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On 'christianity' [was Re: I have a question]

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Dec 31 14:24:52 EST 2004

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|| [...]
|| The costs inherent in such "ranging
|| narrowly" are Immense within the
|| general dynamics of Humanity. The
|| coercion inherent literally stands in
|| the way of Humanity's going-forward.
|| All of this is what Jesus was talking
|| about when He said:
|| "Do you think that I have come to
|| bring peace to the earth? No, I tell
|| you, but rather division! From now on
|| five in one household will be divided,
|| three against two and two against three;
|| they will be divided: father against son
|| and son against father, mother against
|| daughter and daughter against mother,
|| mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law
|| and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law."
|| He was saying, "Think for yourself, not
|| in accord with what you've experienced
|| within your "Familiar" circumstances."
|| [...]
| [...]

| Look and see. Jesus stuffed all of this,
| including all of Neuroscience, into the
| short passage that's quoted above.

To folks who think I've given myself
over to "hyperbole" and/or "exaggera-

Break the passage above down and
you'll see that behavioral =Directionality=
is flat-out Nailed, and so are all of Neuro-
science, and the cognitive and behav-
ioral by-products of nervous system

It's all right-there.

Can you see it?

Think about the way that cognitive and
behavioral Dircctionality ['moving toward'
and 'moving away from'] comes into being
during familial experience and you'll see it.

Jesus was 'saying', "Loved Ones, Life is
bigger than that. So take your direction
from the bigger stuff, not the smaller stuff."

You know?

And it applies to =all= Human interactive
dynamics because, once folks "graduate"
from birth-Family-dominance, they found
their own Families, in which their previous-
ly-acquired 'familiar' stuff 'dictates' what
they 'will do' [usually resulting in a lot of
'heart'-ache], and become established
within employment situations which co-
erce the "corporate" mentality upon them,
always literally forcing them to 'be' less
than they are innately-capable of Being,
and, what's hilarious, simultaneously
forcing the "corporation" to 'be' less than
it can Be [because the "corporation" los-
es the benefit of all that its Employees
=could= do if it weren't the case that the
"corporation" was stuffing them into the
'box' of "corporate" 'familiarity'].

So, see? Jesus =wasn't= "kidding".

And anyone can see that He wasn't some
"wacko-freak" because Neuroscience
says the same thing.

Abraham Lincoln had a firm intuitive
grasp of all of this:

"I have told them that a house divided a-
gainst itself cannot stand, and Christ and
reason say the same, and they will find it

It's True.

I chose Mr. Lincoln as the "hero" of AoK
because I Love all that he stood for, but
mostly be-cause America was, and still
is, tearing Herself apart, in a virtual Civil
War, because She's 'forgotten' every-
thing that was Purchased at the Cost of
600,000 Lives' Blood-Spilled-Out.

The same-old Jackass stuff has taken-
over the 'heart' of America. Both 'sides'
exerting their 'power' in 'ways' that can
only rend Her apart. It's was gaining it's
impetus in the 1960s, when I was a Child,
and it's burgeoned ever since, 'culminating'
in 'america's Dividedness being writ-bold,
plain-to-see, =at a personal level=, in the
last Election campaign's dynamics.

For the =same= absence-of-Reason that
rent America apart in Lincoln's 'time'.

Then and 'now', it was, and is, folks'
'worshiping' 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization within their own nervous
systems that did, and does, the Rending-
apart. [It always has been so. That one
thing, wreaking Havoc upon Humanity.
That one absolutely-unnecessary thing.]

Look and see, President Lincoln was

"Christ and reason say the same."

And, if you look, you'll see that Mr.
Lincoln's Capacities derived in the Ed-
ucation he acquired by, simply, "ranging
widely" after completing the 3rd grade
of Elementary School.

That's what Jesus was talking about
in the passage above, not with respect
to Mr. Lincoln, but with respect to =all=
of us.

If folks want another example, check
out Dr. Einstein's Life. Although he
'stayed in school' to obtain a PhD, Same-
Old, Same-Old, with respect to "ranging
widely". Marie Curie, Same-Old, Same-
Old. Mother Teresa, Same-Old, Same-

They "took their light through the skylight"
[one of my favorite quotes, but I can't
remember who said it].

They set their "volitional diminishing-returns
decision" thresholds [AoK, Ap7] high enough
to allow themselves to "range widely", rather
than allowing themselves to be coerced by
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization's
Dictating of 'the way things are supposed to
be', into "ranging narrowly".

They Escaped the merely-'familiar'.

And, look and see, they were each the
Personification of the opposite-of-chaos.

All of this is what Jesus was talking about
in the brief passage that's quoted above.

He wasn't "kidding".

k. p. collins 

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