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Observation [was Re: Proof of Tapered Harmony - LONG [was Re: The Neural 4-Space [was Re: Consciousness]]

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Mon Jan 19 04:13:43 EST 2004

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> If folks look-back, they'll see that, every 'time'
> I've posted stuff that advances things, there've
> been 'economic cover stories' launched as dis-
> information with respect to the 'stock market's
> 'reaction' to the stuff I've discussed, as was the
> case with respect to the Universal Proof of
> Tapered Harmony linked-to above.
> [For those who've saved copies of my discussions,
> if they look, they'll See that I embedded forward
> references to this discussion in-them. Search on
> "'stock market'" and you'll find these. Then cross-
> correlate to the then-contemporaneous News
> reports, and you'll see the 'cover-up' stuff. You'll
> be able to discern the 'cover-up' stuff be-cause
> this or that that the 'cover-ups' contend to be the
> case never comes to pass, which discloses the
> Superficiality that routinely Hallmarks any 'cov-
> er-up'.]
> 'They' do this sort of thing in efforts to 'reassign'
> the 'stock market's reaction to TH's [or NDT's]
> technological Worth - in efforts to 'hide' the fact
> that folks're ab-using the understanding.
> This sort of thing has always been simultaneously
> 'hilarious' to me ["Don't they know that they're
> just giving-themselves-up?"], and exceedingly-
> Sorrowful ["If they're going-through all of that
> trouble, then they must be 'fearful', and 'deter-
> mined' to 'move away from' Truth, which 'means'
> that all that 'power' is aligned-against the coming-
> forward of both NDT's and TH's understandings.]
> It's =Hard= to continue in the 'face' of such -
> =Hard= to see my efforts to lift Humanity up,
> through-the-lens of these self-disclosing 'cov-
> erup' dynamics.

Can no one else see what's entailed?

Sure, I could've chosen to 'make $' off of my
research, but I Chose, instead, to lift the Child-
ren up in understanding.

Only to Witness 'powerful' folks taking my work
to 'seek profits'.

I cannot think of anything that's more-disgusting
than this is.

These 'folks' are, literally, Choosing to impose
Suffering upon all of Humanity - so that they
can 'make $' - =not= through their own efforts,
but by stealing the work of another.

And to 'cover' their Theft, they have to 'silence'
and 'discredit' me - which leaves me separated
from my own Choice - which leaves me 'unable'
to reach the Children with NDT's understanding,
even though I've been Willing to give everything
to do only that.

This's what I'm talking about when I discuss 'folks'
Murdering their own Children.

What can be said that 'justifies' it?


It's Unworthy of Humanity.

Yet, there it is, beginning in 'high' places, where the
'powerful' folks scheme to Deceive.

It's Rampant.

And all it's actually 'accomplishing' is a dragging of
Humanity 'away from' Truth - with respect to which,
the Consequences are Certain.

And everybody 'just' 'ho-hums' it?

That's the even-more-disgusting thing, isn't it?


Because, in it, folks're not only forsaking others.

In it folks're forsaking themselves.

K. P. Collins

> My work is being treated as if it's 'secret'.
> I am being treated as a 'Slave' - all my Constit-
> utional Guarantees stripped from my Being.
> And, when I see such, I see that it bodes-ill
> for my Being.
> If anyone's 'wondered', it's this sort of stuff
> that's what I've referred to whenever I've
> discussed the fact that I'm "being Murdered".
> It's 'funny' - if 'b.n' is, in fact, an open NG, then
> it's all been happening 'in-plain-sight'.
> Which would be so 'strange' that that's why
> I've allowed myself to 'wonder' if the 'b.n' that
> I see is a 'clone-server'. If it is, they the 'cover-
> ups' have been all the more ugly - because it
> means that there's a subversive 'private-club'-like
> sharing of this or that advancement in NDT & TH
> that I post.
> And, how can I not 'wonder' in this way, when
> I've never  received any acknowledgement,
> of what's in the stuff I've discussed, from folks
> in-Science?
> It's why I've asked folks to allow me to meet
> with them in-person - and the fact that that's
> never happened, only makes me 'wonder'
> more.
> Understand?
> Anyway, when I see this sort of 'cover-up'
> stuff unfolding [and it's been going-on for more
> than 15 'years'], it always 'dis-heartens' be, a
> bit.
> Makes it ever-more-Hard to just continue.
> Then, a 'funny' kind of internal-struggle always
> ensues - "Are you going to allow this other stuff
> to 'prevent' you from Doing what Needs to be
> Done?"/"But they're taking my work, using it to
> seek 'profits', and withholding it from those on
> whose behalves it was done, so all I'm actually
> 'doing' is feeding folks' Greed."
> And I Explore all of this, all the while being 'tum-
> bled-around' in a sort of internal cement-mixer.
> It's some exceedingly-Cruel stuff to experience.
> It's why I look-to Jesus.
> My experience as been a =Small= reflection of
> His, and I look-to Him for Example - look-to
> Him with respect to what it is that I do.
> Which has always been to walk-deeper into the
> 'Cruelty', "Forgiv[ing] them, for they know not
> what they do."
> Which is =Hard= to do when it's all 'painted',
> right-there, in the 'stock market' data and News
> reports.
> Anyway, today, there's a crew outside my trailer
> taking-down the "leaning-tree of Better Way" :-]
> It's 'distracting'.
> Hence, this 'distracted' discussion.
> K. P. Collins

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