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Wed Dec 22 14:34:12 EST 2004

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|| [...]
|| It was a really-good Sled. The fastest
|| of all the sleds in the neighborhood. [I
|| took it down into Dad's workshop and
|| carefully honed it's runners, working
|| down the grit-gradient until they were
|| smooth-as-glass. Then I waxed 'em :-]

"grit-gradient" = My Dad's large selection
of abrasive cloths and papers. I "worked
down" its "gradient", going from "corse"
abrasiveness to "hardly-any" abrasiveness.
Dad had abrasives for every purpose, and
they'd put the "gleem" to any common
metal. [For really-rough-stuff, Dad had
various motorized "grinders".]

'Course, when working with hand-abras-
ives, one has to supply the "elbow grease",
but that's just long-term TD E/I-minimiza-
tion that 'moves' with Directionality that
literally 'moves' to "reach out" into the 'no-
thingness' to 'grasp' "slipery-shininess" and
'drag' it into Being, 'telling' "friction" to 'go

And the True-Wonder thing is that the
"Knowledge", inherent, was accum-
ulated, over the course of the millenia,
via 'just' more TD E/I-minimization,
handed-down, intergenerationally via
convergence upon 'shared' "analogous"
TD E/I-minimization [like in my recent
post "On Language", except including
more than "language" because it's eas-
ier to demonstrate how to polish metal
than it is to "talk-it-into-existence"].

| :-]
| Sled-runner-'td e/i-minimization'.
|| This Sled always won every "race",
|| both on speed and distance.
|| [...]
| See?
| It's Child's-Play.
| And, no matter what, it Works.

k. p. collins 

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