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> [...]

> What happens is =just= what evolutionary
> dynamics have converged upon, and, from
> the perspective of =all= EM, the Human
> visual system is blind to the vast majority
> ot the 'sea' of EM in which we exist.
> All we see is what would 'give us a bump
> on the head' if we didn't detect it - and
> that is why, if one looks, one sees that
> all the 'pictures' are is an evolutionarily-
> converged-upon coupling of internal 3-D
> energydynamics with external experiential
> 3-D energydynamics.
> [...]

You know - like with the "telephone pole"
that 'announced' the "nonlinearity of pers-
pective" to me [as is discussed in a footnote
[a jump button] of AoK, Ap6.

I was only minimally-conscious of it, but
my visual system was doing the work that
literally saved me from getting a bump on
the head.

The telephone pole 'exploded' into my
aware-consciousness be-cause of the NL-P
stuff that's discussed in AoK, Ap6.

In that 'instant', everything within my
aware-consciousness, including the theoretical
stuff  in the notebook that I was reading as I
walked, was rapidly reprioritized, which is
a =massive= quantity of information-proces-
sing, yielding, not only the telephone pole's
'popping' into my aware-consciousness, but
almost as quickly, =all= of the activations of
my body's musculature through which I stopped
walking, raised my arms, and dodged the
telephone pole, all so brilliantly-coordinated,
that, if I'd not been on the lookout for wonder-
ous stuff on that morning's walk, I would've
let it all slip-by-me - I mean, I was 'seeing'
the "forms" of the stuff that was written-
about in longhand on the pages of my note-

How does one see words, but 'see' the
"forms". The "forms" have only a convoluted
correlation to the 'light' reflecting from the
page, so why 'put' the "image" 'inside' the

Gees, 'louise'! Such 'imagery' would only
muck-up all of the actually-necessary
information-processing that goes on =in=
the brain.

Rather, the image stays at the retina, the
same way that the touch stays at the skin.

The "percept" is experienced as 'being
within' be-cause. as I've discussed =many=
times in the past, the neural Topology
turns it upside-down, inside-out, and left-
right-reversed - in a way that's globally-
integrated with respect to the whole body,
so that:

1. be-acted-upon/act directionalities
will be 'accurately' mapped with respect
     a. the real-world obstacle mapping, and
     b. being on the inside looking out,


2. enabling globally-integrated effector-driving
that is all calculable via extraordinarily-straight-
forward, 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiza-

Gees, 'louise'! It couldn't be easier to understand,
but folks don't get-it be-cause folks have pre-
sumed that "it must be very 'complex'".

But it's =not= 'complex'. It couldn't be any more
straightforward than it is. It's =SIMPLICITY=

And right-there is one of the Reasons why the
=image= stays upon the retina.

I mean, just look at how folks' 'imaginings' of
"how complex it must be" have mucked-up
the elegant-simplicity that's actually in-there.

In =this= discussion of aware-consciousness,
I've not begun to discuss "thought", perceptions
of "thought", "imagination", nor any "cognition"
beyond the 'level' of "recognition" and "address-
ing", which have both been adequately discussed
in AoK, Ap6 all along. One must =get= this
=simple= stuff before one can even begin to
discuss Cognition and how it happens.

Yet, all I see are folks who say they want to
comprehend 'cognition', but who 'balk' at
understanding this =simple= stuff - as if it's
a 'telephone pole' that stands in their 'path'.

Gees, 'louise'!

It's getting ahead of myself in this discussion,
but you know what that is?

It's the ancient 'confusion', to which everyone's
acquiesced, be-cause it was coersed upon them,
under the tacit 'threat' of having TD E/I(up)
imposed upon them by folks who had the
=same= 'confusion' imposed upon them, in
the =same= way, ad 'infinitum', back to the

Gees. 'louise'! Folks 'want' to 'comprehend
cognition', when they, obviously, don't even
want to understand the most-simple stuff
that exists within physical reality?

The stuff discussed above is exactly that.

It's why it's so powerfully-functional - so
fast, and so able to grasp-and-hold 'Bigness'.

Be-cause, taken together, and in its collective
action, it's the most-simple stuff that exists
within physical reality.

All this 'talk' about "complexity" is just that -
hot air, being dissipated - the essence of
'confusion', 'Embraced'.


Don't even try to think about Cognition
[thought] until 'you' =get= the Simple
stuff, above.

When somebody's ready to proceed,
let me know, and we'll proceed, =after=
'you' Demonstrate that 'you' understand
the Simple stuff, above.

Gees, 'louise'. It's so Simple that it appeared,
to me, that folks were just 'lying'.

But folks don't yet understand this Simple

Gees, 'louise'!

Release 'your' 'love'-of-'confusion'!

'You' were ab-used by "abstract Ignorance".

Dictated-to, that, "You shall not see!"

That wouldn't matter if folks weren't Murdering
one another in the name of their 'love' of "abstract

But folks are.

So, understand the simple stuff, above [it's all
been in AoK all along - and still is], or else,
'give up', you've not the Courage that under-
standing Cognition entails.

So, just 'give-up', and stop 'pretending'.

'You 'cannot' understand the most-Simple
stuff there is, but 'you want to understand


Come on!

Fight for it!

Throw-off 'your' chains!

Escape the dictates of "abstract ignorance".

What is "abstract ignorance"?

The absence of understanding that =everything=
within nervous systems is structurally-ordered
to enable =one= thing: the minimization of
excitation and the maximization of inhibition,
in a topologically-distributed way.

It's all been laid at your feet, in AoK, for

Why do 'you' 'move away from' understanding
what's right-there, laid-out to ease 'your' under-

It's =Simple=.

But "abstract ignorance" has 'blinded' 'you' to
seeing it.

Get =angry= at stuff that would impose such
=upon your Beings=.

Don't allow it to dictate to you any further.

It's Undeserving of the way you 'bow-down' to it.

You know?

Gees, 'louise'!

Open your 'eyes'-of-understanding!


K. P. Collins

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