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Proof of Tapered Harmony - short version [was Re: The Neural 4-Space [was Re: Consciousness]]

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Wed Jan 14 06:47:44 EST 2004

And, "of course", it =still= is "Re: Consciousness".

See if you can find =that= in-here.

If no one gets-it, I'll discuss a few days hence.

[I'm doing this 'hold-the-carrot-in-front-of-folks'
stuff in order to 'tap-into' the "biological reward"
mechanisms [AoK, Ap5] that're right-there in
folks' Awesomely-Functional nervous systems.

You know - it's a way to 'spark-the-flames' of
'wanting-to-know' in-there.

In folks' own ol' noggin' labs :-]

Anyway, in this post, the heart of the Promised
Proof is given, sans the rest of the discussion
in the preceding posts.

[So folks won't 'move away from' the heart of
it. Folks should, however, retain a copy of the
prior longer post. =Everything= in-it is =necessary=,
including the "minimum wage" sub-discussion, because
that sub-discussion presents an Example of why doing
the work inherent in comprehending the rest of the
post is Worth-it.

You know?

The Purpose of Science is to lift Humanity up.

So it's =Necessary= to see, in the way Humanity
Ravages itself, why doing-the-work is Worth the
energy that doing-the-work requires.

You know?]

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
news:rZ8Nb.6934$q4.2590 at newsread3.news.atl.earthlink.net...

[much snipped]

> | Another experiment that 'you' =really=
> | have to do.
> |
> | When I went over to mow Dad's lawn
> | this afternoon, the grass was pretty-high,
> | but I had my trusty Honda [tm] Harmony [tm]
> | mower that has a hydrostatic transmission
> | [I bought it for Dad when I was actually gainfully
> | employed]. It has a Hydrostatic [tm?] transmis-
> | sion - so I could vary its forward nonlinearly :-]
> | when the grass got thick.
> |
> | The NL-P is everywhere.
> |
> | Then, because it was probably the last 'time'
> | I'll use it this year, I washed the mower care-
> | fully, leaving it running as I did so [so any
> | water that splashed into places where it's
> | better for water not to go would evaporate -
> | WDB2T you know].
> |
> | And that's when the 'experiment' showed
> | itself to me.
> |
> | There was water collected in a shallow
> | 'well' on the top of the nower-deck. It was
> | about 1/4-inch deep. The mower was
> | running at full-power, and water-'oscillons'
> | formed on it's 'surface'.
> |
> | These water-'oscillons' were =SPECTACULAR=,
> | looking like all kinds of 'rigid' geometrical
> | shapes.
> |
> | On another area of the mower deck, where
> | the water was shallower, [the water] formed
> | what looked like a 'sheet' of fractured glass,
> | with the 'fractures' being extremely-stable.
> This 'portion' of the observables was like a
> flat sheet of glass, and the 'fractures'
> formed enclosed 'rings', which were, them-
> selves multi-faceted, the 'fractures' all
> being perpendicular to the surface of the
> water.
> | What was happening was that the mower's
> | vibrations were driving the water nonlinearly,
> | which resulted in =Exactly= the same sort of
> | nonlinear energy spreading into lower-freq-
> | uency 'ranges' that I discussed in the BB
> | app's 'notes' [TGLk :-]
> The topography of the mower deck surely
> played a role in the appearances of the
> 'oscilons'.
> The mower deck is, itself, variable-curve-
> concave, which topography surely added to
> the nonlinear-driving of the wave dynamics
> that I observed.
> | =Do= this experiment. It's =easy= to do, and
> | it's Observables are spectacular.
> UNIVERSAL Proof 1:
> As I discussed in a reply to the discussion
> of this "lawn-mower experiment" when it was
> originally posted [should be available via
> a "Groups" Google[tm]], the water 'oscillons'
> formed =many= distinct seemingly-rigid 3-D
> geometric shapes. There were pyramids and
> 3-D rhombuses, with spectacularly-exact
> geometry - they literally appeared to have
> been cut, as in glass 'crystal', but with
> extremely-more exactness - among many more
> such shapes. [The 3-D rhombuses so captured
> my attention that, I'm sorry to say, I failed
> to take notes on the rest of the shapes
> in the 'menagery', other than noting their
> existences.]
> The water 'oscilons' constitute an easily-
> replicated simple instance of physical
> dynamics that embody "Information Calculus".
> Quoting from AoK, Ap6:
>     The central principle of Information
>     Calculus differentiation may be stated
>     as follows:
>          The topologically-mapped (point-to-
>          point) union of a symmetric distrib-
>          ution and an asymmetric distribution
>          is everywhere-unique to a degree that
>          is determined by the degrees of
>          symmetry and asymmetry that exist
>          within the symmetric-asymmetric union.
>     Instances of less-than-perfect symmetry
>     and asymmetry yield unions that exhibit
>     diminished point-to-point uniqueness.
>     Decreasing or increasing either the
>     degree of symmetry or the degree of
>     asymmetry incorporated within the union
>     is analogous to decreasing or increasing
>     the resolving power of a lens.
> End quote.
> The spectacular Geometries of the water
> 'oscillons' literally reflect the above,
> =and= the interplay between the SSW<->UES
> harmonics comprising the water with the
> nonlinear driving-force imposed by the
> mower's vibrations - the asymmetric [be-
> cause of their inherent NL-P stuff, as it
> was discussed above] and symmetric [be-
> cause of the overall one-way-ness of WDB2T]
> components of this easily-observed physical
> instance of InfoCalc.
> What was happening was that the combination of
> the Compton Refraction stuff of the SSW<->UES
> harmonics comprising the water and the mower's
> vibrational dynamics with WDB2T's 'dissipation'
> is literally Disclosing the UES's "extreme-
> fluid" flowing, as the SSW<->UES harmonics
> oriented with respect to one another in 3-D
> space in a way that, literally, filled in the
> gaps in a way that's rigorously in accord with
> WDB2T.
> Because these dynamics derive, purely-mechanically,
> in the SSW<->UES harmonics Volume/Surface-area
> ratios, and not the specific physical properties
> of the hydrogen and oxygen 'atoms' comprising
> the water, they are necessarily UNIVERSAL, and
> can be replicated with =any= fluid-'state'
> SSW<->UES harmonics [although it's necessary to
> recreate an experimental apparatus that's func-
> tional within the fluid 'states' of the SSWs
> that are experimented with. The mower's deck
> is aluminium - it won't work with molten iron,
> etc.
> Why it's a UNIVERSAL Proof is that the driving
> force is purely-mechanical, but that purely-
> mechanical force acts at the 'level' of the
> SSW's NL-P variability.
> It does so be-cause energy always flows in a
> way that maximizes its "ephemerance" [in Tapered
> Harmony", it's freedom to move].
> So, in this little lawn-mower experiment, energy
> 'just' flows to fill-in-the-gaps in the assymmetry-
> symmetry 'point'-to-'point' union.
> Q. E. D.
> There's much more in the little lawn-mower ex-
> periment.
> For instance, in the way that it includes SSWs
> 3-D NL-P energydynamics, it discloses that physical
> reality is Deterministic.
> That is, the observables =cannot= occur as a
> function of 'randomness' because one can't get
> to the spectacular 3-D exactness of the water
> 'oscillons' Geometries via 'randomness'.
> If "here" is 'randomness', one "can't get there
> from here." :-]
> Get it?
> There's be no spectacularly-exact 'edges', and 3-D
> Geometries, all over the place if there was =any=
> 'randomness' in-there.
> The lawn-mower experiment's observables are =exactly=
> analogous to the enormously-more-topologically-detailed
> 3-D energydynamics through which nervous systems
> literally =grasp= the 3-D energydynamics extant
> within their experiential external environments.
> Which leads to...
> UNIVERSAL Proof 2:
> Since all available evidence substantiates
> that WDB2T permeates physical reality at
> all scales,
> And, since nervous systems, in addition to
> being continuous with physical reality,
> perceive physical reality,
> Nervous systems' perceptions of physical
> reality =must= be in accord with WDB2T
> [else nervous systems would not be able
> to replicate perception of WDB2T-permeated
> physical reality [Think about it :-]]
> And, since nervous systems produce all Proofs,
> All Proofs, necessarily, conform to what's
> been discussed in this post.
> Q. E. D.
> [I read a correlated discussion in the
> January, 2004 issue of =Discover= magazine.
> "2003: Mathematicians Face Uncertainty", by
> K. Devlin, p. 36.
> NDT explains Why it's so [and is probably
> why "Mathematicians Face Uncertainty" :-]
> Since I originally posted the following
> discussion, I've also Verified its position.
> [I don't want to discuss it online because
> it's too-personal [You know - "Never Waste
> data! - I was the 'experimental animal', or,
> rather, the observational subject. I'll dis-
> cuss it in-person, with Medical Professionals,
> if anyone's interested.]

[another big-snip]

> I read a correlated article in 'yesterday's =New
> York Times=, "Newly Found State of Matter Could
> Yield Insights Into Basic Laws of Nature, by
> J. Glanz, p. A19.
> The Article discusses work being done at RHIC,
> which, it seems to me, is where the best Experi-
> mental Physics that's being done on the face of
> the planet is, 'presently', being done.
> Anyway, this article Confirms [yet again] the
> Veracity of Tapered Harmony's reiterqatively-
> discussed, and, now, Proven, position.
> I don't have a link. It should be on the =NYT=
> web site.
> If 'you' understand TH's stuff, the Article is
> a Genuine-Delight to read.
> The RHIC folks are literally exploring the
> SSW<->UES harmonics' NL-P stuff.
> Good for them.
> Good for Humanity, through them!
> [Just got 'disconnected', again. Must be
> 'oscillons' in the switch-works - because
> of the TempK-induced UES-density
> correlates of the very-Cold-ness where
> I 'live'.
> NL-P-telephone-networks, you know :-]

K. P. Collins

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