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Fri Jan 16 13:17:44 EST 2004


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> > > And, "of course", it =still= is "Re: Consciousness".
> > >
> > > See if you can find =that= in-here.
> > >
> > > If no one gets-it, I'll discuss a few days hence.
> > > [...]
> >
> > I'm going to bag it.
> >
> > [The offer stands - in-person.]
> >
> > K. P. Collins
> I don't expect anyone to under-
> stand it, because it builds on
> former discussions, and it doesn't
> seem, to me, that folks've under-
> stood that older stuff, but I'm
> going to post the discussion.

I've prepared the discussion, but
I'm going to 'hold-off' on posting
it until I attain a deeper understanding
with respect to the 'reaction' to the
stuff I've posted with respect to TH
[the Universal Proof].

It'll be 'Hard' for me to continue,
discussing further, until I can under-
stand why folks aren't 'doing back-
flips' :-]

I =need= to understand such - why
it's so.

The stuff I discussed constitutes a
long-awaited 'event' that's unique
within all of History, and I need to
allow it to 'sink-in', and I need to
study folks' 'reactions' to it, before
I discuss at an even-greater 'level'
of integration.

I'm not going to stop posting.

I'm just going to have some Fun,
in discussions of some other stuff,
while I 'wait' to see the fullness of
folks' 'reactions'.

Most of this Decision derives in the
Need to Guard Free Will.

[Meanwhile, the Aware-Consciousness
stuff remains fully-available, in-person,
if there's anyone who's open to that.]

[It's =not= a 'tease'. I'd like nothing
more than to just race-ahead with the
discussion, but it's just not Clear to
me, yet, that doing so is 'appropriate'.]

K. P. Collins

> I can't do it tonight because I've
> been too long without sleep.
> I'll see if I can 'translate' it out of
> my personal 'language', sufficiently,
> after sleeping, and, if not then, will
> work on it until its language has a
> chance of communication.
> It's 'Difficult', but Worth the energy,
> so rev-up your noggin' labs, and
> work, a bit, at understanding what
> will be in-it.
> What I'll be discussing is how aware-
> consciousness happens within nervous
> systems - "who is watching theTV set",
> etc.
> [Folks who've grasped that I've been
> discussing "Consciousness" all along
> will be able to comprehend this further
> discussion.]
> K. P. Collins

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