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Neuroscience History

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Tue Jan 6 03:36:08 EST 2004

"A Distant Mirror for the Brain". by Carl Zimmer


Quoting from the =Science= article:

"In the late 1600s, neurology often served as a new
bottle for ancient wines.


Physicians sought to cure many psychological disorders
by bringing the humors back in balance"


"Even in 21st-century neuroscience, it's possible to see a
continuity with the work of Willis and his 17th-century

Sadly, the alchemist's 'quest' remains. The 'modern'
"everything is chemistry' approach is 'just' the ancient
presumption of 'humors', 'dressed-up in fancy clothes'.

What's actually going-on in-there is directionally-mapped
3-D energydynamics, with correlated directional-mapping
of 'affect', 'affect' being, at it's base, 'just' effector 'states'
that are, themselves, 'mapped' with respect to 'moving toward'
and 'moving away from' directionalities. That is, at its most-
fundamental 'level', 'affect' takes it's 'form' from, and actively
'mimmics' what happens in the musculature when the body
either 'movew toward' or 'moves away from' external ex-
periential 3-D energydynamics.

It's all a differential 'calculus' of Directionalities.

Everything else is 'hung upon' this fundamental stuff.

And the 'chemistry' is 'just' a 'toolkit' comprising 'just' another
of the internal 'languages' through which Directionality is
mapped within nervous systems.

Think about it.

Answer the question, "How to move?", and, in that answer
=everything= that nervous systems do is reified.

Think about it.

Even verbalization reduces to directional-activation of the
tongue, jaw, larynx, and diaphram, in which directionality is
embedded directionality with respect to the relationship that
has been 'momentarily' converged-upon via TD E/I-minimiza-
tion, which, in its resort to Topology is also 'just' "Direction".


Try to come up with =anything= of behavior that 'cannot' be
completely described in terms of directionally-mapped acti-
vation of the effectors.

'You' can't - because that's what behavior is.

And it's what nervous systems do.

In rigorous accord with WDB2T, which is, fundamentally,
what 'rewards' behavior - in a directionally-mapped way.

Neuroscience is 100% Directional 'Calculus'.

The Neurochemistry is 'just' a 'toolkit' with respect to
actualizing Directionality within nervous systems.

Yet, look at the 'modern' view - it's 'just' the ancient
'alchemist's veiw 'dressed up in fancy clothes' - folks =still=
looking for 'magic' in-there.

This happens be-cause the 'alchemist's view has been handed-
down from Teacher to Student since ancient 'times', and, since
it has been so, such has formed the 'template' for TD E/I-min-
imization - intergenerationally.

You know - it's all 'just' more prejudice toward the 'familiar'.

All 'just' 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, left uncompre-

Spit it out - "PTOFA".

It's Direction, Direction, Direction.

Everything within nervous systems, including molecular stuff,
is in-there for one purpose.


Please work to get a handle on this one thing.

And, if you 'doubt', =PLEASE= offer =anything=, from anything
within Neuroscience, as a point-of-disagreement.

I'll give 'you' Direction that will enable 'you' to see that it's Direction.

K. P. Collins

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