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The Neural 4-Space [was Re: Consciousness]

k p Collins kpaulc at [----------]earthlink.net
Thu Jan 1 12:19:21 EST 2004

Please Forgive me for adding to this already lengthy discussion.

There's Worth in keeping it together.

But it's the most-Difficult stuff that I've ever discussed,
so be aware of that if you're going to read, and consider,
what's here.

"k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> After calling myself to task, another take on things that
> I discussed in my last post.
> "k p Collins" <kpaulc@[----------]earthlink.net> wrote in message
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> > I'm Trying to care, Peter, I really am, but am 'shell-shocked'
> > from all the Caring that's arisen within me - for naught.
> "Blah, blah, blah."
> So what?
> > It's a 'Dying', each 'time' one witnesses the stuff one's done-
> > from-his 'heart' being ab-used.
> "Blah, blah, blah."
> So what?
> > So it seems my Spirit is resigned to 'getting-published' in
> > the names of others.
> I'm not "resigned" to such.
> It's just what's happening.
> And there isn't anything I can do about it.
> Or anything that I care to do about it.
> It's some Truly-Difficult stuff, as I'll discuss, further, below.
> > What I'm left with is the Crushing-Burden stuff, upon which
> > I cannot 'turn-my-back', even though, 'time' after 'time' after
> > 'time', 'professionals' have just walked-off with the 'blossoms'.
> I Love doing the "Crushing-Burden stuff", anyway.
> Just wish I could earn a decent - or meager - living through
> doing it.
> > I'm Trying to Care, Peter.
> >
> > I really am.
> I =really= am.
> > [...]
> > "Peter F." <effectivespamblock at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
> > news:OzDIb.388$EM4.7612 at nnrp1.ozemail.com.au...

> > > Hi Ken
> > >
> > > There is not much meat in this your reply.
> > >
> > > Have you out-lined Tapered Harmony in a similarly
> > > compact way to NTD? If you have (or eventually will
> > > have) could you please email me it as an attachment
> > > (or even better make it available for all as a webpage)?
> >
> > Not yet. It's because my work in Physics has always
> > been as Play.
> >
> > I just been doing it, since a Child, for the Pleasure of
> > it, and the old, long-familiar way of this play still permeates
> > the doing.

PTOFA - I've 'moved away from' transitioning to accepted

It's not without Reason. As I've discussed repeatedly in
the past, it's pretty-much always been obvious to me that
'joining the club' of 'accepted practice' comes at a high price -
the 'membership dues' are 'two'-dear. 'joining' coerces one
with respect to what it is that is 'acceptable' to see.

'joining' coerces 'blindness' upon one.

So, there's real-Difficulty inherent.

'because' I've 'moved away from' 'joining' - seeing, "What's
the use of 'joining', if 'joining' only makes one 'blind'? - the
result is that folks who've 'joined' are 'blind' to what I can
see because I've carefully remained 'apart', so as to remain
able to see, and, so, see what they've been coersed into
not being able to see.

And there it is - "abstract ignorance", Determining every-
thing - including my own 'worldly-destitution'.

There's a simple 'solution' that's 'open' to me. It would be
to just begin a renewed reading of the Literature, commenting
upon all that I read. As I've explained in the past, however,
there's a Huge downside to that. It'd 'close doors'.

Think about it's being 'your' paper, or book, that was in-
volved. It's full of 'blindness' [Forgive me, Please], and
that'd be exposed.

So, wanting not to 'close any doors', I've pursued this online

It was really a Decision, made decades ago, in the midst
of my early experiencing of the 'steamroller'-way of what's
coersed upon 'members' of 'the club'. You know - the way
in which 'unfamiliar' ideas are 'just' 'brushed-aside'.

Somewhere, at that 'time', I saw that, before I'd be able to
do the Science, I'd have to elevate folks consciousnesses
with respect to this automatic 'moving away from' anything
that they didn't already know.

[Think about it. What is the only thing that can follow from
automated 'moving away from' what's not already known?
Absence-of-growth of understanding.]

So, it's why I've not 'joined the club'. The work that fell to
me to do was [is] 'at-odds' with 'expectations' that come
with 'membership'.

But, it's a Sorrow to me, somewhere along the line, I 'moved
away from' fighting this Good-Fight, and 'moving toward' an
'entrenched' sort of stubbornness with respect to the Savagery
that I encountered in-there.

This sort of thing 'sneaks-up' on one, and, gradually, one is
'transformed' from Innocent to 'soldier-in-a-war', and one's
behavior literally becomes more and more 'warlike'.

And, in allowing that to happen, the Good that one could've
done becomes 'lost'.

"He who saves his life will lose it."

It's all so interesting. I've been exploring all of this for a long
'time', now, 'poking', prodding' - feeling it.

It's 'pretty'-much an automated 'program' that exists within
all Humans, and which is 'triggered', not in accord with informa-
tion content, but solely with respect to relative TD E/I.

It's the stuff that's discussed in the section of AoK, Ap5 that
treats amygdalar functionality.

AoK, Ap7 discusses how "prefrontal constellations" can
override the lower-'level' amygdalar "supersystem config-
uration" mechanism, but, clearly, at least in instances of
long-enduring relatively-high TD E/I, it's the other way
around - the lower-'level' mechanism 'overrides' the higher-
'level' mechanism. It's not really an "overriding". It's more
of a just-being-in-there as the higher-'level' mechanism's
functionality is weakened be-cause the elevated TD E/I
has, in fact, endured so long that all that it encodes is
relatively-'random' stuff that's correlated to the TD E/I(up)
to which it's been subjected.


Jesus was talking with Awesome Understanding of all of this
stuff when He said:

"He who saves his life will lose it."

The lower-'level' mechanism functions with specific regard to
'survival' - 'fight'/'flight'.

But look what it does - its functionality =always= either
'abdicates' Free Will, or imposes TD E/I(up) upon others.


The former 'moves away from' what one's higher-'level'
"supersystem configuration" mechanism [AoK, Ap7;
volition] has converged upon as needing doing. In its impos-
ing of TD E/I(up) upon others, the latter "sows the seeds of
its own wearing of chains" [A. Lincoln], because the others,
having experienced TD E/I(up) being so imposed upon them
will 'recognize' its source - the one who imposed it - as
'needing' to be 'moved away from' - this's all 'blindly'-
automated as a consequence of the innate [sans-experience]
interconnectedness inherent in the neural Topology - the
be-acted-upon<->act directionalities are all 'just' built-right-
into nervous systems' "internal frames of references [IFRs],
and, so, 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization 'blindly'
and automatically converges upon the direction in which
to 'move away from' the external source of the TD E/I(up)
that's been imposed.

Which leaves the imposer-of-TD E/I(up) 'moved away
from" - and 'alone'.

"He who saves his life will lose it."

There's a profoundly-Tragic Difficulty inherent, however.

The same-stuff will tend strongly to happen with respect to
any and all relatively-'unfamiliar' stuff - as is discussed in AoK,
simply because the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms have
been able to do only relatively-less information-processing
work with respect to it.

Do 'you' see the profound Tragedy inherent?

Even the stuff that can be of great Worth to folks in their
Living will be 'moved away from' if it's 'just' relatively-un-

Left to that which is innate within it, if a nervous system is
relatively 'unfamiliar' with it, the nervous system will direct
the behavior of its host organism in ways that tend to 'move
away from' even that upon which its host organism's
survival is dependent.

Jesus addressed such succinctly:

"He who saves his life will lose it."

Jesus was looking right down into the neural dynamics, and
saying it plainly.

My jaw hangs down at seeing that it's so.

Anyway, what fell to me to do has been within this 'realm'
of relatively-'unfamiliar' things with respect to which nervous
systems tend, strongly, to 'move away from', but, upon which,
folks' survival, nevertheless, depends.

What's a man to do?

If he 'moves away from' the doing, he's, literally, relegating
others to Suffering and Death - all manner of 'blindly'-and-
automatically 'evolving' Tragedy.

So that's Totally-Unacceptable.

But, if he 'moves toward' the doing, he's Ravaged, himself,
because he has to experience folks 'universally' 'moving
away from' him - because the 'unfamiliar' stuff that he brings
into folks experience elevates TD E/I within their nervous
systems, and, as above, folks tend, strongly, to 'blindly' and
automatically 'move away from' him.

Often, to him, it's as if he exists in a 'bubble' comprised of
ephemeral, but, impenitrible, stuff - and the clearest thing
that he can see is that others are much-'amused' by his efforts
to penitrate the 'bubble's stuff. That is, folks don't experience
the information-content that's entailed, but only the 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization that's occurring within their
own nervous systems.

It's an exceedingly-Difficult 'nut to crack' - this innately-
'blindly'-automated stuff.

And, somewhere along the 'line', I gave myself over to 'anger',
thereby, making it a 'contest' of 'blindly'-automated processes.

And, until, I can call myself to task with respect to my own
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, I've forsaken the
stuff that Needs doing.

"He who saves his life will lose it."

It's True.

So, I'm calling myself to task.

There's Worth in sharing the insight inherent.

> > Part of it is that I invented the Maths I use. I discuss it
> > routinely, but nobody grasps that it is, in fact, Maths. And,
> > because I've been at it since a Child, I don't know how to
> > translate into the 'prerequisite' Maths that tradition uses.
> It's all just continuous 3-D differentials.

It's also with specific respect to this Maths that I've asked
to meet with folks in-person. It's all extremely-easy to grasp
when it's presented graphically and 'animated'. But that's
not easy to do not-in-person. So I've asked, and will ask.

> I've explained in former posts - just been able to do them
> in my head since my days at my Dad's side in his cellar
> workshop.
> > That's funny, too. When I was at Annapolis, I was exposed
> > to the traditional Maths, but 'rejected' it because it was ob-
> > vious to me that there was so much Wastefulness in-it - so
> > much in-it that literally blinded folks' abilities to just See.

'formulas' are as straight-jackets.

> There was also, a 'strategically-'timed' broken-'heart' in the
> mix.

Necessarily so, with respect to the doing of the work.

If it'd been otherwise, the work would never have been

So I look on it, fond-remembrance, but just an experiential
Necessity - no 'bitterness'. Just fond-remembrance, and a
smile at what it worked on a larger scale.

> > So, now, I'm 'doomed' to advance Science,
> Actually, I'm granted the Priviledge of Advancing Science.
> Big-difference - Huge.
> > only to Witness my work being translated into the traditional
> > language by folks who cannot see Truth until it's propped-up
> > under their noses - because the language in which they're
> > conversant blinds them to Truth.
> Until it's propped-up under their noses :-]
> But, so what?
> If I can do it, I have to just do it, regardless of what anyone
> else does.
> Part of why it's 'Hard" for me is that I'm 'embarassed' for
> folks who are getting paid to do it, but can't.
> And, since I have to keep on doing it - because it needs to be
> done - when somehting is 'borrowed', it just makes it Harder
> for me to do what remains needing-doing.
> I not only have to do the Science, but I have to care for the
> Families of the 'borrowers' - I mean, I have to maintain my
> relationship with my own work because my work is the only
> 'credentials' that I have - so that I can continue doing more.
> But I don't want to cause anyone any 'difficulties'.
> > It's a 'Dying', and it literally is taking-Life from me.
> >
> > I'm Trying to do what I can of what remains needing-doing.
> >
> > I really am.
> >
> > But with each Witnessing, it gets Harder.
> "Blah, blah, blah."
> So what?
> > I've thought about writing a condensed version of AoK's
> > condensation of NDT's stuff, and submitting it for Publica-
> > tion, but that 'endeavor' always seems 'ridiculous' to me
> > because folks all around the world already know about
> > NDT - it seems to me that I'd be participating in a Lie if
> > I wrote a paper, now.
> It's a laugher - I =do not= know who knows about NDT's
> stuff. I don't know of the "bionet.neuroscience" where I
> post my discussions is, in fact, a "Newsgroup" that's open
> to any but a select few.
> I don't know whether, when I send a letter out, it ever
> reaches its Addressee. No one ever writes back.
> Email? What's that?
> I've changed my ISP, but my 'email' is as it was at my
> former ISP - almost entirely 'hack'-attacks - by the hundreds
> [which is 'interesting' because it picked-right-up without
> any delay].
> The web? What's that?
> My experience of 'the web' is really-weird. Never works
> on my INet PC as I've seen it work on others' PCs.
> Total 'weirdness'. I rarely change anything on my INet PC,
> but the way my INet PC 'works' routinely changes. Sometimes,
> I can read a web site, then the next day I can't. I do nothing,
> but the next-next-day, I can. And so forth, all over the net,
> no matter where I 'go'.
> So I can't even be sure that I'm actually accessing "The
> Internet".
> Weird.
> "Journalism"? What's that? I've gone to Journalists hundreds
> of 'times' - no one in Journalism will even talk to me.
> Well, almost no one. But there's this 'interesting' other stuff
> that has =always= happened whenever I have been able to
> spend some 'time' with a 'new'-to-me Journalist - the 'Stock
> Market' has =always= nose-dived. When I go to a new
> Journalist, I give them the means to check the facts - they
> call around, and folks panic?
> "Yikes! He's gotten someone to listen to him! Sell!" ...?
> It's happened =every= 'time'.
> And my 'vacuum-cleaner' mind gathers it all in.

This's some of the stuff that's always been most-Difficult for
me. I can see, in the dynamics inherent, that there is, in fact,
a 'conspiracy' inherent. One can see such in the way that
giving the new-to-me Journalist a bunch of 'facts' to check
always results in at least one observable - the nose-diving of
the 'stock market'.

One can literally see that the new-to-me Journalist's calling-
around precipitates a 'moving away from', and one can
literally see what's being 'moved away from' - folks' personal
correlations to the 'stock market' - they want to 'get-out'
before 'the crash' that they =presume= 'will follow' because
they presume that the new-to-me Journalist's calling around
'indicates' that "He's found someone who'll listen to him!",
and one can see other stuff inherent in the way that, even
though one has given the Journalist more than sufficient inform-
ation, the 'story' is never told. One can look-right-into the
behind-the-scenes behavioral dynamics, and see them clearly.

This seeing has always been some of the most-Difficult stuff
for me, because it discloses that there are folks who are
aware of NDT's existence and significance, but who are
forsaking their fellow Human Beings so as to seek 'profits'.

It's hard to think of anything more Disgusting than this.

What does a man do with respect to such?

'look askance'?

'avert one's eyes'?

You know, because one knows that the folks involved have
to be 'powerful', and that, if he exposes their 'profit'-seeking
for what it is - processes born on the backs of folks who the
'powerful' folks abandon to Suffering and Death - the 'power-
ful' folks will 'move away from' one?

"He who saves his life will lose it."

What Jesus says is Clear.

A man holds in his 'heart', and acts on behalf of, those who
Suffer, even unto Death.

I'm getting into this Difficult stuff, here, =not= as a 'threat',
but to Encourage folks to see all that's entailed.

See Truth inherent.

Know that Truth is Merciless.

I must 'hold open the door', but Truth Is, and, no matter
what anyone does, Truth does what it does, Regardless.

In acting in ways that inflict Suffering and Death upon
Innocents, folks "sow the seeds of their own wearing
of chains".

What I'm talking about, here, is that the notion that one
can 'take advantage of inside information', and 'no one
will ever know the difference' is Illusory.

The Illusion is =always= Dispelled in Truth.

Fail with respect to stuff like the communication of NDT's
understanding, and such Failure has Certain-Consequences

Fail to lift Humanity up in understanding, and 'humanity'
acts our of its innate 'blind'-automation.

And look at what the results of such are in-Truth.

Look at the Difference in virtually everyone's 'Living'
nowadays relative to everyone's Living, say, a couple of
decades ago.

The Difference has come as a Consequence of folks'
Choosing - folks've literally Invited it.

'powerful' folks, seeking their 'profits'.

And Truth 'just' does what it does, Regardless.

"He who saves his life will lose it."

Get it?

> > Tapered Harmony?
> >
> > Good grief! 'physics' is in a strangle-hold of Censorship.
> True.
> > The Censors had their heads up their asses so far that
> > they treated Tapered Harmony's stuff as if it was needing
> > to be kept 'secret', and, when they finally realized where
> > Tapered Harmony's 'heart' has been all along, they Cowered
> > in the Light of the realization of how badly they'd Transgressed,
> > so, now, it's as I said in another msg a few 'days' ago, they're
> > working to 'achieve' TH's stuff via this 'shotgun' approach in
> > which this or that scrap of TH's stuff is attributed to so-and-so.
> It's this part of my prior post that has me coming back to
> set-things-straight.
> It's True, but it all follows from folks' experience - they're Victims.

of "abstract ignorance"

> And, look at what my 'attitude' does - it 'closes the door' instead
> of holding-it-open [as I've Professed my purpose to be in former
> posts].
> For a long 'time', I've been contemplating my 'situation' with
> particular respect to one thing that Jesus Taught"
> "He who saves his life will lose it."
> Huh?
> Look at what I've been doing. This or that 'borrowing' happens,
> and all I do is 'slam-the-door' - trying to 'save my life'.
> But, be-cause I do 'slam-the-door', instead of 'saving my life',
> I 'lose' it - be-cause, by 'trapping' folks 'behind closed doors',
> I, simultaneously, assure that they can do nothing to acknowledge
> the work I've done.
> It's Difficult to negotiate this 'sticky-point'.
> I can't co-operate in Falsehood - can't 'move away from' Truth.
> So how does one react to work that one's been discussing,
> openly, for decades being attributed to others?
> It gets more Difficult - there are Lives being Lost be-cause
> the work is not being 'borrowed' in its Fullness.
> How does one deal with such?
> If one reacts as I have, the 'doors slam shut', and the Lives
> are Lost, anyway - only one has 'joined' in assuring that it will
> be so.
> One has become Culpable in the Loss of Lives.
> "He who saves his life will lose it."
> And others' Lives, along with his own.
> It's why I'm calling myself to-task.
> No matter what anyone else does, I cannot do as I have
> done.
> I Admit my Error.
> I Regret it.
> I'll work to un-do it.
> My Sweet Lord, let me Hear you, better.
> > It's nothing 'new' - this 'shotgun' stuff. It's been going on for a
> > =long= 'time' already - more than 20 'years'.
> >
> > I wish Seeing it didn't suck the Life out of me, but it does.
> >
> > I'm trying Hard not to let such 'steer' me, but admit that, to
> > a degree greater than I should allow it to, it is.
> Shameful abdication of my Free Will.
> > If I told folks all that I've Witnessed, the most callous folks'd
> > find water in their eyes - not on my behalf - I'm just a 'throw-
> > away' - but because it's the case that 'humanity' can still do
> > such to itself.
> True, but what's the 'point'?
> If folks don't comprehend all that by now, why 'expect'
> any further 'whining' about it to make any difference?
> > I talk about it routinely, but only in thickly-veiled ways - because
> > I have to - in order to address 'the beast' Directly. 'the beast' is a
> > Coward. All one has to do to flick-it-aside is expose it to
> > the Light of obvious-Awareness, and it slides-away in its
> > own shit :-]
> True, but it, simultaneously, locks its Victims 'behind closed
> doors'.
> What Good is that?
> None at all.
> "He who saves his life will lose it."
> > And, then, it becomes even more determined to cover its
> > shit-drizzlin' ass :-]
> What Good is my saying that?
> None at all.
> "He who saves his life will lose it."
> > I'm laughing, but I, simultaneously, know that I cannot
> > 'shovel-shit' fast enough to enable myself to remain
> > unburried in shits'-avalanche.
> So I waste the time between now and when I succumb to
> it?
> "He who saves his life will lose it."
> > So, although it's only 'funny', I laugh anyway.
> >
> > It's something that cannot be taken from me.
> But I just throw it away.
> Please Forgive me, Lord.
> I'm Learning that, "He who saves his life will lose it."
> > It's a Hard way to Die. It really is.
> Stupidly-needless, to boot.

No, the general thing is Necessary.

It's just that its doing can only be approached in ways that
'hold open the doors'.

One cannot 'look askance' and, simultaneously, 'expect'
anything to alter.

One has to Honor Truth.

But folks' Victimization 'at the hands of' absence-of-understanding
is in-Truth.

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Jesus could not have addressed the Victimization of folks
by absence-of-understanding more Succinctly - more Lovingly.

Jesus was simultaneously Addressing Truth.

As if it is in His Power to hold-it-back [in my view].

So the Way is Clear.

Honor Truth - say and do what Needs to be Said and Done.

But remember, and conform one's saying and doing to the
Fact that folks' Victimization by absence-of-understanding
is in-Truth.

> > But I was Raised-up to do what Needs to be done.
> True.
> > And I do.
> Make that, I will.
> > Everybody Dies.
> >
> > Most folks, without having actually Done anything.
> Any Parent who has Loved a Child Well will Die
> having Done more than I will have 'done'.

I have Loved many Children Well, but only 'in-secret'.

I'm an 'outcast' with respect to the non-'secret'-Loving.

It's a complex instance of:

"He who saves his life will lose it."

> > So, except for the Love of a Woman, I'll Die way-ahead.
> "He who saves his life will lose it."
> Even when his Life is needs a Woman, he'll Lose her,
> 'two'.
> > I'll be alright in a few days. It's the way that it happened, this
> > morning [this Mourning] that's left me in the "zone of
> > randomness" [AoK, Ap4].
> I'm outta-there, Thanks, Lord, because I'm Learning that:
> "He who saves his life will lose it."
> > I was awakened by a screeching-chorous from my
> > uninterruptible power suppl[ie]s.
> Which have been going largely-unused because I've
> been 'two'-much trying to 'save my life'.
> > Went into my low-level 'emergency' plan, which [...]
> > takes me to my car.
> >
> > Flipped on the radio to NPR ["might as well become
> > informed while I'm 'waiting for the power to come
> > back on'"], and there it was, this report that discussed
> > my 'heart'-'moving away from' me.
> I'm becoming =Informed=, Lord.
> Please Forgive me for having, in my actions, having
> Denied You.
> > It was a 'Dying'.
> It was.
> "He who saves his life will lose it."
> > No 'meat'.
> >
> > Just me, shoveling-shit as fast as I can - trying to keep
> > some part of me above it, but mostly-Failing - 'cause I
> > can't keep my jaw from hanging down.
> "He who saves his life will lose it."

All of my going on and on about 'my jaw hanging down'
induces folks to 'move away from'.

The 'self-pity' inherent is my own form of 'profit'-seeking.

What's "treasured" in my 'heart'.

Good grief!

I've "received my reward".

"He who saves his life will lose it."

> > I'll be alright in a few days.
> I'm getting-it, Lord, Thank You.
> > [...]
> I, hereby, place all of the work that I've done, since the
> last 'time' I did the same, into the Public Domain.
> This means that no one, including me, can do anything
> with respect to anyone's using the work I've done.

It also means that no one can 'lock-it-away' from others.

> Enough Waste.
> I will have to continue Encouraging folks to take-Action
> upon what's in the work, though.
> Please understand that I'm Obligated, in that way,
> to others.
> I cannot 'excuse' myself from this Obligation.
> Inherent, in it, is the Need to Encourage folks to
> not ab-use what's in the work.
> You know.
> "He who saves his life will lose it."
> It's True.
> So, whoever it is who actually reads what I post,
> I Ask you to find a way to lift Humanity up in
> an understanding of the simple Truth that's reified
> in NDT.
> You =need not= acknowledge my priority.
> You Need to =not= ab-use NDT's understanding.
> "He who saves his life will lose it."
> And the Lives of Innocents, 'two'.
> Presently, this's the best that I can do.

When Jesus said, "He who saves his life will lose it", He
was addressing all of us - all of Humanity.

And, when I look, it's falt-out Easy to see that Humanity's
'moving away from' Jesus is the biggest part of what He
was saying to Humanity when He said:

"He who saves his life will lose it."

Jesus was, and still is, 'moved away from', even though
He was 'just' Giving Humanity the Guidance it needed
to lift itself up out of the absence-of-understanding
that had, and still does, so Ravage it.

Folks did, and still do, cling, 'blindly' and automatically,
to merely-'familiar' stuff, rather than lift themselves up in

Folks did, and still do, 'move away from' Love, and
'move toward' Hate, even though the Consequences
inherent in-Truth are flat-out-Easy to see.

Strange, no?

That we should 'choose' such for ourselves and our

"He who saves his life will lose it."

> ken [k. p. collins]

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