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Behavioral Inertia

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Wed Jan 14 23:31:13 EST 2004

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> There was an Article in 'yesterday's =New York Times=,
> "Israeli Invites Leader of Syria To Jerusalem, but is Re-
> buffed", by J. Bennet, [I failed to capture the page #],
> perhaps it can be found on the =NYT= web site(?)
> The dynamics discussed reflect the facts of "behavioral
> inertia" [AoK, Ap5].
> "Behavioral inertia" occurs as a 'reflection' of the fact
> that 'learning' occurs via the creation of "microscopic
> trophic modifications" [AoK, Ap5] to the neural Top-
> ology in a way that, via TD E/I-minimization, 'encodes'
> the neural activation that actually occurs within a
> nervous system.
> The "micro-mods" are exactly analogous to "mass" in
> Physics, except that they are literally created within, and
> by, nervous systems, which is why a synonym for them,
> within NDT, is "biological mass".
> After they are created, the "micro-mods" guide further
> TD E/I-minimization convergence within the neural
> Topology.
> The "micro-mods" are physically-real stuff that has
> physically-real Existence within nervous systems.
> Be-cause of this, behavioral propensities cannot alter
> 'in a flash'. They cannot be 'wished-away'.
> And resort to 'force' =only= strengthens to "biological
> mass" against which 'force' is directed.


Yeah. 'War' 'just' crams-experience, making every-
thing more energy-intense - no 'time' - the acceleration
of "behavioral inertia's" altering during 'War' reduces
directly to energy-gradients - =exclusively=.

But, examine what's in the energy-intense increasing
of the energy-gradients within individual nervous sys-

Before "behavioral inertia" alters, as a result of resort
to force, resort to force is experienced, by those at
whom the directionality inherent in resort to force is
imposed as - you got it - =massive= externally-im-
posed TD E/I(up, up).

Such =forces= nervous systems into the "zone of
randomness" [AoK, Ap4].

Nervous systems "go amygdalar, 'blindly' and auto-
matically, as innate "experiential total" preservation
low-'level' "supersystem configuration" [AoK, Ap5]
mechanisms function, 'blindly' and automatically, act
to 'prevent' "rendering useless" [AoK, Ap8].

It's out of these 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiz-
ation dynamics that 'War's Mass-Destruction, Savagery,
Mass-Killing, and generalized Ravaging of Humanity,

And, within the 3-D energydynamics that occur within
individual nervous systems during 'War', the violence
is what drives the neural activation that is experienced.

As I've discussed repeatedly in former posts, there is
a Historical trend, in the dynamics of 'War', that is
occurring as a result of Humankind's steadily-increasing
interactive-connectivity [from steadily-decreasing inter-
active 'distance']. Folks are increasingly-experiencing
coming-up-against experiential totals that are unlike-
'self' - that are relatively-'unfamiliar'.

Because of this, the power within the TD E/I(up, up)
that 'War' inflicts upon folks' nervous systems has
been increasing, overall, throughout the course of

A second TD E/I-intensity-compressing phenomena
results from the facts of technological 'advance'. Weap-
onry's increasing-destructiveness, combined with
communications' increasing abilities, are 'just' increasing
the energy-intensity inherent in 'War'.

Anyone who looks can see where all of this is heading.
It's heading directly toward the Non-Survival of Humanity,
because, as above, within the 3-D energydynamics that
occur within individual nervous systems during 'War', the
violence is what drives the neural activation that is experi-

It's a 'thermodynamic' [in TH, an energydynamic], around
which there is no way. [Killing all the folks that are turned
toward Hatred during 'War' only creates more folks who
are turned toward Hatred, until, 'crazed' by the burden of
all the Killing that's occurred, the decreasing numbers of
folks who 'remain' turn-against one-another.

And the 'thermodynamics', inherent, augment monotonically,

Anyone who looks can see that It's been happening, even

And, within all of this, there is another, 'subtle', energy-
dynamic that occurs at the highest 'levels' of nervous
systems' information-processing dynamics [see "volition",
AoK, Ap7]. In this highest-'level' stuff, the nervous systems
of Aggressors are actually 'turned-against' themselves - be-
cause, even at their highest 'levels', nervous systems' inform-
ation-processing dynamics are =just= abstract TD E/I.

Get it? The "prefrontal constellations" [AoK, Ap7] that
develop within the nervous systems of Aggressors are
formed in rigorous accord with the directionalities in-
herent in their Aggression.

=Study= what's discussed in AoK, Ap7 to see what this
means. If 'you' do so study, you'll see that it means that
the "prefrontal constellations" that form impose increasing
'blindness' within the nervous systems of Aggrtessors.

You know?

I've =long= understood that folks 'laugh' at 'me' 'because'
I've not 'taken advantage' of what's in NDT with respect
to my own Person.

You know - when I 'whine' about my personal circumstances,
folks 'think' I'm just being a 'whimp'.

But my own Choices have derived in my understanding of
these 'subtle' things that are disclosed in NDT.

I Choose not to be 'blinded'.

So I've Chosen not to Aggress.

I Choose to =SEE=, see?

So that I can, in fact, Do what Needs to be done.

I Choose to not allow my nervous system to 'turn-against'

Which is what =always= happens within the nervous sys-
tems of those who Aggress.

One only has tostay on-top-of 'daily' News reportage to
Witness such turning-of-nervous-systems-against-themselves,
and the augmenting 'blindness' that's inherent.

You know?

Nervous system function is =everything=.

It's Extremely-Serious stuff.

Left to the 'blindly'-automated stuff that's inherent,
Humanity will not Survive.

Which is why understanding the way that nervous systems
process information is the single most-important thing
that Humanity, in general, has left undone.

K. P. Collins

> I've been overall of this, reiteratively, in the past.
> Study the dynamics of "rendering useless" in AoK, Ap8.
> =Understand=, and resolve to endure, patiently,
> while working to establish mutually-inclusive "biological
> mass" by instantiating mutually-inclusive experience.
> And =don't= 'give-up' when first attempts are "rebuffed".
> Such =always= occurs as a simple by-broduct of the
> TD E/I-minimization that occurs with respect to pre-
> viously-existing "biological mass".
> Previously-existing "biological mass" has "behavioral
> inertia" that's commensurate with the quantity of prior
> experience that's correlated to it.
> So give new experience that will establish the "biological
> mass" that enables mutually-inclusive behavior.
> The process is necessarily one-sided until the mutually-
> inclusive "biological mass" is, in fact, created within
> others' nervous systems.
> Do not be 'misled' by the way that previously-existing
> "behavioral inertia" 'seems' not to alter.
> It does alter, but it does so in ways that reflect prior
> experience.
> Get it?
> Don't strengthen "behavioral inertia" by resorting to
> use of 'force' with respect to it.
> Instead, resort to Love - Strong and True, born in
> understanding of what's going on within nervous
> systems.
> ken [k. p. collins]

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