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Promises [was Re: Collins's "Consciousness" concept comment on]

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Mon Jan 26 09:50:26 EST 2004

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> [...]

> I don't know if you were here in b.n back
> then, but I Promised that, when the work
> was accomplished, I'd 'go away'.
> I also Promised that I'd never accept anything
> other than the fruits of my Employment.
> If it matters, at the 'time', I was 'worried'
> that folks thought I was doing NDT 'for
> personal gain', and that was why folks were
> 'moving away from'. So I gave-up all Possibility
> of 'personal gain'. I wanted to eliminate the
> possibility that folks were 'moving away from'
> because of stuff other than what is in the Science.
> Once I make a Promise, I Keep it.
> So, if the work is Done, then I have to 'go away'.
> [...]
> I'm willing to continue for as long as it takes [or
> until Life goes out of me], but when the work
> is Done, I 'go away'. It's a Done-Deal.
> To me, Promises are as walls that stretch to
> Infinity.
> [...]

If folks look back, folks'll see that it was after,
and as a consequence of, this Promise that I
started asking [begging] to be allowed to come
to some ~"quiet place where they Love Neuro-

I understand that there're things that only I can
do, and that, because of that, I've Obligation to
'be available'.

But, frankly, I was happy to 'dispense with' the

It's all so 'raunchy'.

Folks in 'leadership' positions are 'afraid' of 'me'
because they're 'afraid' of what's NDT's under-
standing exposes with respect to their 'leader-
ships'. They're 'afraid' because of what NDT's
understanding exposes about their having
'taken advantage' of 'powerless' folks. They're
'afraid' that, if NDT's understanding comes-
forward, they'll 'lose' all their 'perks'.

And, so, they've actively 'moved away from'
NDT's understanding, thereby 'choosing' to
actively 'move toward' absence-of-under-
standing, and all of the Ravaging that occurs
while absence-of-understanding 'dictates'
'what will be'.

My Promise was an effort, on my part, to
assuage the 'fears' of these 'powerful' folks -
an effort to help them to not be 'afraid'.

But, it seems to me, that it's all been for not.
All these 'powerful' folks know is how to be

It's 'funny'. It's always been this way in my
Life. Even in grade school, my Teachers were
'afraid' of 'me'.

It's been like this be-cause I've always just been
able to see-farther than most other folks, and,
when I acted on that, in the Hope of sharing
this or that that would be interesting, my Teachers
[=not= all of them, but most of them] would
become 'afraid' of 'losing control' of their class-
rooms [just like 'powerful' folks are 'afraid' of
'losing control' of whatever it is in which their
'power' 'derives'].

So, while I was still Young, I Learned how to
'work in the background'. How to do what
needed to be done without anyone's knowing
what I was doing.

By the 'time' I was in high school, I was Expert
in this, and, since then, it's always been the case
that I've 'gone incognito'. I mean, I could be
standing in your midsts, and you'd =never= see
anything that'd tip you off that I work in Science.

A story will illustrate. Back when I was first
reaching out to Journalists [in hope of finding a
way around the the doors of Peer Review
being closed to NDT], the woman I was dating
said that she doubted that I ever had done any-
thing - because she'd never seen me do anything.

And she was the person closest to me :-]

Anyway, that's why folks 'fears' are so 'funny'
to me. Folks won't meet with me in-person,
but, in-person, unless there's stuff that's 'brok-
en', I'm 'indistinguishable' from any 'unimportant'
person who prefers to sit in the back of the

I prefer being able to See, instead of getting
caught-up in 'office politics', and sending all of
my energy to the Waste inherent in 'political'
[any in-group dominance] struggles.

Which makes folks 'fears' of me 'hilarious'.

It's why doing what's fallen to me to do is

I've got to Lead, when I'd rather just continue
to be Seeing, see?

So, my Promise to 'go away' doesn't, necessarily,
mean that I'll 'disappear'. It just means that I
understand folks' 'fears' with respect to their
'moving toward' their in-group struggles [which,
unfortunately, are Rife within Academia].

The "quiet place" that I seek would =still=
'contain' 'me', but it'd allow me to continue
working, and greatly-enhance the communication
of NDT's stuff.

All things considered, it seems the 'best' that I
'can do', no?

I mean, if 'everyone' is 'afraid' of 'me', then why
not 'incarcerate' me, in a way that, at least, extracts
the understanding.

But it'll probably not happen, because, if I were
allowed 'normal' interaction, the folks 'there'
would see that I'm just a fairly-decent guy, and
would probably help me get NDT's stuff Published,
and that's what the 'powerful' folks are 'afraid' of,
so I'm left to languish in my breezy trailer.

It's all so 'hilarious'.

So Extremely-Disclosing of the way that absence-
of-understanding 'moves away from' anything that'd
displace it with understanding.

And it's very-convenient that I be 'confined' to
my breezy trailer, because, then, the 'powerful'
folks can just 'make-up' anything that they want
to say about me, and nobody else has any way
of knowing any different.

See how deeply I See?

I watched Mel Gibson's =We were Soldiers, Once=
early this morning, and it touched me, to the core of
my Being - such Heroism! - so Wasted through the
'fears' of 'powerful' folks!

It was 1965, the 'year' I graduated from high school,
and got my own 'invitation' to the same War, and
ended up fighting this other 'war' to End-War.

It's 'funny' how things go.

Guess I'll go see if I can rent a copy of =Man
of LaMancha= somewhere - try to remember what
it was like to 'Love' "Dulcinea".

Movie-night on the cell-block.

Sad Cheers, ken [k. p. collins]

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