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Well, anyway

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Fri Jan 16 13:01:38 EST 2004


I don't expect folks to comprehend.

Truth is somewhere 'in the middle' of the
two posts, quoted below.

It's not without Reason that I posted the
first msg [the 2nd one, below].

It's 'just' that my 'fight' is against "Abstract
Ignorance". "Abstract Ignorance" has, in
fact, tried to take my Life.

[It does the same with respect to =everyone=.]

That I will not only allow it to do so, but
will turn-the-tables on it, is what I was
saying in the first post [the 2nd one, below].

"Abstract Ignorance" 'lives' in the 'valleys'
of dis-order, where I, routinely, 'go' - in
order to 'traverse' toward Truth.

So I didn't "Lie".

I 'just' didn't express myself adequately.
And, for =that=, I Apologize.

I'm still leaving things 'ill-defined', in this
CLARIFICATION, both because that's
all I care to do, and because, well, it's
'valley'-of-dis-order stuff that most folks
won't understand [yet], anyway..

So, don't be "disgusted and revulsed".

'Just' know that all that's entailed is
'more-involved' than I stated it while I
was tired, last night.

K. P. Collins

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
news:ReJNb.9423$q4.4061 at newsread3.news.atl.earthlink.net...
> What I posted, quoted below, is a "cheap-shot",
> and folks should feel Free to be both disgusted
> and revulsed by it.
> [It was a TD E/I-minimization 'over-shoot', if any-
> one understands what I mean by that. I got 'intense'
> [because I =had= to, in order to keep my Promise
> re. the Universal Proof], but didn't activate the
> 'brakes' strongly enough - didn't invert energy-
> gradients sufficiently - and the elevated TD E/I
> that I had to allow existence within me, 'over-
> shot' the Logical 'boundaries' of the Proof.
> I Apologize.
> The other thing is, =no one= "took" my Life
> from me. I Gave it, and my insinuating that
> it was 'otherwise' was a Lie - blatent 'moving
> away from' Truth that's an Egregious Offense
> because of all of my going-on-and-on with
> respect to "moving toward Truth. Period."
> I Apologize, and resume dragging myself
> toward Truth after this sojourn in a 'valley'
> of dis-order.
> To be fair to myself, there =is= a =lot=
> going-on that's hurtful to me, and which
> I just don't talk about [because it's been
> obvious that the hurtful stuff is calculated
> with respect to inducing me to talk about
> it - which would leave me looking - well,
> as I am :-]
> [It's 'funny' - one such thing arrived in the
> mail today, and it's main effect was to snap
> me out of my 'self-pitying 'state'. So, to
> those who sent it, Thank You.]
> I'll post further, correlated, discussion in the
> "Consciousness" thread.
> ken [k. p. collins]
> "k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
> news:OSuNb.9040$i4.6052 at newsread1.news.atl.earthlink.net...
> > [What's here is left 'cryptic', but
> > the folks who'll receive it will
> > understand.]
> >
> > Well, anyway, =my= Honor is intact.
> >
> > All 'you' Lovers of 'secrecy' will find
> > out, by and by, but unrushingly, what
> > derives in 'your' grouped-'moving away
> > from' Truth.
> >
> > I'll have =nothing= to do with that, BTW.
> >
> > =My= Honor remains intact.
> >
> > Now, let's see... it's a Cold winter's 'day'
> > in 1961. Life stands before me. How
> > will I Live it?
> >
> > You know - with Life's having been
> > taken from me.
> >
> > K. P. Collins
> >
> >

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