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Using intensive reinforcement for developing intellectual abilities

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Tue Jan 20 18:50:57 EST 2004

This sort of stuff =will not work=.

It won't work be-cause it makes internal convergence
dependent upon non-integrated functionality, and this
will result in convergence occurring in a commensurately
non-integrated way.

For it to work, the one with his hand on the 'reward'
button would have to be omniscient, and ever-present.

And, then, it's completely eliminate Free Will.

There are easier, and less Sorrow-filled, ways of
making robots.

k. p. collins

"NMF" <neil.fournier at sympatico.ca> wrote in message
news:TDiPb.13808$cQ6.361345 at news20.bellglobal.com...
> Is this an idea you have or are you reiterate work done by others in this
> field? This concept is definitely that I have considered and many others,
> however, I am not aware if it has been shown experimentally.  I guess one
> thing that will have a major influence on the reinforcing properties will
> regard the actual temporal and intensity characteristics of the electrical
> waveform.
> The problem with your idea is that consistent ("repeated") electrical
> stimulations will evoke two processes.  The most obvious one is kindling
> the progressive development of epileptiform activity.  The second (which
> often forgotten) is that positive stimulation zones (or positive
> reinforcement sites: ventral tegmental area, etc.) are also surrounded by
> negative stimulation zones. (These regions inhibit the behavioral response
> evoked by the postive stimulation zone and produces often the opposite
> responsethat is evoked by the positive circle-surround stimulation.
> Moreover, these processes are self-limited in electrical spread.  This was
> intially dervived from the influential work of Mikhailova and Pimenova) .
> Presumably the electrical stimulations will be self-contained, unless the
> progressive stimulations can surpass these negative ("inhibitory")
> stimulation zones.  (Problem with that is this spread will be the preamble
> for seizure development).
> "Oleg" <ingenuous at mail.ru> wrote in message
> news:3fe91fdd.0401201117.2794d60a at posting.google.com...
> > Reinforcement with electrodes implanted in zone positive reinforcement
> > of brain can be used to develop intellectual abilities of people,
> > animals and the other creatures. For it any successful solution of an
> > intellectual task should reinforce the way.
> > The better results can be achieved in the period of childhood i.e.
> > when bran is the most able to development.
> > Using the technique for group of several beings can give the better
> > results and leads to fixation of the changes of intellect into next
> > generations.
> > Probably such way intelligent animals and other creatures would be
> > produced.
> >
> > Oleg M. Goryunov

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