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Thu Jan 8 01:27:13 EST 2004

"Dag Stenberg" <dag.stenberg at nospam.helsinki.fi.invalid> wrote in message
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> k p  Collins <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote:
> > What's actually going-on in-there is directionally-mapped
> > 3-D energydynamics, ...
> Hi Ken,
> Nice New Year, isn't it?
> How can the brain be 3D if the universe is 4D?
> Dag Stenberg

Hi Dag,

I'm kind of 'numb' to 'new year' stuff this 'year'.

[I'm watching a couple of Washington 'insiders',
on PBS, as I write this, and my jaw is hanging
down that the views they are expressing have so
much influence in 'high'-places. I've rarely ex-
perienced such 'absence-of-understanding' having
such influence. They are just spouting inbred
nonsense - because, since they only interact
within their self-similar in-group, they just can't
see anything else.]

The universe isn't "4-D".

It's just plain-old 3-D.

There exists no such thing as 'time' within
physical reality.

What's been referred to as "time" is 'just'
a primitive way of addressing how energy
flows, always 'down-hill', over all.

To see this, all one has to do is set up a
set of ['perfectly smooth'] inclined planes
whose angles of inclination increase from
zero by one degree.

Place balls [hard, 'perfect spheres'] at the
elevated ends of each, release them, and
watch the balls roll down the inclined planes.

Galileo demonstrated that the 'mass' of
the balls doesn't matter, but the various
inclines are useful, because the balls roll
slower, on them, than they do if they are
simply dropped from the same height -
which is why Galileo used an inclined
plane while he investigated what's been
referred to as "gravity".

What one observes is that the ball on
the inclined plane having the greatest
angle of inclination [up to 89 degrees
[90 degrees yields 'free fall'] will move

One can use a 'clock' to 'time' the balls'
motions, but using a 'clock' is completely
unnecessary because using a 'clock' [in-
voking 'time'] doesn't alter the motions of
the balls. All that invoking 'time' does is
order discourse with respect to the balls'
motions - it allows folks to divide the balls'
motions into small segments so that they
can describe the balls' relative accelera-
tions [increase of velocity per 'second'].

But it's not necessary to use a 'clock', nor
is it necessary to invoke 'time', because
all that's happening is that the existing 'state'
[of any of the balls' motions'] is 'just' act-
ing in accord with the energy-gradient up-
on which it exists. The same thing always
happens whatever the 'state' of a balls'
motion is.

The =only= thing that determines any
change of 'state' is the energy-gradient [in
this case, the inclined planes' analogue of

Everything within physical reality happens
the same way with respect to energy grad-

'time' is just an ancient Error that's been
carried forward in an intergenerationally-
handed-down way ["must be genetic" :-]

So, physical reality is 'just' plain-old 3-D.

Part of the Fun I have while pursuing NDT's
and TH's stuff is the wealth of the re-working
of everything sans non-physically-real 'time'.
Doing so 'just' 'blows-away' all the impedi-
ments to understanding, and 'newness' is
always disclosed simultaneously. ["Newness",
being stuff that just couldn't be seen while
non-physically-real 'time' was being imposed
upon folks' views of physical reality, which
is [literally] analogous to placing a wall be-
tween one and what one proposes to 'see'.]

I had to "tear down that wall" in order to con-
tinue reifying NDT after AoK was written. [I'd
actually begun to do so before NDT was written,
but the old-long-since stuff's inertia, within me,
was strong, so I had to push a lot of energy in
the ol' noggin' lab before the realization that
there exists no such thing as 'time' within phys-
ical reality 'came-on-strongly' within my consci-
ousness [see the discussion of the relatively-
long 'time' [:-] courses of high-level information-
processing dynamics in AoK, Ap7. To alter
old, long-'familiar' "biological mass" [AoK, Ap5]
requires the doing of quantities of work that are,
literally, analogous to altering the inclinations of
the inclined planes, above, only, in the nervous
system  instance, what's analogous to the inclined-
plane's energy gradient is the quantity of work
that was formerly done in the creation of "bio-
logical mass" =and= the "biological mass" within
other nervous systems with which the first nerv-
ous system is in interaction. [I worked 'alone'
while developing both NDT and TH in order to
minimize the second [interactive] work-factor,
and have spent the last two 'decades' in devotion
to doing this interactive work. So the long 'time'
course is just due to the quantity of work inherent
in actually altering a lot of "biological mass".

It's necessary to eliminate 'time' as a variable
with respect to nervous system function because
invoking it 'veils' all the 3-D energydynamics to
which nervous system function reduces - in a
way that's exactly analogous to in the little in-
clined-plane discussion, above.

In nervous systems, every ion is literally like a
little ball on a little inclined plane.

I had to do the "Compton Refraction" stuff in
order to reify the actions of all the ions with
respect to the tuning of molecular 3-D energy-
dynamics.[Which is why I've been discussing
the Compton refraction stuff in a Neuroscience

The ions do not 'run on schedules'. They exist
when and where they exist, and get to where
they're going, within the nervous system, when
they get there.

That is, they are always, and everywhere, 'just'
3-D energy-gradients.

Seeing this is Necessary with respect to being
able to understand nervous system function be-
cause it's the ions' existing as 3-D energy-grad-
ients that imparts directionality to everything
that occurs within nervous systems.

That is, at any 'instant', everything within a nervous
system 'knows' how to move be-cause these 3-D
energydynamics do, in fact, exist in-there.

And it doesn't do any good to 'put a clock' on
anything, because everything moves in accord with
the 3-D energy-gradients.

'time' is superfluous.

I saw a show on my local PBS station, last night,
that provided a crude analogy. In 1936, there was
a Disaterous flood, in the general local where I now
live. It tore down most of the bridges that crossed
the Connecticut river to the north.

There was an undertaker who was called to pick
up a body, 14 miles away. Because the bridges
were out, he had to drive 214 miles to pick up the

This's analogous to what individual ions face with
respect to any specific possible 'cognition'. If "bio-
logical mass" has been created during the course
of nervous system function, that's a condition that's
analogous to there being 'bridges', and the ionic
conductances get their work done relatively-easily.

But, if no "biological mass" esists, or "biological
mass" that imposes a discordant 3-D energy-gradient
exists, then the ionic conductances have to 'take the
long way around' - and they get-there when they
get there, not on a 'schedule'.

Is this clear enough?

It's why it's Necessary to eliminate non-physically-
real 'time' before nervous system function can be

The "Compton Refraction" stuff from TH discloses
how the collective ionic 3-D energydynamics are
vectored [and, thereby, focussed] with respect to
the molecular 3-D energydynamics. Of course,
the molecular 3-D energydynamics are, themselves,
'just' more of the Compton refraction stuff, and are,
literally, analogous to 'just' more, albeit, highly-dynamic,
inclined planes. They are all 'just' 3-D energy-gradients.

The thing that unifies all of this is that everything
occurs in Deterministic accord with WDB2T.

After I began to see the Necessity with respect to
nervous system function, when I looked, I began to
see that the same is True with respect to all of physical

And I had a 'flood' of my own in the ol' noggin' lab.

Cheers, Dag, it was Good hearing from you, and
it has been in your Honor that I've worked to
discuss what's here.

You are in my 'heart', literally, having your own
"biological mass" in-there.

ken [k. p. collins]

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