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US-Iraqi Invertedness

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Fri Jan 16 15:05:50 EST 2004

Since I was 'disconnected', I presume
I'm on the 'clone' server, 'now', so I'll
discuss freely.

"U.S. Scrambles to Salvage Transition
Bremer to Confer Today With White House's Foreign Policy Team
By Robin Wright and Daniel Williams
Washington Post Staff Writers
Friday, January 16, 2004; Page A01"


Quoting from the =Washington Post= Article:

"Through intermediaries and in letters from
Bremer over the past two months, the U.S.-led
coalition authority has tried to explain its
plan, which it calls "election by conference"
in Arabic. But Sistani's responses have been
limited and often vague, U.S. officials say."


Mulah Sistani is 'afraid' that the 'caucus' for-
mat is 'engineered' in a way that seeks, primarily,
to induce Iraqi Citizenry to 'show their hands'
in a way that's observable to the 'caucus'-
'election's overseers.

Get it?

I discussed all of this in long-former posts.

What Iraqi's are most-'familiar' with, and,
therefore very-experienced at, is the behav-
ioral 'double-speak' that was necessary un-
der the dictatorship of Saddam Husein.

It's all most Iraqui's have ever experienced.

Think about what that means - their whole
nervous system functions are tuned, strongly,
with respect to this one set of things - how
'to sayanything' when one stands before 'pow-
er', yet still maintain a 'private' vitality that
gives them a bit of Independence, even in
the midst of overwhelming-'power'.

So, Mulah Sistani sees-right-through the
U.S. 'plan' to 'sort-out' the 'good' from
the 'bad' by observing the 'caucuses'.

And =that= is why Mulah Sistani's
"responses have been limited and
often vague".

He's trying to do what =he= thinks is right
for Iraqis despite his standing in the midst
of overwhelming-'power'.

And, =of course=, what Mulah Sistani
'thinks' is 'best for Irauis' derives in his own
'prejudice toward' his own 'familiar' stuff.


Why do folks think I've been working to
lift folks up in understanding of how pre-
judice toward the familiar 'blindly' and
automatically =DICTATES= to folks.

Why do folks think I've been 'insisting'
that the coming-forward of this under-
standing, with respect to how and why
nervous systems process information, via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
=must be accomplished, first=?

Absent that up-front-work, everything
else is 'just' =Dictated= by what's already
within folks' experiences [on all 'sides'].

[I understand that folks 'see' me as some
sort of self-seeking 'Jackass', but all I've
been doing is telling folks what I, long ago,
=Verified= is Necessary.

All I've been trying to do is =Give= folks
the understanding - so folks'll have means
to endeavor in mutually-inclusive ways,
rather than expending all of their energies
in 'trying to fool' the 'other-side' - rather
than Killing one another.

You know?

Quoting from the =Washington Post= Article:

Sistani has refused to see any U.S. official,
and Washington is not sure how many of the
indirect communications have reached the aging
and reclusive cleric, U.S. officials add. The
United States is still looking for people who
know Sistani well enough to act as go-betweens
for the negotiations or to explain Sistani's thinking."


He's 'afraid' to meet with Americans because
he's 'afraid' the Americans will Kill him.

You know? Understand his experience at
the hands of Saddam Hussein. How could
he think otherwise? How could he not be
engaging in the 'tried-and-true' stuff of his
own experience at the hand of 'The Tyrant' -
which is how everything that he's experienced
leaves him 'seeing' the U.S.

And the same holds True the-other-way-around,
'two'. The U.S. is 'afraid' of allowing another
'Iran' to be the outcome of it's War in Iraq.

What's absent between the 'sides' is the stuff
that's made plain-to-see by NDT's understand-
ing: Folks have to =begin= by understanding
how their 'familiar' experience =Dictates= to
them - and how it 'blindly' and automatically,
induces them to 'act-in-passion'.

If it weren't so Tragic, it'd be 'hilarious', because
'powerful' folks've been trying to 'play' me,
even though all I've been doing has been working
to lift them up above the 'blind'-automation
through which they are, needlessly, imposing
such Travials upon themselves, and, more-
importantly, upon the Citizenries of =both=
America and Iraq.

But I've been 'caged' like some 'criminal' -
'shunted'-off into some 'netherworld', be-
cause, like Mulah Sistani, the 'powerful'
folks are 'blindly'-and-automatically-
'afraid' of anything that's outside of their

What can I say with respect to such, except
to point-out the 'blind'-automation that's
inherent, and the Havoc that it's inflicting,
so =needlessly=?

Quoting from the =Washington Post= Article:

In Baghdad, clerics are circulating CDs of a
sermon given by a local cleric and Sistani
follower, Mohammed Yahya, in which he asked:
`Does the occupation authority have the right
to express the mission and high interests of
the Iraqi people? This will mean that American
policy will control and manage everything in
the country. This will be very dangerous.' In
the sermon, Yahya insisted that a future
constitution must specify Islam as the basis
of Iraq's identity."

"PTOFA" [AoK, "Short Paper"]

It's 'hilarious', no?

I've been discussing all of this stuff, and
Predicting the general course of things that
has been unfolding, for more than two

It's still the case that nobody gets it?

If folks want to stop the Killing, Ravaging-
destructiveness, then, =FIRST= folks have
to =understand= the nervous system stuff.

Anything else 'just' spirals inwardly, until
Destruction leaves folks 'exhausted'.

What good is sending all that Humans can
accomplish to that 'blindly'-and-automatical-
ly-Dictated 'end'?

K. P. Collins

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