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On the Value of Truth [was Re: A Theory of Neuropeptides?]

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Wed Jan 14 08:14:17 EST 2004

Another case in-point, below.

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> > [...]
> > To 'live' without Truth is 'Death', itself.
> > [...]
> One 'hour', =Lived= in-Truth is worth more than
> =any= amount of 'living' in absence-of-Truth.
> Think about it, in absence-of-Truth, Living is
> Impossible.
> In absence-of-Truth, all that's Possible is
> 'blindly'-automated 'mechanics' - Biological
> 'robotics'.
> And 'robotics' cannot 'see-beyond' what's
> in its rote-enforced 'mechanics' - so it keeps-
> on 'playing the same old song' - over and
> over again, 'unable' to see that it's Destroying
> everything, including itself.

Where I live, there's a big push to require Students
to pass a big exam. [It's pretty-much the same all
over the U. S. these 'days'.]

There have been News Reports, in recent 'days',
in my local Media, describing the steps that are
being taken in schools to assure that Students
can pass this exam.

But it was clear, from the News Reports, that
all that's actually happening is that Children are
having extremely-rote 'learning' imposed upon
them, not with respect to imparting an ability to
Reason to them, but only to assure that they'll
be able to successfully take this exam.

I'm not saying it adequately.

The News Reports disclosed that the Students
are actually being 'programmed' with respect
to 'taking this exam', =not= with respect to
being able to actually work with the information
that they are 'acquiring'.

Stuff like this always 'follows the path of least

It'd be fine if there were any real-world need
for being able to solve the problem of 'how to
take a test', but that's not the way the real-
world works.

'Everyday' experience presents unique challenges
every 'day'.

And a rote-memorization 'strategy' with respect
to a 'standardized' criterion will 'bounce-right-off'
the unique challenges that come up 'everyday',
after Students graduate from school.

This 'testing strategy' is 'just' more Human-'robotics'.

What's Needed, instead, is to Teach Children how
to Learn, why such is important, and how it can be

To do this requires 'just'-the-opposite of rote

The way to do it is to present desirable goals that,
simultaneously challenge Students to acquire the skills
that achieving the 'goals' require. This simultaneously
Teaches Students the Worth of the skills.

Get it?

Seeing the Worth of the Skills enables doing-the-work
that acquiring the skills entails.

And the larger thing - how to go about breaking a
problem down into 'pieces', and searching out 'tools'
that 'pry-open' the 'pieces' of the broken-apart problem,
and doing-the-work necessary to Learn how to use
those 'tools', is simultaneously Taught.

=This= prepares Students for the 'everyday' unique
problems that will confront them every 'day', after they
graduate. Rote memorization doesn't.

Rote-memorization produces Human-'robots' that
cannot break-down unmemorized problems, let alone
find Joy in doing so.

Get it?

Give Students understanding with respect to how to
'move toward' Truth.


> It's 'blind'. It cannot see WDB2T, and, there-
> fore, cannot break-out of it's 'program'.
> These are the Costs that absence-of-Truth
> extracts.
> And what's Sorrowfully-'hilarious' is that the
> ability to 'move toward' Truth has been right-
> there, in the Biology, all along, but the 'supposed-
> to-be's, handed-down intergenerationally via
> 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
> "dynamic subordinate coupling" [AoK, Ap5]
> "templating", have routinely 'displaced' its
> functionality.
> The ability to see Truth, 'tossed-aside' in
> favor of 'blind'-automation.
> And "Woe! to any who do anything about it".
> The 'blind'-automation calls them "enemy",
> and then does what's 'supposed-to-be' done
> to 'enemies'.
> My Life is an Experiment with respect to
> the Hypothesis that Humans can, in fact,
> Be what's right-there, in-them, to Be.
> It's why I 'move toward' Truth, period.
> ken [k. p. collins]

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