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Collins's "Consciousness" concept comment on

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Sun Jan 25 12:23:37 EST 2004

Greetings Peter!

"Peter F." <effectivespamblock at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
news:9eNQb.904$7L1.26835 at nnrp1.ozemail.com.au...
> Greetings Ken!
> It is not possible to by cognitive thought
> dissolve the kind of blindly automated,
> and usually by AEVASIVE learning
> eventually reinforced, form of T/D-min
> called "repression" (to try to talk in trad-
> itional terms just this time).

Here's what happens within nervous sys-
tems as a result, for example, of the ap-
proach that I've taken:

My 'crying-out' elevates TD E/I, and
that results in folks' 'moving away from'.

But it, simultaneously, presents folks
with the opportunity to achieve TD E/I-
minimization in ways that they'd not,
otherwise, encountered.

It's a trade-off.

I accept my 'aloneness', to gain the
opportunity of folks' future TD E/I-mini-

So, while it is as you say, in the short-
term, the 'confrontation', inherent, will
give Joy over the longer term.

The 'Hard' part about it is that the latter
thing tends not to happen while the one
who does the TD E/I-'boosting' [the
"heavy lifting"] remains alive - be-cause
in his 'presence', he only evokes the
TD E/I(up).

But, when he 'goes away', suddenly,
there's nothing left that evokes the TD
E/I(up), and it will rapidly be 'whittled'
[AoK, Ap5].

Voila - TD E/I-minimization that takes
that which 'repressed' with-it :-]

If one looks back through History, one
sees this same dynamic happening over
and over again.

So, while it is as you say with respect to
me, and you(?), and anyone else that
ventures to do the "heavy lifting", over
the longer term, there is Hope.

> Repression is an adjunct to CURSES.
> And any genuine CURSES (plural or
> singular) can be understood to be caused
> by, and subsequent to, genuine "selective
> Hibernation imploring type situations" (or
> SHITS for short).

Over the years, Peter, I've been gaining
an 'intuitive understanding', that, unfortunately,
still remains too vague, with respect to the
concEPTs that you've reiteratively cited.

It would be helpful if you provided some
behavioral analogies. You know - tell us
a 'story' of folks acting-out your concEPTs.

So we can understand through the 'lens'
of the behavioral dynamics that you include
in your 'stories'.

This would heelp me understand your stuff.
better, so I'll hope you'll consider doing so.

> The value in defining the word Consciousness
> not more generally than in my super-traditional
> and super simple Tolerance Principled way, is,
> that it then can be used as a grasping tool for
> making it more apparent that (and how)
> 1. SHITS (~=from slowly to rapidly
> traumatizing environmental factors) come
> CURSES (~= "cathected states"/Freud,
> "engrams"/Hubbard, or "primal pain"/Janov)
> causes both successful and stinky symptoms;

In NDT: 'moving toward' and 'moving away

Do you see how NDT's invocation of
"directionality" simultaneously maps everything
into individually-unique expereince =and= the
neural Topology?

That is, depending upon experience, the =same=
neural dynamics can, in one instance, result in
"successful symptoms", and, in another, "stinky"

And =that= is the important high-'level' concept
that it's useful to get-across to folks, because it
allows folks to see that the 'sense of being-right'
is Illusory. That is the 'sense' that 'others are of
lesser value' if they disagree is Illusory.

The folks who wrote The American Declaration
of Independence got it right - "We hold these truths
to be self evident: That all men were created equal,

But folks've still not been able to impliment that,
'because', absent understanding of how and why
nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization, folks experience
the 'blindly'-automated 'affect' that occurs, simply,
because behavior that's 'unfamiliar' does elevate
TD E/I, and, absent understanding of how and why
nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization, folks 'cave-in'
to the correlated 'blindly'-automated 'affect'.

And, for no other reason than the absence-of-
understanding inherent, folks end up Killing one

It's all Needless.

The 'affect' inherent is all 'blindly'-automated.

As soon as it's understood, it "`goes away'" :-]

I Long for that 'day' when the fact that "all [people]
were created equal" is understood by all.

The route to such goes right through understanding
how and why nervous systems process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

As is briefly noted in AoK, "Short Paper" section,
and as is discussed in AoK, Ap4, the absence-of-
understanding with respect to this one thing has
been "the brain's tragic flaw" - the stuff that has,
so unworthily [because it's =nothing=] Ravaged

I look-forward to the 'day' when this absence-of-
understanding is displaced by understanding.

=Please= Forgive me, Peter, because I'm going
to do a bit more of the stuff with respect to which
you've expressed displeasure in the past.

Jesus said: "The light of the body is the eye:
therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole
body also is full of light; but when [thine eye]
is evil, thy body also [is] full of darkness. Take
heed therefore that the light which is in thee be
not darkness.

Jesus was addressing the absence-of-understanding
as "darkness" - absence-of-light.

The metaphor is =perfect=.

In the absence-of-light, not only must one grope in
the darkness, but everything is 'scary', too ['scary'
is a term that figuratively 'quantifies' 'blind'-automa-
tion. 'scary' stuff evokes 'blind'-automation.

Turn on the light, though, and it's no longer 'necessary'
to grope in the darkness - and it's no longer 'necessary'
to be 'scared' - because one can see, and take
Reasoned action.

It's the same with absence-of-understanding and

The metaphor Jesus used is =exact=.

To date, with few exceptions [mostly folks like
Mother Teresa] "the light which [has been] in
there [has been] darkness" - absence-of-under-

In NDT, "darkness" is addressed as "tuning-
precision voids" [[T-P Vs; AoK, "Short Paper"],
and when T-P Vs occur, nervous systems can
only react in 'blindly'-automated ways - because
they are as "darkness".

Get it?

But, by working to gain experience with respect
to this or that T-P V, one's nervous system 'blindly'-
and-automatically achieves TD E/I-minimization
with respect to its stuff.

Voila! 'light' displaces 'darkness' :-]

And what NDT demonstrates is that it's Possible
to do this in a =GENERALIZED= way, through
acquisition of understanding with respect to how
and why nervous systems process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

When that happens across Nations' populations,
the Killing will Cease, and Peace shall Reign.

Which is why, no matter what anyone else does,
I can only Persist. [But, as I recently stated, I'm
ready to 'go away' any day, now, if folks tell me
that they've gotten it. My 'going away' is 'neces-
sary' because, as I've been discussing of late,
folks're 'balking' at going all the way to the fullness
of NDT's understanding, because they're 'afraid'
that I've got nothing better to do than to 'trash'
them because of what's transpired while NDT's
understanding has been coming-forward. [Folks
who 'think', "Oh sure! Then why has he been
bringing up all of the nasty stuff that he's been
bringing up?" It's in 'the coming of the light'. The
'light' of understanding has to see =Reason=,
not Prejudice, and to see Reason, it has to 'shine'
=everywhere=. It's only when it shines everywhere
that folks can see everywhere. [And I'm laughing,
now - "No one will understand this [yet]."]].

Anyway, Jesus Knew all of this stuff too.

Made my jaw hang down, more, when I realized
just yesterday, that in this "light" vs. "darkness" stuff,
Jesus was addressing T-P Vs.:-]

The metaphor is =exact=.

Please Forgive me, Peter. I'm doing this because
I don't want to leave my prior acknowledgements
of Jesus' Priority 'dangling'.

> 2. That SHITS come CURSES implies
> "selective cognitive awareness" and "selective
> feeling awareness" (or to use an all in one
> expression, "selective unconsciousness");

"`blind'-automation" ...(?)

> 3. That SHITS come CURSES makes for a
> neurosis so ironically insidious that not
> *even* Kenneth Collins can control it
> -- if you see what I mean.. %-]

You know, Peter, absent-understanding,
=anything= that's merely 'unfamiliar' tends,
strongly' to 'blindly' and automatically evoke
'moving away from' behaviors.

And, one of the ways in which 'moving away
from' is manifest is to ascribe pejoratives to
that which is 'moved away from'.

So, is it my "neurosis", or your 'moving away
from' that terms that which is 'unfamiliar'
"neurosis"? :-]

[If it matters, what I am doing is 'shining the
light into the darkness', so that folks can =see=.]

Or are you talking about my readiness to 'go

I don't know if you were here in b.n back
then, but I Promised that, when the work
was accomplished, I'd 'go away'.

I also Promised that I'd never accept anything
other than the fruits of my Employment.

If it matters, at the 'time', I was 'worried'
that folks thought I was doing NDT 'for
personal gain', and that was why folks were
'moving away from'. So I gave-up all Possibility
of 'personal gain'. I wanted to eliminate the
possibility that folks were 'moving away from'
because of stuff other than what is in the Science.

Once I make a Promise, I Keep it.

So, if the work is Done, then I have to 'go away'.

There'll be a 'fringe-benefit', as I discussed early
in this post.

I'm willing to continue for as long as it takes [or
until Life goes out of me], but when the work
is Done, I 'go away'. It's a Done-Deal.

To me, Promises are as walls that stretch to

[It's part of why I get 'pissed-off' every now
and then - there can be nothing in-it for me,
and, being only Human, sometimes it hits-me-
like-a-hammer how Dear is the Cost when
there can be nothing coming back. I wasn't
"Murdered" last year, just as I wasn't
"Murdered" again just recently ["dreaming-
eyes" on the 20th. I was just Keeping my
Promise. I will Keep it Forever. [I 'Died' a
=long= 'tme' ago. Before I learned to talk.
=Of course= this doesn't 'mean' that I'm
'afraid' to talk to folks. It's just that, after
having tried to talk to folks, without success,
I acknowledge that, for whatever reason, it's
a tad-bit clear that folks don't want to talk to
me. What am I supposed to do? Go break
down folks' doors?]

Anyway, I'm not 'neurotic' - just seen a lot
of stuff that most folks haven't [yet], and I'm
trying to be sensitive to the 'intrusiveness'
inherent, while, simultaneously, continuing to
Do what Needs to be done.

I'm sure that, for folks on the other 'side' of
things, there's a lot of 'funny' stuff in-there.

But then, there is on my 'side', too :-]

Cheers, Peter, ken [k. p. collins]

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