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A Theory of Neuropeptides?

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Sun Jan 11 03:25:19 EST 2004

Hi Peter,

"Peter F." <effectivespamblock at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
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> > It's =not= Medicine that I've been talking
> > about, but 'profit'-seeking that invokes
> > 'medicine', in a Predatory way.
> >
> > The folks involved are, themselves, Victims,
> > and I'm working to Rescue them, not to
> > 'condemn' them.
> I knew you would be lenient. ;-)
> Have noted your remarkably consistent kindness!

Except when phone calls wake me from my sleep :-]

To the person who called yesterday: If you hold the
Children in your 'heart', please call again, and state
your complete intent in your first sentence when I

It's the way I screen all of my calls - because I get
a =lot= of 'silent' calls, and a =lot= of, otherwise,
obviously fake calls, and, only extremely-rarely,
any genuine calls.

I don't care to discuss it [and [all] don't try to
'imagine' it and try it, unless 'you' already under-
stand NDT's stuff! ["zone of randomness", AoK,
Ap4 - understand =first=] , but, before I sleep,
because I understand the opportunity inherent, I
routinely 'cram' information - so I'm working
even as I sleep - so I usually awaken as if I've
been interrupted 'while taking an exam'.

It's important that the 'crammed' stuff run to
completion, so, if the first sentence of a call
doesn't get right to the point, I usually just
hang-up and return to sleep's work.

There was another call, some months ago,
from a Reserve Police Officer. I was, then,
also 'sleep-working'.] Sir, if you read this,
please give another try. I've regretted not
hearing you out ever since [I've imagined
that you might have been interested in allowing
me to work with some Young offenders?]

The other thing is that, a long 'time' ago, in
order to spare myself the Agony of 'expect-
ing a call' [and the distraction [Waste] in-
herent], I 'gave-up' on 'expecting' any real
calls, thus, eliminating the Waste inherent in
dividing my attention in that way.

[Just got 'disconnected' :-]

Peter, it's not really "kindness".

It's an Honoring of Truth.

Truth is, folks become what they experience,
and, unless one understands how and why
nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization, this always has
a 'stealthy' component inherent, which is why I
address such as a "Victimization" [by "abstract

I try to Honor Truth. There's some of what's
referred to as "kindness" in-there, but Honoring
Truth is more-encompassing - because doing
'Difficult' stuff is also in-it.

Folks routinely 'react' to the 'Difficult' stuff as
if my doing it is 'hurtful', but the greatest 'unkind-
ness'is allowing others to Suffer needlessly.

The 'Difficulty' stems from the fact that most
folks who induce others to Suffer are not
aware that they are doing so. [I'll discuss a
bit more in another post, after I "send" this one.]

That is, the whole 'Difficulty' is that folks do
not, in general, comprehend the way that
nervous systems process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization -
and they do not understand the 'thermodynamic'
[in TH: "energydynamic"]'hills' and 'valleys'
that aare inherent within relatively-mutually-
exclusive experience.

So, when one works to lift them up, they only
react, 'blindly' and automatically, to the TD E/I
inherent, and it, then, falls to the one who does
understand the way nervous systems process
information to "forgive them, for they know
not what they do" [Jesus] and to do the 'Dif-
ficult' stuff, rather than allow them to remain as

And, while I'm discussing the way that the
=NEED= for Forgiveness is in-Truth, I'll
back it up a bit by sharing that, when Jesus
spoke of His Being "The Vine", and folks,
"the branches", and of "pruning" stuff so that
it'd "bear good fruit", He was using a metaphor
'familiar' to the folks to whom He was speaking,
but, look and see, probably with a 'wink' in His
eye,He was, simultaneously, addressing the
massive neural pruning that occurs within nervous
systems - structural TD E/I-minimization, through
which nervous systems that act in "the Spirit of
Truth" [Jesus] do, verifiably, "bear good fruit"  :-]

My jaw hangs down at Seeing it!

Here's another:

When Jesus said [paraphrase] "It's not what
goes in you from without that declares your
heart, but what comes out of you", He was
addressing [Predicting] the transformation
of Humanity that is right-there in the nervous
system dynamics that I've been discussing -
in the way that prefrontal cortex is capable of
overriding the lower-'level' TD E/I-minimiz-
ation mechanisms. [This one's on the "really"
'side' of 'Difficult'.]

Jesus Knew that no one would understand,
2000 years ago [how could anyone?] But
as He also said [paraphrase], "I've given
you this stuff that you might believe that
[the Father] sent [Jesus].

That is, Jesus Knew that, as folks turned to
Science, because Science Honors Truth, folks
would come to understand what He'd said, and,
when that understanding happened, Science
would understand much more about Jesus.

I can't 'explain' how it could be - how 'What's -
Out-There' could so Act - but I =can= See that
Jesus Knew! how nervous systems process
information [He was literally discussing it],
and, since that was Impossible for Humans,
can also see the "much more", in the Fact that
it's obviously right-there to See.

Forgive me, Peter, for discussing this stuff
in a reply to a post of yours - you've expressed
'discomfort' with such in the past. But I want
you to see whence "kindness" comes.

I've had a Good Teacher of "kindness".

And, you know, it's in Honoring Truth to do
the 'Difficult' stuff :-]

I'm not actually writing this "to you". I'm
writing it for all who'll read this [same way
I write everything I post].

As I've explained in the past, to me, it's a
matter of Honoring scientific Priority - you
know - just because I reached conclusions
via a study of Neuroscience, doesn't 'excuse'
me from Honoring Truth when I see that
Jesus said everything that matters 2000 years

He did.

And my personal experience allows me to
easily comprehend how great an Offense it
is to take the work of another, fit it into 'other
words', and claim 'priority'.

So, if folks've 'wondered' about why it is
that I've 'refrained' from seeking to 'profit'
through the work I've done in Science over
these decades, it's not because I 'like'
being Poor. It's a matter of Honoring Truth.

A matter of scientific Priority.

["Yeah, and, now, you will surely remain
poor, Ken."

I understand.]

I wept when I came to see all of this [decades
ago]. I'd worked =HARD=. But there was
Jesus, smiling out at me from my own work.

"Everything's lost."

No, everything was Gained.

And ever since, when I weep because of
what's inherent, I 'weep' for Joy.

Jesus Knew!

[And I've =still= not made it by the 10%
'level' of what remains to be shared with
folks - if I take all of the nuts and bolts of
Experimental results into consideration,
99.999% of what's already newly-reified
in NDT & TH remains to be shared. And
it's 'hilarious' - I cannot think a thought -
cannot read anyone's posts [especially Dr.
Norman's] without 'newness' blossoming-
within - so much, of late, that it's kept me
offline. Today was a flood - "electrostatics",
and other stuff - and I cannot even begin to
discuss all that's newly reified - couldn't even
write it all down - and it just keeps happening,
more :-]

[Thought I'd get a head start on my
rememberance of "John 1:14" that I do each
year, when I'm online, on January 14th :-]

> All the best to you Ken,
> Peter

And All the Best to you, Peter.

Please Forgive me for Honoring Truth by
doing this 'Difficult' stuff in reply to a post
of yours.


ken [k. p. collins]

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