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David Longley David at longley.demon.co.uk
Wed Jan 21 08:14:38 EST 2004

In article <gypPb.5726$rW5.376194 at news20.bellglobal.com>, NMF 
<neil.fournier at sympatico.ca> writes

>With respect to your theories regarding brain functioning, there are some
>extremely interesting components that you advocate.  The problem is how you
>present your ideas.  Unfortunately they are presented in an extremely poor
>and unorganized manner.  (I stand corrected if a significant sample of
>readers from this group believes otherwise. )

Much of what you say in your post has been said several times to Ken, by 
several people, all of whom mean him no harm and who, I believe, in fact 
think they have his best interests at heart just as you clearly do. All 
such attempts have to date had little or no effect other than to 
reinforce his (in my view) clearly pathological verbal behaviour. I have 
suggested to him that he seeks medical help - again, with his long term 
best interests in mind.

He does nobody any harm, except perhaps himself, so if people are going 
to respond to him, perhaps it would be helpful to focus specifically on 
those of Ken's thoughts which you (and others?) find 'extremely 
interesting', pointing out why you find them so. Whilst I personally 
don't find much (if anything) original or rational in what he posts 
which has not been said elsewhere by others (and more clearly) - perhaps 
by focussing on what you find 'extremely interesting', and by 
encouraging him to provide evidence to substantiate what he says, at 
least *something* helpful might be done (if only vicariously). The 
alternative, ie ignoring his odd verbal behaviour, may prove just as 
'effective' if not complementary.
I suspect few if any really will have the time or interest - the 
evidence to date is that it would be a Sisyphean task.
David Longley

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