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The hippocampus is =not= a 'spatial' map

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Sat Jan 24 05:40:25 EST 2004


"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> [...]

> [For myself, I do not care. I was Murdered
> last 'year'. Now, I'm only refusing to 'lay
> down and Die'. I mean, it can mean nothing,
> one way or the other, =to me=, whether
> or not AoK is ever Published. All the differ-
> ence that AoK's Publication could've worked
> in my own Life is moot. My Children will
> never be Born. They have been Murdered,
> as I've experienced one act after another of
> 'borrowing', from the work I did to win Life
> for them, and their fellow Children. What I do,
> 'now, is just a matter of Honor-in-Science.
> And, Please Forgive me this 'crying-out'. Yes-
> terday, News of a double-'borrowing' reached
> me, and I'm left, Life's stuff pouring-out of me.]

> [...]

I =do= understand that, when I write stuff
like what I wrote, above, that it'll tend to
ba 'off-putting'.

Whenever I do so, I'm trying to find =some-
thing= that will break-through folks 'lethargy.

There is Destruction occurring on a =massive=
scale, needlessly, relative to what could be
if only the fundamentals of NDT's understanding
were generally-held.

Folks just havent been able to grasp that, yet.

So, by using examples from my own experience,
I'm trying to 'break-through' to folks, in a way
that enables folks to gain a 'glimmer' of the
"Destruction" that I've long been able to see.

>From my perspective, knowing what Humanity
is =actually= capable of, and seeing what
Humanity does with that capability, is like
watching folks 'pour gasoline on themselves,
and then lighting a match'.

It's Horrible.

But folks 'just' go 'blindly' along, in their every-
day affairs, oblivious to it - accepting it all as
'the way things are supposed to be'.

It's the way things've been.

It's =NOT= the way things have to be.

The worst thing is seeing the Children geting
'sucked-into' the Destruction - to see them
being transformed into being 'blind' with re-
spect to it.

So, I 'cry-out'.

I've tried discussing News accounts.

I've tried logical analysis of groupwise
interactive dynamics.

I've tried discussing nervous system function.

And folks've just "ho-hummed" it all.

So I'm trying to 'break-through' the
malaise that's prevailed by holding-up
my own 'pain'.

I've =got to= show folks what's in what
they 'blindly' accept as being 'the way things
are supposed to be.

When 'you' finally come to understand,
'you' will not believe that 'you' so 'acquiesced' -
not with respect to "me" - I don't matter - but
with respect to all of Humanity.

And that's the Difficult stuff that I'm working
to enable 'you' to see.

So, if you don't want your eyes opened,
kill-file my ID, 'cause I'm going to keep
hammerin' on that 'wall' until 'you' can, in fact,
see through it.

It's 'just' a Savage 'trick' that "abstract ignorance"
has 'played' upon Humanity.

Folks're 'blind' be-cause folks =think= they're

"I know what I am fleeing, but not what I'm
looking for." [Montaigne]

=Be-CAUSE= folks become what they do.
Folks can only see what they've already seen.
Folks see the Destruction and, because it's all
that folks're 'familiar' with, folks 'think' it's all
that can be.

But that's =FALSE=.

I'm working to Demonstrate that to folks,
so that folks can escape the dictates of "abstract

So, if 'you' can't handle this, kill-file my ID.

K. P. Collins

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