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Origin of thought

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 27 05:31:43 EST 2004

One thought added, below.

I've retained the whole of my
prior discussion be-cause I
should have included this
thought-stuff in my original

There is a Need for Humanity
to come-together to do what's
right-there within Humanity's

=This= is what's 'worthy' of be-
ing "aggredded-against", =not=
our fellow Humans, who are
'only' =Victimized= by the ab-
sence-of-understanding with
respect to how and why nervous
systems process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-

"Aggress"-against the absence-
of-understanding, =not= fellow
Human Beings.

The thought is added, below.

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
news:t3Rzd.1171232$Gx4.427013 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| "Jim" <uhor3rih at hotmail.com> wrote in message news:11Ozd.125397$dP1.450776 at newsc.telia.net...
|| Hi Zigoteau! Thanks for your answer. I have problem to believe it starts
|| there. It should then start at a molecular and the smaller sub atomic
|| levels. But do we then control what happens? And how can we control the
|| start of a biochemical thought if there are no chemical reactions before
|| that one?
|| But of course, if our thoughts just happen in random :0)
|| Best regards
|| [...]
| Our Beings are "emersed" within
| vastly-larger external experiential
| physical reality.
| Think of this in terms of a fish that
| exists within the water of a stream.
| The way that the water flows in the
| stream "tells" the fish's nervous sys-
| tem how it must activate the fish's
| muscualture so that the fish will be
| able to travel from one 'point' in the
| stream to 'any' other 'point' in the
| stream [funny-quotes, here, be-
| cause, in some streams, there are
| 'places' where a given fish 'cannot'
| go -- at least not under the power
| of its musculature -- be-cause the
| flowing of the stream is so much
| more powerful than the fish's musc-
| ulature.
| There's no 'mystery' in the fish's be-
| havior with respect to the flowing
| of the stream in which it exists.
| And it's also easy to see that the
| fullness of a fish's analogue of
| "thought" does not derive solely
| in the biochemistry that happens
| within the fish's nervous system.
| It's the 'same' with Human Thought.
| We are "emersed" within a larger
| external experiential physical real-
| ity in a way that's exactly analog-
| ous to the way the fish exists in the
| stream's water [and the various
| nutrient-concentration gradients,
| behaviors of other stuff [prey and
| predators] that exists in the water.
| The old saw about "No man [being]
| an island unto himself" is literally
| True :-]
| Now, when I said, above, that there
| is no 'mystery' in any of this, I was
| referring =solely= to the correlated
| =nervous system= dynamics. Although
| there'll always remain more work that
| needs doing, what nervous systems
| do has been worked-out in a way
| that delineates everything that remains
| needing-doing -- but the external ex-
| periential environments in which nerv-
| ous systems' host organisms exist ex-
| tend to Infinity, so there's a =lot= of
| stuff that occurs within such external
| experiential environments that remains
| 'mysterious'. It's 'just' that that stuff
| all occurs as functions of stuff that
| remains 'outside' of nervous systems,
| in a way that's analogous to the way
| the flowing of the stream's water re-
| mains outside of the fish's nervous
| system, but, nevertheless, acts-upon
| the fish's nervous system in ways that
| do enter into the neural activation
| dynamics that occur within the fish's
| nervous system.
| This's also True with respect to Human
| nervous systems, as they exist within
| their larger external experiential physical
| realities.
| The Biochemistry is as a "tool" that
| is part of what enables nervous sys-
| tems to literally grasp the external
| experiential realities in which their
| host organisms exist -- to "Know" them,
| so that behaviors can be converged
| upon that will enable either fish or
| Human to exist and survive within
| the energydynamics that comprise
| their external physical realities.
| "Thought" does =not= occur "ran-
| domly". Nervous systems' function-
| ings can tend toward 'randomness',
| but that's a divergence from their
| 'normal' functionings -- one that oc-
| curs when stuff is happening within
| external experiential environments
| at 'rates' that exceed nervous sys-
| tems' information-handling capacities.
| Like when a fish gets caught-up in
| a whirlpool's violent flow-dynamics.
| When such occurs, all semblance
| of "thought" ceases and lower-'level'
| nervous system dynamics are activ-
| ated to cope with the 'abnormal' ex-
| ternal experiential dynamics that've
| been encountered.
| All of this happens in Humans, too,
| except that it can happen as a re-
| sult of long-term external experiential
| circumstances to a much-greater extent
| in Humans.

A Tragic instance of what I've briefly
reiterated, above, is in the News this
'morning'. There was a deep-sea earth-
quake in the Indian Ocean that pre-
cipitated tsuanmis that wreaked Havoc
amongst shorline populations.

This's is literally a Human case-in-point
re. the "whirlpool" stuff that I discussed
in the original post.

The violence of the tsuanmis literally
occurred as a super-nervous-system-
information-processing-capacity ex-
ternal experiential physical reality.

If folks carefully consider the News
reports, they'll literally see all of the
stuff that I discussed in my original

I'm 'Heart'-ened by the outpouring
of folks' Caring for their Devastated
fellow Human Beings, which is also
in the News this 'morning'

This "mourning".

=This= is how we should use our
nervous systems' information-proc-
exxing capabilities.

In =coming-together= to heal, rather
than acting in ways that 'blindly'-and-
automatically 'react' to absence-of-
understanding that has acted 'blindly'-
and-automatically, so as to 'only' mag-
nify what absence-of-understanding
does [and, to 'date', has always done]
to Humanity.

| [For those who have it, see the dis-
| cussion of the "zone of randomness"
| and "the fundamental wisdom" in AoK,
| Ap4. What I've discussed in the last
| part of this post is correlated.]

k. p. collins 

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