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Fri Jan 2 12:56:50 EST 2004

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I'll continue to discuss Difficult stuff, so, if you don't
want to consider such, don't continue reading.

When Jesus said:

"First take the log out of your own eye so that
you can, then, see to remove the speck from
your neighbor's eye.",

He was referring directly to the dynamics of
"Prejudice TOward the FAmiliar" [PTOFA]
as they arer discussed in AoK, and, more-
generally, in NDT.

"Oh sure." ...?


Jesus was directly addressing the correlated
wellspring of "man's inhumanity to man", and,
gently, lifting Humanity up above PTOFA.

He was getting The Transformation to our
Becoming-Truly-Human Started.

In this post, I'll discuss a bit of what's entailed,
using my own experience as a 'jumping-off'

Folks who've been reading the stuff I've posted
here in b.n over the course of the last decade+
are familiar with the way that I've posted discus-
sion after discussion that advances the Science,
and with the fact that, despite all this, I've only
become ever-more 'ostracized' while the work
I've done has been routinely 'borrowed' by others.

It's be-cause I've done what I've done 'without'


It's what Jesus was addressing when He said:

"Those who have will receive more, and those
who have not will have even what they have
taken away from them."

The easiest way to get into the rather-deep
stuff inherent is for me to share some of my
memories of my Father.

My Father was a Hugely-Giving man, but
his early experience had left him personally-
devastated. He Gave without-limit, but
always in a way that was conformed to the
experiential dynamics that had left him
personally 'devastated.

He'd give and give, but, in his giving, he'd
always reflect his personal 'devastation' in
ways that left us experiencing TD E/I(up).

The result was that, althogh he was always
there for us - a Veritable-Rock-of-Stability
that could =always= be Depended-upon,
it was always as if we were 'in a struggle'
with him. And we routinely 'moved away
from' him - because we'd receive his Complete-
Dependability, but always with the correlated
'burden' of experiencing TD E/I(up).

[Forgive me, Please, Dad. I Love you, and
Thank You for all you did for us. All of my
Life has been spent in working to Un-do the
stuff that was Terrible in your early experience.
I Learned to "grab the bull by the horns" from
you, and am Grateful to you that I did. And I
Miss you, achingly.]

It's 'funny' how it goes.

My Father's devastation precipitated my own

It took the form of withholding acknowledge-
ment. No matter what I did, my Father would
always  'find-flaw' in it.

He was 'competitive' in that way.

He experienced any 'success' I had as a sort
of 'condemnation' of himself, and, rather than
acknowledge it, he'd routinely' 'put-it-down' -
'ridicule' it.

It took me a long 'time' to figure out what was
actually going on 'between' us.

My Father was a =Brilliant= man, but he'd been
'trapped' within personal circumstances beyond
his control, and from which he could not escape.

Basically, in our interaction, we were 'at-war',
each of us routinely 'devaluing' the Worth of
anything that the other Accomplished.

I acted in ways that were, supposedly, 'above
all of this', 'praising' him for this or that thing that
he'd done for the amily, but I 'knew' that, by taking
such a 'superior attitude' - one that he 'could not'
take - because it was just too-painful for him to
traverse from his early experience to being able
to experience 'the praise' as Praise - that I was
just 'giving-it-back' to him as he routinely did to

"The Golden Rule", inverted.

It's a Sorrow to disclose all of this, because I
Loved him, and Remember him Lovingly.

I just couldn't Share such with him while he
was alive - 'because', every 'time' I tried to,
he'd turn it 'inside-out, upside-down, and back-
ward', and I'd end up feeling 'miserable'.

He did it because it was his way of 'feeling
triumphant' - his way of 'affirming' his 'self' -
his way of 'affirming' his world-view.

He 'could not' actually Acknowledge my 'worth'
'because' doing so would undermine his 'world-

Why am I getting into all of this, here?

In my interactions with folks, here in b.n, I've been
just like him, and I've known that it was so all

I've written about it in long-former posts - being
'lost' before I even learned to talk. And, like my
Father before me, I've been unable to 'escape'.

What am I getting at, here?

It's an Admission.

I've gone on and on about how I "long" for "acceptance",
all the while behaving in ways that I knew would assure
that I'd not be "accepted".

Which goes back to the self-awareness in which I under-
took the development of NDT's understanding.

I knew I was 'dead', so, knowing that I was 'dead',
why not take-advantage of that?

I mean, since there was nothing left that could actually
be taken away from me - it'd all been taken before I
even learned to talk - I was Free to do whatever
Needed to be done.

And, like my Father before me, my way of 'creating
the space' in which to do stuff is to 'push everyone
aside' in ways that assure that folks'll feel no 'obligation'
to me.

There's Love in it, but it's strongly-'masked'.

Love, because what needs to be done just needs to
be done, but the doing is Hard.

So, like my Father before me, I 'pushed folks away'
so I could do what needed to be done - 'unencumbered'
by folks 'expectations'.

And, like my Father before me, I did what needed to
be done.

Only, like my Father before me, there can be no
'acknowledgement' - because, after all, it was he who
'pushed me away from; him, and it was I who "pushed
'you' away from" me.

It's a Giving that has, inherent in it, no 'expectation' of
receiving anything in return.

Enough on this?

Folks didn't "`move away from`" me.

I've routinely =pushed= folks 'away from' me.

There's Love in it, as there was in my Father's way of
Caring for me - for his Family.

It's just Hard to see until 'after the dust settles'.

I'm getting into all of this, not because I 'want' to
'trash' myself, but in order to go-first.

You see, the same sort of thing occurs routinely
at all scales of Human interactive dynamics.

It's what PTOFA does to all Humans right across
the board, from the 'level' of inter-personal inter-
active dynamics to the 'level' of inter-national
interactive dynamics.

There's 'always' this same sort of seeking-of-ad-
vantage with respect to 'self' that derives in
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

And the 'result' of such is always the 'same'.

Folks attend to the relative behavioral directionalities
that are always right-there-to-see, and literally calculate
them upon their experientially-determined "internal frame
of references`" 'coordinate system' [as is discussed in
AoK, Ap4 with respect to "the continuum of relative
familiarities", only in 4-D - all in terms of abstract
TD E/I, rather than 'information-content'.

It's all a Huge Charade, in which folks "say one thing"
while "doing another".

Folks for instance, 'say' they're "fighting a global war
against terrorism", while what they're actually "doing"
is seeking-advantage with respect to 'self' - with re-
spect to 'blindly' and automatically achieving experientially-
determined TD E/I within =their own= nervous systems -
which, in the present example, might take the form of
'assuring an oil supply', or 'assuring that others will not
be left with a means to attack' experientially-defined 'self',
of 'assuring that this or that 'familiar' economic practice
will remain viable', etc.

It's all a Huge Charde in which the only thing that's happen-
ing is as a 'war' with respect to 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-

It's what's rendered-observable, for instance, when I go to
a 'new'-to-me Journalist, give him the means to call around,
and =always= see the 'stock market' nose-dive.

The scramble to seek-advantage with respect to 'self' that
constitutes 'insider's 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
'precautions' with respect to their becoming aware that "He's
gotten someone to listen to him!".



It's what Jesus was talking about when He said:

"Those who have will receive more, and those
who have not will have even what they have
taken away from them."


Think about it in the context of the international
interactive dynamics that are occurring these 'days'.

Everywhere one looks, all one sees is folks having
what they have being taken away from them.

There's Huge-Abundance, but almost all of it is
going to Waste because all of the 'self'-seeking
efforts to achieve 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
are 'just' 'consuming' it.

It costs so much to 'wage-war' that there's almost
nothing left, from what is, in fact, a Huge-Abundance,
to just Live.

To see it, one has to stand-back, a bit, and look at
it through the 'lens' of History, while simultaneously
keeping the Future in-mind.

When one does so, one sees, clearly, that 'today's
common-place necessary precautions are without
precedent in History, and that actions presently being
taken in 'blindly'-automated efforts to 'actualize' 'self'
are sucking the Life out of the Future - especially
here in the U. S. A. where the National Debt is
inflating-acceleratingly. ["Oh, that. The future will take
care of that." No, it will 'take-care-of' the Future. It's
just simple Arithmetic, after all.]

So, see?

It's just like Jesus said when He said:

"Those who have will receive more, and those
who have not will have even what they have
taken away from them."

What was Jesus talking about "having" and "receiving"?

Understanding with respect to the Consequences
inherent in 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

I spent all of my 'life' 'at war' with my Father - saying
that I was 'trying' to win his 'approval', while actually
assuring that he'd not give it to me.

I've done the 'same' in my 'interaction' with folks here
in b.n.

Only, here in b.n, it's been as a Demonstration - meant
to render 'the beast', "abstract ignorance", and what it
does within us, Visible.

You know - "Don't respond" [but, hopefully, do Learn].

It was out of His understanding of the way 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization Ravages folks that
Jesus said:

"First take the log out of your own eye so that
you can, then, see to remove the speck from
your neighbor's eye."

First, understand how 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization within your 'self' Dictates Savagery,
=then= seek =mutual= benefit in your interactions
with others.

The absence-of-understanding with respect to
how and why nervous systems process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization is the
"speck" which prevents us from seeing what we are
doing to ourselves and to others, and, in the twain,
to Humanity itself.

[What's here should be much-more than it it. It's
a 'Fearsome' thing to go-directly-to-the-heart of
the matter, and I 'sense' that I've not done so adequately,
but, if 'you' have read what's here, I hope that 'you' will
transform it within 'your' own good noggin' labs, and
act upon it within the stuff of 'your' Lives.

The Future of Humanity Depends upon this one thing.]

K. P. Collins

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