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Collins's "Consciousness" concept comment on

Peter F. effectivespamblock at ozemail.com.au
Tue Jan 27 11:09:47 EST 2004

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
news:tYSQb.24235$i4.17539 at newsread1.news.atl.earthlink.net...

> It would be helpful if you provided some
> behavioral analogies. You know - tell us
> a 'story' of folks acting-out your concEPTs.
> So we can understand through the 'lens'
> of the behavioral dynamics that you include
> in your 'stories'.
> This would heelp me understand your stuff.
> better, so I'll hope you'll consider doing so.

I might try. (It is not hard to do.)
However there are so many good ones already available in texts better than I
ever could pen together.

Check out Janov's books. And Alice Miller's - she is a German author who has
written amongst else: "Thou Shalt Not Be Aware; "For Your Own Good", The
Drama of a Gifted Child, and more.

Check her out on the Internet.


> > 1. SHITS (~=from slowly to rapidly
> > traumatizing environmental factors) come
> > CURSES (~= "cathected states"/Freud,
> > "engrams"/Hubbard, or "primal pain"/Janov)
> > causes both successful and stinky symptoms;
> In NDT: 'moving toward' and 'moving away
> from'(?)

How we "move away from" [by neurally blocking and, secondarily, rerouting,
neural signals of Pain into, *e.g.*, day-dreaming focuses of (mainly mental)
actention] when we *cannot physically* move away (from a SHITS type

> Do you see how NDT's invocation of
> "directionality" simultaneously maps everything
> into individually-unique expereince =and= the
> neural Topology?

Quite like that (your) way of looking at it!

> That is, depending upon experience, the =same=
> neural dynamics can, in one instance, result in
> "successful symptoms", and, in another, "stinky"
> symptoms".

That matches the "ambi-advantageously evolved" (AE) part of AEVASIVE.


> > 2. That SHITS come CURSES implies
> > "selective cognitive awareness" and "selective
> > feeling awareness" (or to use an all in one
> > expression, "selective unconsciousness");
> "`blind'-automation" ...(?)


> > 3. That SHITS come CURSES makes for a
> > neurosis so ironically insidious that not
> > *even* Kenneth Collins can control it
> >
> > -- if you see what I mean.. %-]
> You know, Peter, absent-understanding,
> =anything= that's merely 'unfamiliar' tends,
> strongly' to 'blindly' and automatically evoke
> 'moving away from' behaviors.
> And, one of the ways in which 'moving away
> from' is manifest is to ascribe pejoratives to
> that which is 'moved away from'.
> So, is it my "neurosis", or your 'moving away
> from' that terms that which is 'unfamiliar'
> "neurosis"? :-]

Neither - as far as I can interpret the last paragraph.

My AEVASIVE acronym is an instrument (tool for thought) that helps me to
maintain way too much insight (on tap inside my head) to make me interested
in putting *pejoratives onto "ourselves"*.

[Could not help myself but to formulate it in that way. ;-> ]

> Anyway, I'm not 'neurotic' - just seen a lot
> of stuff that most folks haven't [yet], and I'm
> trying to be sensitive to the 'intrusiveness'
> inherent, while, simultaneously, continuing to
> Do what Needs to be done.
> I'm sure that, for folks on the other 'side' of
> things, there's a lot of 'funny' stuff in-there.
> But then, there is on my 'side', too :-]

I would not say (like you just said about yourself) that I am not neurotic.

However, I much prefer to admit that -- and to ultimately (if necessarily
approximately) grasp and understand how and why -- I am and became AEVASIVE.

I, especially prefer to enjoy the AEVASIVE ways I have happened or managed
to become pleasingly creative (however imperfectly) and humorous.

In contrast, I am not keen on any of the crap I have produced during my more
than half a century - except SHITS, of course.;)

Don't forget, Ken, that a laugh a day might keep the doctor at bay! :-)

Best wishes,

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