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The Neural 4-Space [was Re: Consciousness]

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Sat Jan 3 00:21:33 EST 2004

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> Hi Wolf.
> "Wolf Kirchmeir" <wwolfkir at sympatico.can> wrote in message
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> > On Wed, 31 Dec 2003 15:24:24 GMT, k p  Collins wrote:
> > [...]
> [...]

Basically, the Tests of TH that I discussed, in the post
linked-to above, all reduce to one thing - in TH, the
fact that dis-integrating SSW<->UES harmonics
release energy back into their local UES, and this
release of energy alters all observables.

I'll re-post the text of a msg that gives some fun-
background [it was first posted within a larger
context dealing with the "nonlinearity of perspective"
stuff that's referred to in a footnote [jump button]
of AoK, Ap6 [the one that discusses the "telephone
pole", "dump truck", and "merry-go-round" :-], so
the discussion re-posted here is 'incomplete', but
it's sufficient. It contains a Proof that all possible
replicable experimental that can be performed
within physical reality must conform to Tapered
Harmony's position.

I'll leave it at that, so folks can have the stimulation
of looking for the Proof.

But, if, after a few days, folks want the Proof
discussed explicitly, post a msg, and I'll do that.

[Re-reading this former post, tonight, caused me
to realize that I've been 'letting folks down'. I've
been discussing stuff that's Difficult as if folks
are already 'familiar' with it [already able to
comprehend it] - which tends not to work. For
that, I Apologize. [I tend to do this sort of thing
when I've been 'alone' with my work for too-long -
get deep-into-it, and Fail to build the necessary
'bridges' - which, it presently seems, I can do
nothing about. Maybe I'll try doing some offline
stuff for a while - go see a movie, spend some
'time' at a mall, 'pretending' I'm not 'alone' :-]
It's 'hard'. I've just a fixed allotment of $, and
no prospects after that - so I'm trying to 'stretch'-
it, and, because of that, I've not nurtured myself
sufficiently. The $ thing kind of transforms all the
self-nurturing ways that used to work quite well
into 'stressors' [which is something interesting to
experience - big insights into the Travails of folks
who 'exist' at the lower 'boundary' of 'survival' -
I'll have to take the Opportunity to Study this
circumstance] because, well, a penny spent,
'now', is a penny-sooner that the 'point' at which
I'll not be able to continue working [on my
Science] will happen.

[With respect to folk's Travails [as above], earlier
today, I saw a headline on the =Washington Post=
web site:


". Overtime Changes May Come in March"

I couldn't access the Article, but presume that it
refers to the 'legislation' that was snuck-through
[appended, stealthily, to another Bill [I read
about it in The =New York Times= when it
happened, but I was 'offline' when it did [it
was one of the reasons that I came back online,
but I'm only getting around to discussing it, now,
because the =WP= Article's headline reminded
me of it earlier today].

This 'legislation' not only 1. consigns low-pay work-
ers to a form of virtual 'enslavement', but 2. it will
also have a negative-impact upon service-Job

1., because businesses that employ minimum-wage
workers are run in ways that are'merciless' with re-
spect to those employees - because they know that
the employees are 'living' on the edge of survival.

The result will be that businesses will tend to take
=unfair= advantage of their minimum-wage employees.

I'm not saying it well-enough.

The employees will work their 'normal' hours, and
they'll be coersed into working more 'cheap' hours
because they are so on-the-edge-of-survival that
they cannot say "no" for fear of losing their Jobs.

It'll go badly all around - even to the 'point' of
inducing increased work-place violence, because
it will all be experienced as externally-imposed
long-term TD E/I(up) by the employees subjected
to it.

2. because, under the old Law, where employers
had to pay 'time'-and-a-half wages to employees
who work more than 40 hours, employers were
stimulated to hire additional workers to avoid
having to pay the over-'time' rates.

Under the new 'law', employers will be 'stimulated'
to stop hiring these extra workers. [This will occur
as a "release inversion", as is discussed in AoK, Ap4.]

So, overall, the workers with minimum-wage jobs
will get 'hammered', on-the-job stress will augment
which will also have ramifications with respect to
quality of service that's rendered, which - it's
'funny' - will have 'just'-the-opposite effect upon
businesses' Profits - and will make it even more-
difficult for minimum-wage workers to find employ-

It's lose-all-around, and, I expect, this new 'law',
born of 'profit'-seeking Greed, will be Recognized
as Pour-Business-Practice, and be Repealed.

And I hope Folks-of-Conscience will Speed that

Minimum-wage Workers are =already= Hard-

I mean, =look= at the Unequalness that 'powerful
folks are imposing upon the 'powerless'.

It's an Organized-Crime against the Spirit of The
Declaration Of Independence - you know, "We
hold these truths to be self evident, all men are
created equal..."

This new 'law' is a veritible 'declaration of depend-
ence', imposed upon folks who just have no Voice
in Government.

It's a flat-out Denial of the Spirit of America.

Greed run Amok.

Peewwwuuueee, =STINK= !!!

Anyway, here's the re-post of the former discussion
[see if 'you' can discern the Proof]:

From: "KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net>
Subject: Re: The Black-Body Power Spectrum [was: Re: 'gravity' [___]]
Date: Saturday, October 11, 2003 3:59 AM

Clarifying discussion below.

"KP_PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:Mhrhb.175006$3o3.12934736 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| These are some of the 'notes' in
| the black body QBasic [tm MS]
| app.
| Further discussion below.
| [...]
| | DISCUSSION from tapered
| | Harmony's view ---------------------
| |
| | To see what's in the BB power
| | spectrum, and why it behaves
| | as it does, requires the Compton
| | Refraction QBasic app that
| | I posted in the bionet.neuroscience
| | [b.n] Internet newsgroup during the
| | winter of 2001-2002 [and which I'll
| | re-post in that NG today, along with
| | this app].
| | What's happening in the BB power
| | spectrum is 'just' the Compton
| | Refraction stuff =in combination= with
| | the NL-P as I've discussed it in b.n in
| | recent weeks.
| | I wrote this app several years ago, and,
| | today, have 'hacked' and tweaked it.
| | Three steps remain. The first shows the
| | NL-P 'compression' inherent in the BB
| | power spectrum - the 'left-shifting' of the
| | Continuous spectrum's max-power
| | toward the high-frequency 'end' of the
| | spectrum.
| | This 'left-shifting' is very-important
| | from the perspective of the Classical
| | [Rayleigh-Jeans] view on the BB
| | power spectrum. In the 'left-shifted'
| | 'compression', one is able to literally
| | See the 'infinity' that is pointed to by
| | the R-J approach to the BB power
| | spectrum. That is, the 'left-shifting'
| | occurs as a nonlinear function of
| | TempK, so, if the black body didn't
| | melt-down before TempK was raised
| | beyond a limit that occurs as a function
| | of the material out of which a black
| | body is construct-ed, this 'left-shifting'
| | would proceed to 'infinity'. More on
| | this below.
| | The BB power spectrum drops-off at
| | high frequencies BE-CAUSE the
| | Compton Refraction dynamics that
| | are inherent [in the SSW<->UES
| | harmonics of which the black body is
| | comprised] are forced, by TempK
| | increments, to experience the NL-P
| | in their Compton Refraction dynamics.
| | That is, as frequency increases, the
| | Compton Refraction dynamics
| | experience a rapidly-augmenting
| | nonlinear variance, and this 'spreads'
| | the high-frequency power back into
| | lower-frequency 'ranges' [nonlinearly].
| | This's is literally Observable in the
| | high-frequency 'compression'
| | discussed above, and is a Standard
| | feature of =all= [forced] vibrating 'sys-
| | tems'  having nonlinear restoring forces -
| | which is exactly what the SSW<->UES
| | harmonics are [as I've reiteratively-
| | discussed over the course of the past
| | decade in b.n, and before that, in
| | other online 'places'].
| | In addition to the primary NL-P, the
| | agumenting of TempK forces
| | convergence upon sub-harmonics
| | which instantiate 2nd-order NL-P's,
| | and which further spread the high-
| | frequency of the black body power
| | spectrum into lower-frequency
| | 'ranges'. These sub-harmonics'
| | NL-P energydynamics are NL-P's
| | within the primary NL-P, and are
| | the physical wellsprings of the line
| | spectra of the elements. Their
| | nonlinear 'spreading| into lower-
| | frequency 'ranges| can literally be
| | Observed in the so-called "spectral
| | series" through which elemental-
| | analysis is carried-out.

These sub-harmonics arise, Determin-
istically, out of the SSW<->UES
harmonics' NL-P 'compression'-'ex-
pansion' energydynamics be-cause,
as TempK increases, the primary
NL-P and the local WDB2T NL-P both
become proportionately [to the TempK
increase] more-nonlinear.

The result is that, in the high-frequency
'portion' of the BB spectrum, where the
ratio of the 'spherical' 'contained' energy
volume to its 'spherical' surface-area, with
accelerating-rapidity [accelerating energy-
gradient pno 'time']], tends toward 'infinity',
the energy 'piles-up' be-cause there's an
internal ephemerance differential - the
inner 'shell' in this "nucleation" phase of
the SSW<->UES harmonics is more-en-
ergy-dense than is the next-outter 'shell'
[there aren't any actual "shells". I'm just
using "`shell`" to idealize the Maths - so
folks can follow and know what region of
the harmonics I'm talking about] and a
condition in which it becomes easier for
energy to move outwardly, rather than
continuing to nonlinearly-'pile-up', inwardly,
is instantiated.

The energy that is "emitted" as the spectral
lines results from these NL-P energy-'pile-
ups', and has frequency that Derives, De-
terministically, in the 'spherical' Vol/S-A
ratio [in TH "VAR" - "volume Area Ratio"].

Most of this is calculated in the various
QBasic apps I've posted over the years.

It's most-easily observed in the simplest
versions of the 'spherical'-Geometry apps,
which actually show the energy-density
increase as it derives in the NL-P vari-
ation of the spherical Geometry.

I've not yet explicitly shown in any of these
apps is the NL-P ephemerance variation
that's discussed above, cross-correlating
it to the spectral lines, but I can say, with
Certainty, that it occurs as above.

[I'll see if I have an app that I can 'hack' and
post so folks can see what's discussed above
more easily.]

The spectral lines occur as energy-'density'
wave dynamics. he frequency-shifting that
happens in both the black body power spec-
trum and line spectra are easily seen to
Derive, Deterministically, in the NL-P 'com-
pression'<->'expansion' dynamics inherent
in the SSW<->UES harmonics.

The line spectra for different elements oc-
cur 'uniquely'-per-element be-cause there is
a different quantity of energy 'trapped within'
each of their SSWs. This energy-'trapping'-
quantity-'parcelization' is also a purely
wave<->wave energydynamic, and occurs
as above, except that the NL-P 'piling-up'
is between the SSW and the UES.

Tonight, I'm 'excited' because I can, for the
first 'time', See how to Calculate this, Exactly,
for =all= of the isotopes, from the simple
spherical Geometry. The Calculation is
Exactly as I've described it above.

I'll make it doing it in a QBasic app
another Winter-'time' project so it'll be
easier for folks to See.

"My cup runeth over" - NL-P-ly :-]

So much Beauty, with which to 'dance',
that I've got to write in-between-the-lines
on my 'dance-card'.

Anyway, what's here will Stand for all 'time',
even as WDB2T continues to unfold - the
Calcs all 'just' go-with that energy-flow,
adjusting themselves in Rigorous accord
with WDB2T.


kpc [K. P. Collins]

| This's also the physical reality that
| underpins the distribution of the
| isotopes that's shown on my web
| site:
| http://home.att.net/~k.p.collins/wsb/html/view.cgi-home.html-.html
| That is, the Natural distribution of
| the isotopes Derives in this same
| nonlinear 'spreading' which distrib-
| utes the isotopes in an inter-mingling
| way that literally 'mimmics' the 'spread-
| ing' of the high-frequency black body
| power spectrum into lower-frequency
| 'ranges'.
| The NL-P imposes this "fractal-like"
| repetitiveness at =all= scales within
| physical reality.
| All of this is in the "Abundance on Wings"
| plot, which also discloses Why the 'stable'
| natural abundances occur as they do.
| The natural abundances all correspond
| to minimally-'stressed' NL-P's.
| | The production of these sub-
| | harmonics is also the physical Why
| | which underpins so-called "phase
| | transitions". For instance, as
| | convergence upon sub-harmonics
| | augment [NL-P-ly], the net energy-
| | content of an SSW<->UES harmonic
| | becomes nonlinearly-'partitioned'
| via the wave<->wave energy
| =thresholding= energydynamics that
| I've discussed over the years.
| | which Results [through direct Cause
| | of the NL-P energydynamics being
| | discussed], in nonlinearly-increasing
| | 'instability' in the SSW<->UES
| | harmonic's 'capacity' for sharing the
| | UES with neighboring SSW<->UES
| | harmonics - so the 'matter' goes-
| | 'liquid'. This's literally a nonlinear-
| | interaction-energy-deficit condition in
| | which energy is temporarily forced
| | back into the UES, relative to the
| | one-way flow of energy from order to
| | dis-order that is what's =described=
| | by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T] Universal
| 'instantaneous' Tendency.
| These energydynamics occur within
| the energy<->matter [matter<->energy]
| phase transition 'fringes' of the
| SSW<->UES harmonics'
| 'compression'<->'expansion' dynamics.
| What's happening is that WDB2T
| augments as TempK augments.
| The outward flow of energy from the
| SSW<->UES harmonics becomes
| increasingly-greater than the inward
| flow of energy into the SSW<->UES
| harmonics [which inward and outward
| energy-flows, as I've discussed
| over the years, occur as a function of
| the local UES 'pressure'. 'Contain-
| ment' happens be-cause, during some
| creation violence [in the depths of stars,
| etc.], more energy becomes 'trapped'
| within an SSW<->UES harmonic [with-
| in an 'atom'] than can escape through
| the surface-area of the SSW without
| exceeding the local UES-flow rate that
| is WDB2T. 'Containment' happens,
| even though the outward flow exceeds
| the inward flow be-cause the 'containment'
| threshold is way-way-way nonlinear,
| with the UES being way-way-way dom-
| inant.
| "radioactive decay" occurs as a function
| of this inward-outward energy-flow dif-
| ferential, and is accelerating as a function
| of the expansion of the Universe.
| All these things are what "WDB2T" is.
| | It's =all= the One Universal energy-
| | dynamic.
| | The other two steps in this app trace
| | the black body power spectrum, the
| | first of thise, in a line plot that also
| | shows the high-frequency power-
| | drop-off 'inverted', which gives a
| | 'measure' of the high-frequency
| | 'spreading' of power into lower-
| | frequency 'ranges' that was
| | discussed above.
| | The last step plots the black body
| | power spectrum as a pseudo
| | SSW<->UES harmonic. Doing
| | this is useful because it presents
| | a visual 'movie| of the NL-P variance
| | that maps directly into the Compton
| | Refraction energydynamics that are
| | rigorously depicted in the other
| | QBasic app that I'm posting in b.n
| | [again] today.
| The thing to observe in this "circle
| movie" is the high-frequency to low-
| frequency 'volume'-variation differen-
| tial.
| The high-frequency 'collapse' is
| much-more-'rapid' than the low-fre-
| quency 'balooning'.
| This depicts the underpinning NL-P
| which is what determines the high-
| frequency spreading of the BB power
| spectrum into lower-frequency 'ranges' -
| and Why it occurs as it does.
| These dynamics map directly [and
| Rigorously] into the Compton Refraction
| dynamics that are calculated in the other
| QBasic app.
| What's depicted in this circle plot is the
| way that the energydynamics render the
| Compton Refraction, itself, nonlinear,
| which 'shifts' the energy-thresholding
| dynamics, which distributes the high-
| frequency BB power into lower-freq-
| uency 'ranges', and 'left-shifts' the BB
| power max, continuously, as TempK
| increases.
| | To See it all requires a melding of
| | the stuff that's presented in =both=
| | apps.
| Which is what I've discussed above.
| [...]
| Another experiment that 'you' =really=
| have to do.
| When I went over to mow Dad's lawn
| this afternoon, the grass was pretty-high,
| but I had my trusty Honda [tm] Harmony [tm]
| mower that has a hydrostatic transmission
| [I bought it for Dad when I was actually gainfully
| employed]. It has a Hydrostatic [tm?] transmis-
| sion - so I could vary its forward nonlinearly :-]
| when the grass got thick.
| The NL-P is everywhere.
| Then, because it was probably the last 'time'
| I'll use it this year, I washed the mower care-
| fully, leaving it running as I did so [so any
| water that splashed into places where it's
| better for water not to go would evaporate -
| WDB2T you know].
| And that's when the 'experiment' showed
| itself to me.
| There was water collected in a shallow
| 'well' on the top of the nower-deck. It was
| about 1/4-inch deep. The mower was
| running at full-power, and water-'oscillons'
| formed on it's 'surface'.
| These water-'oscillons' were =SPECTACULAR=,
| looking like all kinds of 'rigid' geometrical
| shapes.
| On another area of the mower deck, where
| the water was shallower, thewater formed
| what looked like a 'sheet' of fractured glass,
| with the 'fractures' being extremely-stable.
| What was happening was that the mower's
| vibrations were driving the water nonlinearly,
| which resulted in =Exactly= the same sort of
| nonlinear energy spreading into lower-freq-
| uency 'ranges' that I discussed in the BB
| app's 'notes' [TGLk :-]
| =Do= this experiment. It's =easy= to do, and
| it's Observables are spectacular.
| Have 'you' ever 'wondered', as I have Why
| body temp is so-routinely 98.6. I'm aware that
| 'normal' body temp varies, a bit, but the common-
| place precise replication of "98.6" has always
| 'intrigued' me.
| Today, I realized that theNL-P dynamics that
| I've been discussing here in b.n are Probably
| what underpins evolutionary dynamics' con-
| vergence upon "98.6"-'precision' and "fever"
| energy-dynamics.
| The 'precise' body temp is, itself, a Dependency
| of Human-Life be-cause(?) it's part of the NL-P
| tuning of the Compton Refraction dynamics
| upon which Human-Life Depends(?).
| You know - it's not 'just' 'molecules'. It's molecules
| under forced-NL-P-tuning via body temp - as above
| [and in the QBasic apps].
| The body raises it's temperature be-cause(?)
| doing so taps-into the TempK-driven NL-P
| energydynamics discussed above, and this
| imposes dis-order upon dis-ease agents'
| energydynamics - alters their 'Coulomb force'
| [DNA-RNA] tuning dynamics away from their
| natural tendencies.
| Which makes me want to explore "nano-heat"
| treatments. Perhaps exothermic pharmaceut-
| icals should be explored? You know - attach
| them to molecular-seeking agents that 'target'
| dis-ease biochemistry - where they'll raise
| TempK, thereby, nonlinearly spreading the
| energydynamics upon which the dis-ease
| agents depend for their viabilities into low-
| er-frequency 'ranges'.
| You know - "impose dis-order" upon the dis-
| ease agent's molecular-'level' energydynamics,
| and that will render the dis-ease agents non-
| [or less-] functional(?)
| It's as a flood today :-]
| Anyway, Tapered Harmony subsumes
| 'quantum mechanics' - whole - by extend-
| ing theory into a 100% NL-P 'realm' which
| is commensurate with the fact that there is
| nothing within physical reality which is
| actually 'linear' [which is a direct Consequence
| of the nonlinearity inherent in the universal
| energy-flow that is WDB2T].
| It's the thing that's kept me 'alone'. Since a
| Child, I've been able to do nonlinear differential
| calculations in the ol' noggin' lab [my view is
|  that =everyone can, because its what nervous
| systems innately do - but, since a Child, I paid-
| Attention to being able to do it]  - and I Saw that,
| because I can, it fell to me to do some stuff -
| which is NDT & TH - which left me with little
| 'time' for 'normal' Living.
| But I'm hoping that this BB discussion is
| sufficiently-clear to folks that some folks
| will want to meet with me in-person to discuss
| more.
| That would allow some 'room' in my Life
| for doing 'normal' stuff - which would be
| Welcome.
| Anyway ^ 2, I told you so - that there was "99%"
| remaining to be Communicated.
| I'm working on "whittling" that percentage
| down - in case it actually is the case that I'll
| starve to Death - trying to leave enough Truth
| behind, if it comes to that.
| Oh yea - the kitchen-sink - I purchased a
| 25-foot pipe-'snake' the other day. Today,
| I used it on the sink. I've got it in-there ~17-
| 18 feet, and the drain's still clogged. The
| pipe runs in the wall of my trailer, so, to
| work on the pipes, I've got to tear the wall
| down.
| I'm thinking I'll just eat sandwhiches on
| paper plates :-]
| Then, later today, the water main broke on
| the street where I live :-]
| [I 'detected' it earlier in the 'refusal' of my
| phone line to remain connected - the lines
| are underground - must've gotten soaked-
| through, because the line was way-static-y.
| [I tried to post the HTML version of the Compton
| Refraction app within minutes of posting the
| text version, but couldn't modem-sync [which
| is another easily-observed NL-P thing, BTW :]]

K. P. Collins

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