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Tue Jan 20 18:04:26 EST 2004

"Wolf Kirchmeir" <wwolfkir at sympatico.can> wrote in message
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> On Tue, 20 Jan 2004 02:19:50 GMT, k p  Collins wrote:
> >"Wolf Kirchmeir" <wwolfkir at sympatico.can> wrote in message
> >news:jbysxveflzcngvpbpna.hrrjmy2.pminews at news1.sympatico.ca...
> >> On Mon, 19 Jan 2004 23:01:53 GMT, k p  Collins wrote:
> >>
> >> >That is, "vision" is nothing more than the map-
> >> >ping of light onto the retina.
> >>
> >> If this were true, neither hysterical blindness,
> >> or blindness induced by brain traumas such as
> >> strokes, would be possible. Yet they happen.
> >> Frequently, in fact.
> >
> >Not True, Wolf.
> >
> >It's far-more-common than what you've brought-up.
> You've missed my point. It's the phrase "nothing more than" that makes
> claim , er, rather dubious.
> The rest of your post actually contradicts your claim as quoted above.

OK, but, trust me, if you want to hold =me= to
symantic rigor, while that will be easy to do, it'll
result in neither of us getting anwhere. [Same goes
for 'spilling', and my myriad typos.]

I routinely 'don't-care' about 'symantics'.

And I routinely Acknowledge the correctness
of folks who do, because 'symantics' are as =a=
'rule-set' that underpins 'addressing'.

Then I continue, 'not-caring' about 'symantics'.

It's not because I'm a 'jerk' [although, that may
be the case :-]

It's because, when one works at the limits of
understanding, there are no pre-existing 'words'
for the stuff that one finds - no 'rules' that can
be relied-upon - because, out-there, one's work
consists of discovering the 'words' and the 'rules'.

And doing so always leaves me all 'beat-up'.

Then I 'stumble-into' polite discourse, all in-
tatters, and still 'wearing-the-clothes that I
had on' during the 'fight'.

So, yes, I don't argue that my writing, "`vision'
is nothing more than the mapping of light onto the
retina" was an inadequate statement [although
when I use "mapping", I'm always addressing
=all= of the mapping that occurs within nervous

When I write, I rely upon folks having read
what I've written before. That's 'presumptuous',
I understand, but I cannot reiterate everything
in every msg I post.

Anyway, Please Forgive me this long-winded

Today, I'm 'hurting' big-'time', and I just want
to 'let-it-out-of-me', a bit.

Cheers, Wolf, ken [k. p. collins]

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