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regularity of spike series

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Addendum to the post linked-to above.

How did I 'cross-correlate' data from =different=
studies, in a, nevertheless, "globally-integrated"

Like I said - =arduously=.

One has to cross-correlate amongst the data
presented in various studies that were done

I long-ago tried to get this across by using
an analogy to a climber working his way
up a crevas by placing his feet on one side
of it, and his back on the other, and gradually
'scooting' upward.

The metaphor was that one has to 'crawl'
through the data, toward the cross-correlation.

One cannot just 'thumb-through' it.

It's arduous.

[Which is most of why, when I get 'pissed-off',
I get 'pissed-off'. The work to which I refer is
what I also have referred to as "the Terrible
Times". I was pushing myself beyond reasonable
limits of endurance, and it almost Killed me. So,
when folks "ho-hum" what's in AoK, it cuts like
a knife. Doing that work was my way of Contrib-
uting to the body of understanding. I remain
'incredulous' that folks can be 'blind' to what
was entailed in doing the work. OK? Is this
enough in way of 'explaining' why I [too often,
I admit] get 'pissed-off'?]

To cross-correlate data from studies that were
done independently, one just has to analyze a
=lot= of such studies. [I believe I worked ex-
haustively. I went from one end of the Neuro-
science stacks to the other, not reading every-
thing, but looking through =everything= for
stuff that I needed to integrate, and integrating
every such study that I found.]

As one does this, one accumulates a Knowledge
of what will happen 'over there' [within the neural
Topology], when such and such happens 'over here'
[within the neural Topology].

It was =arduous=.

Two things spurred me on. I'd hit on this way to
construct a Future for myself - a means through
which I could Provide for the Family I wanted,
and I had to do it be-cause I'd Witnessed the
fact that Children Sufferred be-cause it hadn't
been accomplished yet.

The last thing is what I refer to when I talk
about being "Obligated".

For me, there was no Choice. I couldn't just
Abandon the Children.

And, then, the first thing made me want to
'get it over with' So I worked hard, and as
devotedly as my personal resources permitted.

Then, in the midst of this, my Mom was thrust
into her Battle against Cancer, and I 'pulled
out the stops' be-cause I wanted her to see what

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