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Secrets of the Aether

David Thomson news5 at volantis.org
Fri Dec 24 11:51:13 EST 2004

I have recently co-authored a book about a new method of quantifying 
physics.  This method is of particular interest to neuroscientists as it 
quantifies consciousness as a quantum process.  I'm including the press 
release for the book below:


Quantum AetherDynamics Institute Publishes Secrets of the Aether

New book rewrites modern physics through Aether theory

ALMA, Ill., Dec 23, 2004 - Two amateur physicists have done what has eluded 
plenty of academic types: They have learned everything-in theory. More 
specifically, David Thomson and Jim D. Bourassa, founders of the Quantum 
AetherDynamics Institute (QADI, http://www.quantumaetherdynamics.com), have 
published a testable Theory of Everything in their new book, Secrets of the 
Aether, QADI Press, available at http://www.16pi2.com/book.htm).

Based on Thomsons' Aether Physics Model, Secrets of the Aether turns 
conventional physics on its ear to introduce the first mathematically 
correct Unified Force Theory in modern science, along with explanations of 
dark matter, how physical matter interacts with consciousness, and more.

In getting to this point, the authors realized early on that modern physics 
was riddled with inaccuracies-chief among them the denial of the existence 
of a distributed non-physical medium permeating the entire universe and 
endowing space with measurable physical properties, known historically as 
the Aether.

"There is a reason the Unified Force Theory has not been previously 
discovered," said Thomson, Science Director of QADI. "There are some key 
errors in modern physics, which have either gone undetected or intentionally 

Secrets of the Aether transforms the Aether from a nineteenth-century 
mystery to a modern explanation for the phenomena of the universe. "Now that 
we have exact measurements of certain constants, we can deduce that the 
Aether is not made from some kind of physically detectable particle, but 
from non-physical Aether units of 2 spin rotating magnetic field," Thomson 
explained. "Aether units can also be expressed as Coulomb's constant times
16 pi squared."

Put another way, time and space come together in the Aether. "Using the 
principles of reductionism, our model shows the forces are unified by an 
extremely simple set of general laws explainable by the fabric of space-time 
itself, which is a dynamic, quantum-scale Aether," said Bourassa, Executive 
Director of QADI.

The authors admit their concept may irk some scientists. Others, however, 
see Thomson's and Bourassa's work as a springboard to further advances in 
such fields as nanotechnology, neuroscience, electrodynamics and chemistry.

"The highly original ideas formulated in this work are clearly the fruits of 
many years of serious study and reflection," wrote Rochester Institute of 
Technology physics professor V.V. Raman, Ph.D. "We live in an age in which 
values, worldviews, and politics are changing at unmanageably fast rates.
Each day brings not only fresh and unexpected news, but also revolutionary 
ideas and perspectives whose impacts no one can foresee. I see this book in 
this context. Not everyone will agree or accept everything stated in this 
book. But the book certainly deserves careful attention before passing 
judgment on it."

Clearly, the timing of the book could not be better as the United Nations 
declared 2005 as the Year of Physics, and it is the 100th anniversary of 
Albert Einstein's Special Relativity Theory.

Jim D. Bourassa
David Thomson
Quantum AetherDynamics Institute
info at quantumaetherdynamics.com


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