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A Theory of Neuropeptides? - RETRACTION

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Fri Jan 9 04:36:50 EST 2004

Folks who do not know NDT's stuff should skip reading
this post, and should ignore the portion of my prior post
that addresses 'schizophrenia'. It was in-Error.


I started by adding some 'clarification', but ended-up
retracting my 'proposal'.

I've left my 'train-of-thought' as 'testimony' to how I
arrived at the need to RETRACT my 'proposal'.

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
news:5UsLb.9$q4.5 at newsread3.news.atl.earthlink.net...
> One more, correlated, thing:
> If I were to work, from a phamacological perspective,
> with respect to 'schizophrenia', I'd determinedly-explore
> sleeping-consciousness with the explicit emphasis upon
> looking for 'incompleteness' within the sleeping-consci-
> ousness experiential-total cross-correlation dynamics
> that are discussed below.
> This, because the symptomology of 'schizophrenia' is
> the very 'picture' of absence, or incompleteness, or
> erroneous-'completion', of this experiential-total cross-
> correlation stuff.
> It's the one 'thing' to which the symptomology of 'schizophrenia'
> is maximally-correlated. [It's a wide-spread, diffuse, all-
> permeating TD E/I(up) condition. Ever-present 'randomness',
> with respect to which waking-consciousness TD E/I-minimiza-
> tion cannot occur 'completely' [because there's just too much
> of it that's necessary as a result of the sleeping-consciousness
> experiential-total cross-correlation [integration] deficits.]
> So I'd investigate this stuff determinedly, and be surprised
> if I didn't find a way to assist folks who suffer such sleeping-
> consciousness information-processing deficits.
> Because sleeping-consciousness is, in fact, extremely-very-
> much-more stereotypically occuring than is waking-conscious
> information-processing, it's also the case that pharmacological
> intervention within sleep-consciousness' information-processing
> dynamics is more-likely to have success.
> Because of its inherent staged-cycling, sleeping-consciousness
> is much-more a 'mechanical' process than is waking-consciousness,
> and that makes attempts at pharmacological intervention more
> 'practical.

It's still a =Difficult= problem to approach pharmacologically,
though. All of the "functional multiplexing" difficulties are in-
there. And, in several ways, it is, in fact, a problem that's
more-difficult than the waking-consciousness problem. There's
no ongoing awareness-directed feedback - no opportunity to
query subjects in-process [although EEG, and other monitoring
approaches can [of course] be used. And the "supersystem
configuration" dynamics that occur during this sleeping-consci-
ousness experiential-total cross-correlation are, necessarily,
very complex - because they literally 'step-through' 'memory',
in a hierarchical fashion - and, therefore, somewhat 'dissimilar'
to the "system configuration" dynamics that occur in an on-
demand way with respect to waking experience. Sleeping-
consciousness' "supersystem configuration" dynamics are much-
more 'abstract' than waking-consciousness' supersystem
configuration dynamics. They are much-more 'machine'-like.

Therein exists the 'promise', though. The 'machine'-like super-
system configuration dynamics should be machine-like de-

It's the whole-memory 'addressing' problem that 'gives me
pause', though. It has to be a bit hierarchically-'strange'. It's
probably a =cumulative= 'addressing', and, if that's the case,
then, pharmacological interventions will tend to 'bounce-off'
that. That is, if the experiential-total cross-correlation deficits
have been long-building, then the pharmacological interven-
tions that eliminate the deficits will still leave subjects with
all of the deficit-condition-created "biological mass", and
all of its 'randomly'-ordered information-'processing' inertia.

Pharmacological intervention will 'bounce-off' of that.

But, if a pharmacological means of eliminating the deficit
is, in fact, achieved, then 'normal' sleeping-consciousness
experiential-total cross-correlation will(?) gradually eliminate
the 'randomness" ...?


I don't think so. Not alone. It'd also require Cognitive Therapy -
be-cause the 'randomness' is in-there in an activation-dependent
'mapping' of "experience" - so 'normal' sleep processing would
treat it as "experiential total", and maintain it ...?

I RETRACT my sleeping-conciousness pharmacological-approach
to treating 'schizophrenia' 'proposal'.

It won't work - for all the reasons that I've been discussing.

The analogous thing is do-able, but =only= through a Cognitive
approach that guides TD E/I-minimization through a conscious
understanding of how nervous systems process information,
and this reverts back to the discussion that's been in AoK, Ap8
all along ["industrial strength gentleness lever" - long-term, arduous,
teaching of TD E/I-minimizing interactive dynamics].

This be-cause the 'randomness'-encoding "biological mass" that's
been constructed since 'schizophrenic' onset cannot just be 'poofed-
away'. It has physically-real existence that physically-embodies
'addressing' - and it has to be unlearned ["rendered useless", AoK, Ap8]
and replaced by TD E/I-minimized "biological mass", all of which
consists of globally-integrated information-processing dynamics
that pharmacological approaches just cannot 'address'.

The take-home msg is that it's =important= to take sleep
=seriously= - to put all else aside, and devote one's self to sleep,
especially following 'periods' of sleep-deficit - to sleep-extra,
in order to catch-up with respect to experiential-total cross-correla-

It's 'funny'. I routinely 'push' these dynamics, yet I've just-as-
routinely, 'recovered' - the only 'difference' being, in my case,
that I knew NDT's stuff. Interesting.

Anyway, just the knowledge of what's going on during sleep
gives folks sufficient reason to take sleep seriously, no?


It's one of the things in NDT's stuff that Parents are going to be
able to easily-share with their Children, and, that alone, will make
a difference for the better.

'randomness' is best-eliminated 'up-front' - within the 'real-'time'
of the waking-sleeping cycling of consciousness, on an always-
on-going basis.

I Apologize for not fully-exploring the 'proposal' before I
posted it.

[It's 'funny' - as I've been writing, I've been 'watching' my nervous
system 'dig into the archives' of old-memory, and TD E/I-minimization
converging upon this better synthesis - an instance of neural-glia-
mediated whole-brain information-content-addressing supersystem
reconfiguration that was so rapid it's left me with a little [directly-
prefrontal] headache. Ah, the 'joys' of being alone :-] 'Normal' folks
can't have Fun like this [be-cause social prerequisites place demands
upon them that force all of this stuff to remain 'unconscious'].

So I do this stuff - for the Children.

k. p. collins

> [Note well: I'm =always= 'hesitant' to give folks who pursue
> pharmacological intervention any assistance - because they've
> 'just' not known what they've been doing, but I decided to
> share these insights because they provide an opportunity
> that just doesn't exist with respect to pharmacological inter-
> vention within waking-consciousness information-processing
> dynamics. But =do not= ab-use the stuff I've discussed here.
> =Do not= put 'profits' before the welfares of folks who are
> Suffering. Long and careful study, that holds folks who Suffer
> in it's 'heart', is necessary if what's discussed here is to bear
> fruit. Do not Transgress by seeking 'easy profits'. What's
> here is here because I'm putting it here, so I've Responsibility
> with respect to it. I'll expose any who ab-use it.]
> K. P. Collins
> "k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> > [...]

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