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kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Dec 22 17:13:07 EST 2004

Explanation of how I use the way
I write to Teach with respect to
"dynamic subordinate coupling"
within "information-processing
phases ["heavy-duty" stuff that's
discussed in AoK, Ap5], below.

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in 
news:N25xd.1119574$Gx4.179958 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]

| It's these "addressing" dynamics
| that are why I decided to post this
| further-CORRECTION. They are
| what I've been discussing whenever
| I've discussed glial-mediated "super-
| system configuration" [AoK, Ap5]
| shifts. Study this stuff and you'll un-
| derstand better what's in "TD E/I-
| minimization", and the way that it
| calculates "memory" by operating
| upon "biological mass" [ibid] that
| minimially-encodes 'memory' [AoK,
| Ap5; "cerebellum"]. The minimal-
| encoding is with respect to the
| structure of the neural Topology,
| and consists only of that which en-
| ables reconstructive-"addressing"
| via TD E/I-minimization. The
| smaller the correlated "biological
| mass", the more TD E/I-minimiza-
| tion that's required to access the
| correlated "memory". Everything
| is maintained during sleep-consci-
| ousness [as I've discussed in long-
| former posts ["database-walking"]],
| in rigorous accord with one's exper-
| ience [with the neural activation
| that actually occurs within one's
| nervous system].
| Can you see it?
| It's why experience matters.
| [...]

| Even the "dance" of one's fingers up-
| on one's keyboard as one is express-
| ing an "idea" is all 'just' exquisitely-
| orchestrated sequentially-"unfolding"
| [AoK, Ap6] 'moving toward' that
| "goal". As one so 'moves', one exper-
| iences "feedback" from one's experi-
| ential internal and external "environ-
| ments" that occur as either TD E/I(up)
| or TD E/I(down) within the neural
| Topology of one's nervous system,
| and TD E/I-minimization adjusts it-
| self, accordingly, altering the neur-
| al Topology that is being converged
| upon within the "dynamic subordinate
| coupling" of "supersystem configura-
| tion".
| [...]

Here in b.n, I "write" the way that I
do for reasons that I've discussed in
long-former posts [the "novelty"
tweaks allow me to endure what
would, otherwise, be 'overwhelming'
"boredom" -- be-cause I have to
keep-on going over what, to me, is
the "same stuff", which means that,
while I work in b.n, I don't get to
experience 'normal' "biological re-

So I turn what I've got to do into
"play", which enables me to exper-
ience "biological reward" that'd,
otherwise, be absent, which is not
a "safe" thing.

But I also realized, before I started
working here in b.n, that I'd have to
give-myself-up, as "the lab animal",
in order for there being any chance
of folks' getting NDT's 'deep' stuff
via this text-only, "write-it-into-exist-
ence, "way".

So I don't 'worry' about how I write
stuff. I usually just write, post, and
=then= reread.


I saw that this'd be a "good" way
to give folks experience with re-
spect to the 'Difficult' stuff of "sup-
ersystem configuration", "dynamic
subordinate coupling", "phase-shift-
ing", etc.-in-AoK, Ap5, and the
way that TD E/I-minimization gov-
erns it all.

So I "write" and post, which is
"active phase", stuff, read what I've
posted, which is "passive phase"
stuff, during which I =always= ex-
perience TH E/I(up) which "recon-
figures" my "supersystem" [global
nervous system; system of systems],
so that I'll, then, shift back into "act-
ive-phase" dynamics that're guided
by TD E/I-minimization with respect
to the "passive phase" TD E/I(up)
"mismatch", and converge upon "writ-
ing" addenda, and/or "corrections"
[and, if necessary, retractions].

In doing so, I'm giving-up "being-cool"
so that folks'll just expereince the stuff
that's discussed in AoK, Ap5, knowing
that, in this way [if anyone reads the
discussions I post], TD E/I-minimization
will occur within folks nervous systems
that'll literally embody [the Directionality]
of the 'deep' stuff that's discussed in AoK,

I've got to do it this way be-cause NDT's
'deep' stuff is just so "different" that it
passes-through nervous systems 'unde-

But this 'deep' stuff is =Basic= within

So I've had to work in a way that com-
municates these Basics via reiterative-
demonstration of behavior that rigor-
ously-embodies them in an artificially-
"charicatured" fashion.

I'm working at a 'level' lower than "lang-
uage" where it's all 'just' abstract TD E/I.

I would've explained earlier, but it'd've
just passed-through folks' nervous sys-
tems 'undetected'. It couldn't be explained
until folks'd had sufficient opportunity to
experience the TD E/I(up)s and (downs),
and the way that they're connected via
TD E/I-minimization.

If folks who have AoK, 'now' reread
Ap5, they'll find that, 'magically', it's
all very-much-easier to understand.

That's be-cause I've done this work
to give folks the underpinning TD E/I-

I'm still working at a way-basic 'level'
in NDT's stuff, and, yes, I'm "concerned"
be-cause no one's "shouted Eureka!".

If nothing "breaks-through", my 'time'
will run-out before folks've been lifted-
up out of what's been Humanity's self-

I'm here in b.n to teach folks, in the
only way that's been 'open' to me, so
that folks who've been(?) reading all
along can, "pass-it-on".

'deep' stuff is 'Hard' to Teach be-cause
it's, necessarily, embodied at a commens-
urately-deep 'level' within nervous system
function -- so it 'rubs-against' the stuff
that's been extremely-TD E/I-minimized
within folks' 'normal' experience [in the
"tree" metaphor, it's "trunk" stuff].

Along with all of this, I've had to "bat-
down" folks "flying-off-the-handle', with
respect to doing what needs to be done,
but, more-importantly, with respect to
folks' 'wandering' into the "zone of ran-
domness" {AoK, Ap4] insufficiently-

So I've routinely, little by little, strength-
end folks' abilities to approach the "zone
of randomness" Safely, "shutting-every-
thing-down" when I saw that such was
Necessary -- "closing-the-door" to the
"zone of randomness".

So, "what the hell?"

I was never "cool", anyway.

But this giving-folks-"annotated"-in-the-
TD E/I-TD E/I-minimization experience is
what I've been doing.

And, in Honor of my Family, I did a "com-
pact" example elsewhere in this thread.

If folks're getting NDT's basic stuff,
they'll be able to "tick-off" everything
that's in AoK, Ap5 while just studying
the sequence of those posts.

[I was also Remembering, and commun-
icating my Love to my Family. Nervous
systems can do many things in-parallel,
so why not do many things in-parallel. My
Remembering and expressions of my Love
for my Family might seem "out-of-place",
but that's 'where' TD E/I-stuff becomes

If folks've gotten this basic stuff, from
here, anything that's in the Published
Literature is "fair game". [Just be con-
siderate. The ramifications of my dis-
cussing what folks ask to be discus-
sed will be folks' Responsibility, which
is one of the main reasons that I'd pre-
fer to do such in a "quiet" place, with
a small group of folks who Love
Neuroscience. So I can "heal-wounds"
in real-'time', and the "messiness", that
will, otherwise endure [if what I conn-
ect-to as "bionet.neuroscience" is, in
fact "bionet.neuroscience"], will be
minimized. I'm still allowing [with
Reason that I can demonstrate to any-
one who wants to look] for the pos-
sibility that the work I do is being

Anyway, it's Gift-Stuff.

Merry Christmas!

ken [k. p. collins]

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