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If anyone 'wonders' [was Re: I have a question]

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Dec 30 14:43:14 EST 2004

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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| [...]

| So, having 'lost'-everything, I was
| Free to just Do what Needed to
| be Done.
| [...]

If anyone 'wonders', I'm not actually
"angry", or anything else that's untoward.

It's just that what's fallen to me to do
is "Terrible", and is 'just'-the-opposite
of the way I like to Live.

Given my druthers, I'druther just do
what needs to be done, give it to some-
one else, and 'move' on to the next
thing that needs doing.

My natural 'state' is something like
the guy who leads the crew on the
ABC TV show that "makes-over"
folks Homes -- basically a 'clown'
who does what needs to be done
while making-light of the fact that
it's being-done.

So it's "Hard" for me because, in
what's fallen to me to do, I can't
just do what needs to be done and
pass-it-off to someone else because,
nobody else can do it.

And having to 'stand-in-folks'-faces'
just runs Contrary to everything
that's in-me.

But, if I don't do what needs to be
done, folks'll 'just' go on Ravaging
one another -- which, given the
'state' of modern communications'
'explosive' imposition of 'unfamil-
iarity' into folks' Lives and the
accelerating proliferation of weap-
onry, cannot go unbalanced by
understanding that allows folks
to transcend 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization.

So I've had to just do what need-
ed to be done.

The part of that that I'm working-
on, currently, is to assure that no
one 'thinks' that NDT's stuff can
be used as a "cudgel" with which
they can 'dictate', to others, 'what
it is' that they 'can' and 'cannot' do.

That is, I'm working to make-sure
folks understand that =no one= is
'priviledged' with respect to the way
absence-of-understanding with re-
spect to how and why nervous sys-
tems process information via 'blind-
ly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
has 'blindly'-and-automatically act-
ed within nervous systems.

=Everyone= has been the Victim
of such, and =everyone= has been
the Victimizer through such.

And to make-sure folks understand
that is the "Hardest" thing that I have
to do.

It's why I've been "ticking-off" "this,
that, and the other thing" that's "dis-
comfitting", =beginning= with the
folks who are priviledged with re-
spect to NDT's understanding be-
cause their Professional Responsi-
bilities resulted in their being the
folks to whom NDT's stuff was
first communicated.

The 'blindly'-automated 'way' is
to 'curry favor' with folks, so that
one will, then, receive from them
'pay-back' for having 'curried-

But that doesn't work in the case
of NDT's understanding be-cause
=no one= is 'priviledged' with re-
spect to the absence-of-under-
standing that has prevailed.

So I've had to make-sure that folks
comprehend the facts of the way
that the absence-of-understanding
has Victimized =everyone=.

No one is 'priviledged', including

It's a "Hard" thing to get-across to
folks -- so I've sort of been "acting-
it-out", using myself as the "crash
dummy". "Making myself small."
To just give folks some initial exper-
ience with respect to the way that
=no one= is 'priviledged' with respect
to NDT's understanding.

It's =Crucial= that this be accom-
plished be-cause the potential for
the ab-use of NDT's stuff is just
too 'tempting'. Folks who lack
Scruples can 'just' flat-out =Dic-
tate= to others through the ab-use
of NDT's stuff.

If folks 'wonder', a lot of that sort
of "going-off-half-cocked" stuff
has underpinned a lot of the way
I've been working to bring NDT's
understanding in for "a safe landing".

There've been folks who've "knee-
jerked" with respect to this or that
that they saw in NDT's stuff, and
I've had to reach-them =before=
they "went-off-half-cocked". I've
had to "hold-things-together"
while the understanding was just-
Becoming -- and doing so has en-
tailed a lot of making-sure folks
who were "priviledged" because
of their Professional Responsibil-
ities did not "go-off-half-cocked",
'thinking' that they were, somehow,
'priviledged' relative to any other
Person on the face of the planet,
just because their Professional
Responsibilities did, in fact, enable
them to gain NDT's understanding
before most other folks could.

I'll have to continue, along this line,
until I can See that folks've gotten-it.

It's just a "Terrible" Obligation
that's fallen to me be-cause I can
just =See= everything that's still(?)
'invisible' to others.

So I've got to do these 'Difficult'

If anyone 'wonders'.

I Love you in that way.

k. p. collins 

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