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Temperature and electrophysiology?

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Dec 29 03:07:00 EST 2004

"r norman" <rsn_ at _comcast.net> wrote in message news:4bp2t0teaa4euabdvdq7pa8d965mfg6043 at 4ax.com...
| On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 09:18:51 GMT, "kenneth collins"
| <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
| <snip extensive discussion to keep messages manageable>
| Ken, we all have to apportion our time as we best see fit.  I do
| understand that it is frustrating for you that we (including myself)
| do not take the time to carefully go through your arguments noting
| where some might have some validity and noting where others go astray.
| But that is simply a fact that you are well accustomed to after these
| many years.

First, I've got to write to some
other folks...

I understand.

I also hope that some folks are
saving the stuff I post, and I'm
writing for these folks [not know-
ing if any such folks exist :-]

It's all that I'm 'allowed' to do.

When I go to try to meet with
folks in-person, I'm followed,
and shortly thereafter, any con-
tacts I was able to make are

I've no reason to believe that
the U. S. Mail I send ever
reaches it's addressees, although
I know that at least some does.

I'm virtually-imprisoned.

[Again, with respect to such, I
don't waste-energy in trying to
discover why it's been so, or in
'seeking-retribution'. It's all been
self-disclosing -- no energy-waste
required :-]

So, if 'b.n' is the only 'place' that's
'ok' with my 'jailers', that has to
be 'ok' with me.

So I Work here in 'b.n'.

Be-cause there's some stuff that
=just= Needs to be Accomplished
if Humanity is to be able to Survive.

If anyone looks, they'll See that
a lot of the way I so-Work de-
rives in my wanting to =Protect=
folks from all that's been entailed
in my virtual-'imprisonment'.

It's the best I can do.

I've no "Right" to accept "Failure"
with respect to what needs to be

| You are incorrect on two points.

Truth is, we just 'disagree' [mostly
be-cause we're each addressing
stuff from our 'familiar' perspect-
ives, and, for my part, I "confess"
that I've no Will to do anything
other than just not-Fail to make
stuff available to folks who want
to deal with it. I mean, I don't ex-
pend much energy in "holding-folks'-
hands". I write for the folks who
can understand without their
"hands-being-held". [And you're
right-up-there amongst the "Stall-
warts", Dr. Norman :-] [It's
=SAFE= to say it, 'now', be-
cause I can See that folks're get-
ting-it. I'm trying to assist, in that,
by doing work to draw the "heat"
to myself. I'm a "heat"-seeking
thing :-]]

| First:  fever does manifest itself
| in brain malfunction (and ultimately death) after a seemingly brief
| temperature shift.

If it wasn't clear in my prior dis-
cussion, I was [and am] addres-
sing =only= 'normal'-range "fever"
dynamics -- not their relatively-
infrequent "flying-off-the-handle".

The TempK changes that I'm
addressing are =commonplace=
within =ordered= biological

Women can monitor their ovulation
via TempK, for instance, and it's
just obvious to me that controlled
[actively-ordered] TempK adjust-
ments are crucial with respect to the
massive "supersystem [re-] config-
urations" [AoK, Ap5] that are what
"sleeping-consciousness" is.

TempK is of ubiquitous Significance
within biological function.

Even reptiles' functionings are de-
pendent upon ambient TempK. It's
plain-as-day Visible, even in their
abilities to move -- to manifest "be-

The view that I'm discussing, "NL-P
Medicine", =is= relatively-'unfamiliar'
to others.

That's why I'm discussing it :-]

[That's the only reason I ever discuss
=anything= here in 'b.n', including
"personal" stuff, BTW.]

Patiently-discussing 'unfamiliar' stuff
is one way of assisting folks' 'passages'
through the "zone of randomness",
'against' which their neural-activation
dynamics would, otherwise, just

So I do this stuff that needs-doing.

All the while, understanding that
folks'll get-it, =IFF= some rec-
ord of the discussions is, in fact,
preserved and, subsequently, con-
sidered at folks' own paces.

And, all the while, building-upon
stuff that I've reiterated in prior
discussions -- so that folks re-
ceive the opportunity to 'move
toward' increased understanding
within the view that I routinely

| However, it does require a temperature on the
| order of 40 C, more than a few degrees shift.  The original question
| related to a temperature change from 34.5 to 36 (which I misread as a
| half degree change).  That is a smaller change over a different range.

It's within the "range" of TempK-
variation that I've been discussing.

| Protein structure is maintained by relatively weak bonds that are
| easily disrupted by thermal energy.

Yes -- and the thing is to operate
with respect to such =just-enough=
-- as in "fever" -- to Direct disease
agents' molecular stuff toward dis-

I'm just discussing a small sub-
"spectrum" of things. I'm =not=
asserting that "fever" is a "cure-
all". If that were the case, there'd
be no "disease".

But I am saying that "fever"-dyn-
amics are engineered-in stuff, be-
cause they are functional in the
way I'm describing them to be -- 
with respect to a sub-set of dis-
ease processes.

| The structure persists only
| because there are a large number of bonds contributing.

Yes, and, importantly, it's so be-
cause of their mutual-interactions
within their collective 3-D energy-
dynamics. The order within such
mutual-interactions is literally what
Enables Life. [In Tapered Harmony,
I've mapped this order for the set
of all known isotopes. That's what
the "Abundance on Wings" graph
was [on my "homepage' during a
previous online-'life'.] I also work
the abstract 3-D energydynamics
just for the shear-Pleasure of do-
ing so. One cannot "touch" them
without discovering awesomely-
useful stuff. Sharing all that is the
"goal" toward which I'm working.
It's kind-of-Hard-to-do, though,
be-cause, instead of just doing
Science with me, 'physicists' tend
to 'see' me as their 'competitor'.
Which reminds me... I watched
the end of WGBH's Excellent
3-part series on 'string theory'
earlier tonight. It's 'funny'. It's
been obvious to me that the folks
who're 'borrowing' my work most
have been 'physicists'. What's
described as 'being string theory'
is just a bunch of Maths that can
be casily "conformed", and what
it's being "conformed"-to is what
has been Tapered Harmony's pos-
ition all along. I'm waiting to see
how they'll go from 'branes' to
spheroids :-] There was a Lady
Physicist from Fermilab, Dr. Maria
Spiropulu, who commented, "The
competition is friendly and fierce
at the same time. We're compet-
ing like bad dogs, essentially. It
has always been like that, and it
will always be like that."

I Laughed -- because I'm going
to Fix what's Broken in-there :-]

I'm doing it on behalf of every-
one, but, mostly, on behalf of the
Children, be-cause they're the ones
who'll, finally, get-it and do what
needs to be done.

But, in this TempK ["NL-P Med-
icine"] discussion, I'm, mostly, just
Honoring Dr. Einstein -- because
of the way that 'physicists' Trashed-
him 'because' he refused to cave-
in under the consensual-coercion
that Dr. Spiropulu so eloquently
described, above.

As I've discussed in long-former
posts, Dr. Einstein =knew= what
he was doing. When asked what,
if anything in Science, he thought
would endure forever, Dr. Einstein
said, "Thermodynamics".

He Saw it, and he'd do 'back-flips'
if I could 'go-back' to '1950' to talk
to him. [I sometimes 'wonder' if he'd
discovered "Tapered Harmony", but
was so 'heart'-broken at the way his
'colleagues' treated him, that he just
took-it-with-him when he left us.
[Probably not, I know. But I find the
thought to 'contain' what would've
been some Profound-Justice, and
that always gives me a smile :-]

So, I'm actually doing Physics, try-
ing to make it useful to Neuroscien-
tists [to Biologists], as I do.

I =Apologize= that I cannot reiterate
everything that's actually =in= every
discussion I post. That's why I =hope=
some folks've been =saving= the
discussions I've posted.

If that's not the case, then it seems
that I'll, soon-enough, be doing what
I imagined Dr. Einstein 'doing', and,
if that comes to pass, it'll've been
for the same 'reason' -- 'physicists'
being sold-out Jackasses who 'think'
that a man's work is 'their work' to
do with as 'they please', and "to hell
with the man".

[End of my 'self-pitying' comments :-]
[that have =nothing= to do with my
discussion with you, Dr. Norman :-]

| However, as
| the temperature changes, sufficient bond breakage occurs to allow a
| cumulative effect on denaturation.

Yes, that's some of what I was get-
ting-at [although using the term, "de-
naturation" never crossed my mind :-]

| Evolution ensures that this
| phenomenon is restricted to temperatures above the normal range
| encountered by the cells.  So at 40 and above, there are rather
| destructive changes.  Below 37 there tends to be virtually none.

Again, we disagree. And I can See
what =part= of where our disagree-
ment derives [actually, I See all of it :-]

I've been working in the way that I
work that it's become "routine" to
me [long-formerly, I had to literally
Agonize over it], but I always write
in extremely-precisely-delimiting

Probably because you've not read
everything I've ever posted [probably
no one has], you didn't "catch" that
extreme-precision in our present dis-

I was describing a 'push' toward
disorder that's much-less-than "dis-
ruption" -- more like a 3-D energy-
dynamics' "pointing the Direction"
in which 'movement' must occur
with respect to disease agents.

It's very-subtle, and there's a =lot=
of Physics-stuff in-there, none of
which, despite my efforts, has ever
been formally-Published.

What I've been discussing, within
our interchange [for which I am,
and will remain, Grateful] is the
way "knowing" is automated at
the molecular 'level' -- how molec-
ular-'level' stuff "knows" how to
'move' -- how it "knows" the Dir-
ection in which to 'move'.

It's very-subtle, and extremely-
precise -- right down into the
functioning of both Human and
disease-agent genetic material
[even with respect to the func-
tional realms of viruses and

Without discussing them explicitly,
I've been referring-back to my
long-former posts that treated
the "always-downhillness" of pro-

"Nudge" 3-D energydynamics
just a little, and the 3-D conforma-
tions can be re-Directed.

And, although I accept our "dis-
agreement", it's a Certainty that
this is =some= of why "fever" has
been 'engineered' into mammalian
Biology. It's probably a big part
of why Mammalian Biology super-
ceded Reptilian Biology -- not
only with respect to "fever" dyn-
amics, but with respect to Mam-
malian Biology's far-superior con-
trol of their internal 3-D energy-
dynamics, which, it's plain-to-see,
itself, "points" Directly to WDB2T :-]

| Second, your shampoo demonstration is another manifestation of
| relatively weak intermolecular bonds that, again, are rather more
| temperature sensitive than most chemical processes.  These processes
| do occur in physical chemistry and even in biophysics.

My position is that they are continuous
=througout= physical reality, "material"
and "immaterial".

"They're everywhere! They're everywhere!" :-]

| However once
| again evolution ensures that temperature changes within the normal
| range encountered by a system are not disruptive of function.

The position I've been discussing
is much-more-subtle than "dis-
ruption", but, clearly, there's a
difference between Mammalian
and Reptilian Biology that derives
completely(?) within the realm of
this "subtlty".

| In my original answer, using the incorrect 1/2 degree change as an
| example, I did say that temperature changes of several degrees cause
| changes measurable by the experimenter. I just expressed doubt that
| these changes are at all significant in the functioning of the cell
| and the organism.

And I expressed doubt that they
are not-Significant.

Again, I'm Grateful for the oppor-
tunity-to-discuss that your replies
have instantiated [and it's been clear
to me, for a long 'time', that there's
informed-Wisdom in the 'fights' you
pick with me, Dr. Norman :-]

It's like Lincoln's reply to someone
who 'advised' him to get rid of
U. S. Grant: "I can't spare him. At
least he fights."

Cheers, ken [k. p. collins]

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