
Editorial Writers dinigrate.

My jaw hung down as I viewed this
Editorial, and witnessed it's pro-
posing that the Blood and Courage
that Forged America can, somehow,
be declared to be 'null and void',
through advocacy on behalf of the
Wealthy few who, through their
Wealth,would dictate to the
Citizenry of America, and pervert
The First Amendment Guarantees of
Freedom of Speech to =ALL= Citizens
to 'mean' 'all citizens, as long as
long as they can purchase free

Free Speech is =FREE=. The First
Amendment Guarantees such, and it
Guarantees it to =all=, not just
the Wealthy few.

Why is this important?

Consider it all through the 'lens'
of the work that I've done in

In my Science, I am Wealthy. But,
as I've discussed, repeatedly, in
the bionet,neuroscience Newsgroup,
I've Chosen not to use my Wealth in
any way that takes Unfair advantage
of folks and institutions that,
through circumstance, remain in
'states' of Poverty simply because
the Currency of my Wealth is under-
standing, and they've not had the
Opportunity that I had.

To Fail in this, to the degree of
such Failure, would be to Forsake
=everything= that America stands
for - =everything= that The Framers

It's been 'hillarious' watching how
folks who see only '$' have reacted
to my Choice.

I'm 'reviled' as a 'whimp', 'because',
"Look at how he's failed to capitalize
upon his work!"


I've not Failed.

It's 'just' that I Love =everything=
the Founders breathed into America.

What's my point?

It is the =SAME= with respect to
'$' Wealth - '$' is =just= another
Currency - just another slippery-
slope that can easily 'blind'
folks to to their 'moving toward'

When such threatens, Patriots
to not stand idly-by.

Which is what those who Voted for,
and Upheld, McCain-Feingold did.

So I Stand with the Framers, with
The Declaration of Independence,
with The Constitution of The United
States of America, with The First
Amendment, with =ALL= of The
Citizenry of The United States of
America, when I Stand-with McCain-
Feingold, with those Courageous
Legislators who signed it into Law,
and with the Suprem Court Justices
who, Courageously, Upheld its in-
clusion in The Law of America.

This is how Democracy Happens.

Democracy isn't 'anything goes'.

Democracy is Action that Enables
The Law, agreed to by a Citizenry.

What the Editorialists advocate
would do 'just'-the-opposite,
wouldn't it?


What the Editorialists advocate
would decalre The Declaration of
Independence 'null and void', so
that the Wealthy could 'crown'
themselves as 'king', which is
the essence of what they do when
they seek to purchase 'elections'.

A purchased 'election' is =not=
even an an Election!

The McCain-Feingold Bill stands,
as a shield that Guards the
Freedom of The Citizenry.

It's no wonder that those who would
have it otherwise attack it. They
want to be "George the 3rd", and
Forsake America just as George the
2nd did, inflicting all of the
Same-Stuff upon The Citizenry that
those who Fought the War for
American Independence to End.

As the Editorial closed, it stated
a Promise that the Editorialist
would return, at a later date, to
list all the Names of the Legislators
who voted for The McCain-Feingold
Campaign Finance Bill.

I Encourage =all= Citizens to
Consider the Courage of the Legislators
whose Names will be 'listed'.

If their Courage is, in all other
ways, equally-Worthy, =RE-ELECT= them.

We =need= folks in Washington, D. C.,
who Remember all that America Is.

To the Editorialists:

You Dare to 'decry' "imprisonment
or death"?

Put =my= Name on your 'list'!

K. P. COllins, Citizen of The United States of America

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