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Brain clues to attention disorder

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Sun Jan 11 04:37:34 EST 2004

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Subject: Re: Brain clues to attention disorder

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> > "What is greater - to think "right" or think "free"?
> [Th]ink in a way that 'moves toward' Truth - both are in-it.
> > My personal standpoint on this is that there is no "right" hence it
> > must be greater to think free.
> 'Move toward' Truth, be as Free as one can be.
> As far as 'being right' goes, it's irrelevant, as long as one does,
> in fact, 'move toward' Truth.
> How does one 'move toward' Truth?
> How does one know the direction in which to 'move'
> in order to 'move toward' Truth?
> Within physical reality, one 'moves away from' WDB2T.
> 'Moving toward' Truth is 'moving toward' least-dis-order.
> It's Easy.
> All one has to do is 'range-widely' enough to see beyond
> local order-'maximums' - 'climb' WDB2T, and, from 'there'
> see where it's good to 'move toward' the further 'climbing'
> that's always out-there.
> [BTW, in the sense invoked, here, "order" is not some
> 'dictatorial' stuff. That kind of 'order' is as a straight-jacket.
> In the sense invoked here, "order" is that which enables one
> to do-more than one can, 'presently', do - which is 'just'-the-
> opposite of enduring 'dictatorship' [or 'wearing" a straight-jacket].
> And why the seeking of such "order" is Worthy is that, 'moving
> toward' it, simultaneously, enables one to not only allow others
> to 'move toward' it, but to assist others in 'moving toward' it.
> All 'automatically' - because it's in-it that imposing dis-order
> u[p]on others imposes dis-order upon one's self.]
> Easy choice.
> [...]

But there is one 'Difficulty' inherent.

'being right' =always= correlates to a WDB2T relative-
maximum - the 'top of a hill' in terms of WDB2T.

And to 'move toward' any higher [more-'maximum' :-]
'top of a hill', in terms of WDB2T, it's most-often the
case that one has to 'traverse' one, or more, WDB2T-'valley'.

But, when such is attempted, "rendering useless" occurs
within one's nervous system, be-cause, 'moving away from'
the WDB2T-'hill-top' and 'moving toward' the WDB2T-
'valley' constitutes a 'relinquishing' 'order - which occurs
within nervous systems as TD E/I(up).

It's what I was talking about when I said, "As far as 'being
right' goes, it's irrelevant, as long as one does, in fact, 'move
toward' Truth."

Get it?

'moving toward' augmented-TD E/I-minimization most-
often requires one to experience intervening decreased-
TD E/I-minimization.

But, if one is "Hell-bent" on 'being right', one cannot
'move' in this way. Instead, one remains 'stuck' upon
the 'familiar' WDB2T-'hill-top' that one has formerly

Get it?

There's =so much=, within 'modern' interactive dynamics
that acts to 'prevent' folks from 'traversing' through the
WDB2T-'valleys' that intervene between relative-WDB2T-

If one insists on 'being right', one is 'trapped', even though
one's nervous system is fully capable of such 'traverses'.

Shall we have the Courage to 'move toward' Truth.

To understand the 'valleys', rather than 'fear' them.

Or shall the 'valleys' continue to 'Dictate' our Beings?

K. P. Collins

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