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Origin of thought

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 27 06:45:43 EST 2004

I've got to fix som typos so
I'll add another thought, that
is also stimmed by stuff that's
in the News this 'morning'.

There's a meta-point -- see how
it is that the "News" constitutes an
example of how it is that Human
communication is =exactly= anal-
ogous to the flowing-of-the-water
in the stream where the fish lives.

This's some pretty-fancy stuff in
the Human case -- we Humans
can take actions that literally can
[and always do] alter the contents
of the external experinetial envir-
onments in which we exist.

It's really =important= that we all
Chose-Wisely with respect to
this stuff that =always= happens
as a result of our Choices.

It's particularly-relevant with re-
spect to Communications, and
the =Need= for such, amongst

The new thought is added, in-line,

And, as I'm writing this, there is
still another News Report [on NPR]
that also needs to be discussed. I'll
do so below.

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
news:jwRzd.37144$uM5.36550 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| One thought added, below.
| I've retained the whole of my
| prior discussion be-cause I
| should have included this
| thought-stuff in my original
| discussion.
| There is a Need for Humanity
| to come-together to do what's
| right-there within Humanity's
| capabilities.
| =This= is what's 'worthy' of be-
| ing "aggre[ss]ed-against", =not=
| our fellow Humans, who are
| 'only' =Victimized= by the ab-
| sence-of-understanding with
| respect to how and why nervous
| systems process information via
| 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-
| imization.
| "Aggress"-against the absence-
| of-understanding, =not= fellow
| Human Beings.

You know -- =Communicate= what
=Needs= to be Communicated
amongst Humans.

| The thought is added, below.
| "kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
| news:t3Rzd.1171232$Gx4.427013 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
|| "Jim" <uhor3rih at hotmail.com> wrote in message news:11Ozd.125397$dP1.450776 at newsc.telia.net...
||| Hi Zigoteau! Thanks for your answer. I have problem to believe it starts
||| there. It should then start at a molecular and the smaller sub atomic
||| levels. But do we then control what happens? And how can we control the
||| start of a biochemical thought if there are no chemical reactions before
||| that one?
||| But of course, if our thoughts just happen in random :0)
||| Best regards
||| [...]
|| Our Beings are "emersed" within
|| vastly-larger external experiential
|| physical reality.
|| Think of this in terms of a fish that
|| exists within the water of a stream.
|| The way that the water flows in the
|| stream "tells" the fish's nervous sys-
|| tem how it must activate the fish's
|| muscualture so that the fish will be
|| able to travel from one 'point' in the
|| stream to 'any' other 'point' in the
|| stream [funny-quotes, here, be-
|| cause, in some streams, there are
|| 'places' where a given fish 'cannot'
|| go -- at least not

in a way that is controlled

|| under the power
|| of its musculature -- be-cause the
|| flowing of the stream is so much
|| more powerful than the fish's musc-
|| ulature.]
|| There's no 'mystery' in the fish's be-
|| havior with respect to the flowing
|| of the stream in which it exists.
|| And it's also easy to see that the
|| fullness of a fish's analogue of
|| "thought" does not derive solely
|| in the biochemistry that happens
|| within the fish's nervous system.
|| It's the 'same' with Human Thought.
|| We are "emersed" within a larger
|| external experiential physical real-
|| ity in a way that's exactly analog-
|| ous to the way the fish exists in the
|| stream's water [and the various
|| nutrient-concentration gradients,
|| behaviors of other stuff [prey and
|| predators] that exists in the water.]
|| The old saw about "No man [being]
|| an island unto himself" is literally
|| True :-]
|| Now, when I said, above, that there
|| is no 'mystery' in any of this, I was
|| referring =solely= to the correlated
|| =nervous system= dynamics. Although
|| there'll always remain more work that
|| needs doing, what nervous systems
|| do has been worked-out in a way
|| that delineates everything that remains
|| needing-doing -- but the external ex-
|| periential environments in which nerv-
|| ous systems' host organisms exist ex-
|| tend to Infinity, so there's a =lot= of
|| stuff that occurs within such external
|| experiential environments that remains
|| 'mysterious'. It's 'just' that that stuff
|| all occurs as functions of stuff that
|| remains 'outside' of nervous systems,
|| in a way that's analogous to the way
|| the flowing of the stream's water re-
|| mains outside of the fish's nervous
|| system, but, nevertheless, acts-upon
|| the fish's nervous system in ways that
|| do enter into the neural activation
|| dynamics that occur within the fish's
|| nervous system.
|| This's also True with respect to Human
|| nervous systems, as they exist within
|| their larger external experiential physical
|| realities.
|| The Biochemistry is as a "tool" that
|| is part of what enables nervous sys-
|| tems to literally grasp the external
|| experiential realities in which their
|| host organisms exist -- to "Know" them,
|| so that behaviors can be converged
|| upon that will enable either fish or
|| Human to exist and survive within
|| the energydynamics that comprise
|| their external physical realities.
|| "Thought" does =not= occur "ran-
|| domly". Nervous systems' function-
|| ings can tend toward 'randomness',
|| but that's a divergence from their
|| 'normal' functionings -- one that oc-
|| curs when stuff is happening within
|| external experiential environments
|| at 'rates' that exceed nervous sys-
|| tems' information-handling capacities.
|| Like when a fish gets caught-up in
|| a whirlpool's violent flow-dynamics.
|| When such occurs, all semblance
|| of "thought" ceases and lower-'level'
|| nervous system dynamics are activ-
|| ated to cope with the 'abnormal' ex-
|| ternal experiential dynamics that've
|| been encountered.
|| All of this happens in Humans, too,
|| except that it can happen as a re-
|| sult of long-term external experiential
|| circumstances to a much-greater extent
|| in Humans.
| A Tragic instance of what I've briefly
| reiterated, above, is in the News this
| 'morning'. There was a deep-sea earth-
| quake in the Indian Ocean that pre-
| cipitated tsuanmis that wreaked Havoc
| amongst shorline populations.
| This's is literally a Human case-in-point
| re. the "whirlpool" stuff that I discussed
| in the original post.
| The violence of the tsuanmis literally
| occurred as a super-nervous-system-
| information-processing-capacity ex-
| ternal experiential physical reality.
| If folks carefully consider the News
| reports, they'll literally see all of the
| stuff that I discussed in my original
| post.
| I'm 'Heart'-ened by the outpouring
| of folks' Caring for their Devastated
| fellow Human Beings, which is also
| in the News this 'morning'
| This "mourning".
| =This= is how we should use our
| nervous systems' information-proc-
| e[ss]ing capabilities.
| In =coming-together= to heal, rather
| than acting in ways that 'blindly'-and-
| automatically 'react' to absence-of-
| understanding that has acted 'blindly'-
| and-automatically, so as to 'only' mag-
| nify what absence-of-understanding
| does [and, to 'date', has always done]
| to Humanity.

1. There was a more-'mundane' anal-
ogous occurrence Communicated in
the News this 'morning'. This one was
with respect to the way that, due to the
weather that occurred in mideast America
just as folks were setting-about travel-
ing Home to spend Christmas with their
Loved Ones, and due to Baggage-Hand-
lers' calling-in-'sick' en masse, and a
Pilot-scheduling computer systems' be-
coming 'overwhelmed' by the volume
of data that was presented to it [its 'ex-
periential external environment' :-].

The News  reports brought up the pos-
sibility that the Airline involved in the
scheduling deficit might go out of bus-

But that's =not= a worthy use of the
external flow of "information" that was

Folks at the airline should be "chasten-
ed" into action with respect to exerting
quick, and sufficiently-powerful', action
with respect to augmenting the function-
ality of their Pilot-scheduling computer

Folks who fell-victim to such should
=understand= that 'mis-takes' happen,
and use their 'sorrow' well -- to com-
municate to the Airline the =need= to
Fix their 'mis-take'.

Folks who suffered at the hands of the
weather should understand that "weather
happens", and learn from that with re-
spect to making future travel plans -- in-
stead of attributing stuff that's correlated
to "the weather" to "the airlines".

"Weather happens" -- just like the "whirl-
pool" in the fish's stream.

What we can do is =plan= with respect
to the known possibilities of "weather
happening", =all around= -- airlines
[and other transportation suppliers] and
passengers [and highway authorities, etc.],
instead of taking 'condemning' action that
will do nothing to Fix what needs Fixing.

You know?

Work =together= rather than acting in
ways that 'prevent' such working-to-
gether from happening and, so, leaving
things having deteriorated [having 'moved
toward' WDB2T, rather than 'moving
away from' it [rather than "climbing" it]].

The other thing that was in the News
[as I was writing above] is with respect
to decisions the Leadership of China is
taking with respect to its Military.

The report said that China is reacting
to decisions made by other Militaries.

Do folks see what's happening?

Do folks see how actions taken by
Humans [in this case, by groups of
Humans] literally exist in others' ex-
ternal experiential environments in
a way that's =exactly= analogous to
the flow of water in the stream in
which the fish exists?

Can you See the significant thing?

It is that we Humans can =Choose=
that the contributions to the external
experiential environments in which
others exist will enable others to Choose
with respect well to the Welfare of all of
Humanity, or will exist as "turbulence"
that 'only' 'moves away from' folks'
being so enabled to Choose.

Don't 'think' that what 'you' do "doesn't

=Everything= one does literally comes
to Exist within others' external exper-
iential environments, and others "swim"
in that stuff, their nervous systems
'blindly'-and-automatically activated
with respect to what 'you' put-there.

Why not Choose to make the "swim-
ming" =good=.

[I'm sorry. What's newly-added in
this post should be better written.

I've been 'listening' to NPR as I write,
hoping that nothing else will need dis-
cussion this 'mourning'.

Please work on it in your own Good
noggin' labs.]

|| [For those who have it, see the dis-
|| cussion of the "zone of randomness"
|| and "the fundamental wisdom" in AoK,
|| Ap4. What I've discussed in the last
|| part of this post is correlated.]

k. p. collins 

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