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On 'Hunger' and Functional Multiplexing

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Dec 22 02:20:58 EST 2004

Clarification added, below.

Because of the "COX2 inhibitors"
that're much in the News these 'days',
I was going to post a separate re-
iteration of "functional multiplexing"
[AoK, Ap9], but I'm going to do it
as an addendum to my prior discus-
sion of "hunger" -- in the hope that
folks' 'familiarity' [peviously-achieved
TD E/I-minimization] will give them
a useful "handle" on some of the 'deep'
stuff that's in the way "functional multi-
plexing" works. I'll also be reiterating
a bit with respect to "standing-wave

So, "put on your Thinking-caps" and
work, carefully, through the entirety
of what's discussed below [including
rereading the "hunger" stuff -- be-
cause, if you worked-through the
"hunger" stuff, yester-'day', your Good
noggin' labs will've been working-in-
the-background to achieve TD E/I-
minimization with respect to it, and
you'll "smile" upon rereading it -- that
you, 'now', "magically" understand
it so much better than you did yes-
ter-'day' -- which is 'just' 'one' of
the myriad things that comprise
"hunger" -- the "inverting-" and
"True-reward" [AoK, Ap5 and
Ap7] 'portions' [come back <here>
'later', and focus upon =Seeing=
how the biological reward mech-
anisms contribute to the overall
=Directionality= of the energy-
dynamics that constitute "hunger"].

[If my way of discussing what I've
added below seems to be "overly-
abstruse", that's because I want to
treat "functional multiplexing" in a
=generalized= way -- I want to
discuss it in an "abstract" way -- that
focuses upon the 3-D energydynamics
inherent. I want to do this be-cause I
understand that the stuff I'll discuss
is relatively 'unfamiliar' to folks who've
studied Biology in traditional ways. The
necessary "abstractness" is a "shock-
treatment", that, I hope, will enable
folks TD E/I-minimization dynamics to
"bridge" the remaining "gap" between
the traditional view of "Biology" and
NDT's 3-D-TD-energydynamics view
of Biology. You know -- it's as a de-
liberate "challenge" to folks' TD E/I-
minimization capabilities -- a "gauntlet",
if you will, that will reward those who
work their ways through-it. Look at
this exercise as an "adventure", in
which you're 'temporarily' "releasing"
from the traditional view of "Biology"
to explore this portion of NDT's
synthesis of Biology You know -- 
like a Kid on some "monkey bars".
She or he has to "reach-out" to grab
the next "bar", and, in so "reaching",
there's no "guarantee" that the Child's
capacity-for-"reaching" will end-up
with the "next bar" firmly in his or her
grasp. But "monkey bars" are Fun
precisely because of that. So go at
what's here in that way. The "Fun"
is guaranteed. It's built-right-into
your Being [within the neural Top-
ology of your nervous system], so
enjoy it in the spirit of that Kid dar-
ing to test traverse of the playground

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|| "[...]
|| "Food"?
|| If you're "hungry", 'move toward' it
|| by 'moving' your legs and torso, 'move'
|| your arms, hands and fingers to 'move'
|| it to your mouth. 'move' the muscules
|| that animate your jaw. "Taste and eat."
|| Anything you can consider is Same-Old,
|| Same-Old stuff -- all [of it] Knowledge with
|| respect to 'movememt', and such "Know-
|| ledge" exists, as above, within the neur-
|| al Topology of your nervous aystem
|| =AND= TD E/I-minimization.
|| [...]
| What about "humger"?
| It's the internal experience of 'moving
| away from' energy-sufficiency.

It's =literally= a topologically-distributed-
energydynamic -- a TD-energy-flow
that's =rigorously= -mapped within the
"special topological homeomorphism"
of nervous systems.

It's the =DIRECTIONALITY= inherent
=EVERYWHERE= within this
flow that literally embodies "hunger".

It's this TD- =Directionality= that
constitutes what "hunger" Is.

Get it?

At the 'level' at which I'm discussing
"functional multiplexing", there's a bit
more involved. I'll discuss that below.

| All "hunger"-correlated behavioral
| dynamics, and all of the =myriad=
| sub-dynamics that comprise it are
| 'just' so much 'moving toward' en-
| ergy-sufficiency.
| 'moving away from' that 'moving
| away from' Being-Alive.

"Life" consists of anti-WDB2T

That is, given an "ideal" case, =ev-
erything= that comprises an "Alive"-
thing [like a Human Being] is rigor-
ously-ordered, at all scales, with re-
spect to it's "gating" of the energy to
which it has access, and, taken as a
whole [globally, with respect to the
whole "Alive"-thing] this "gating" de-
termines an energy-flow that enables
the "Alive"-thing to "climb" WDB2T.

Get it?

=That= is, for instance, literally what's
going-on 'within' every ion gate studding
the 'surface' [it's actually 3-D] of every
"cell" -- each "gate" 'engineered' ex-
plicitly with respect to a sub-set with-
in the entire set of energy-flow pos-
sibilities so that it's functionality with-
in the overall 3-D energy-flow occurs
as a "good player" on the global en-
ergy-flow "team".

"Ion gates" are 'just' the embodiment
of "TD E/I-minimization" at the scales
at which they exist. That is, even though
they're at a relatively-small scale, with
respect to their contributions to the over-
all 3-D energy-flow, their 3-D Topo-
logies are =exactly= analogous to the
the global "special topological homeo-
morphism" and the way that it determ-
ines global 3-D energy-flow.

Get it?

All Biology is rigorously-ordered, at
all scales, in this way, with respect to
3-D energydynamics -- with respect
to 3-D energy-flow.

Knowing this makes it 'easy' to just
"read" what's going-on in-there, at any

But there's a "catch" -- the 3-D energy-
flow="gating" is, itself, highly-tunable
at all scales. That is, although any "ion
gate" [for instance] is always continuously-
participating within the =overall= 3-D
energy-flow, an "ion gate" does =not=
always "gate"-energy in the same "dir-
ection" within the overall 3-D energy-
flow. Instead, the functionalities of "ion
gates" are tuned so that the 3-D "ion-
ic conductances" will distribute ions'
Coulomb forces in ways that're "anti-

| Which is 'just' more "climbing" of
| WDB2T.
| Why I'm getting into all of this is
| to give folks a handle on the way
| that all of the =myriad= sub-dyn-
| amics that comprise "hunger" are
| =all= rigorously-correlated to the
| =one= overall =Directionality=
| that is WDB2T.
| Get it?
| This means that one can 'just'
| order all of the myriad sub-proc-
| esses that comprise "hunger" with
| respect to the one thing, Knowing
| how everything fits-together, de-
| spite the fact that the "Directional-
| ities" of the individual sub-dynamics
| involved can be "all over the map".
| They're all just tick-off-able.
| "Bing, bing, bing..."
| Each one "talking" to every other
| one in a way that's all rigorously-
| correlated to WDB2T.
| All the way down, at all scales.
| So, juggle any few of them, and
| you've got enough Knowledge
| to read that sub-collection's "Dir-
| ectionality", and, once you've
| done that, you have the necessary
| means [the necessary "tool"] to
| explore "hunger" in it's fullness.
| Get it?

This's where the engineering of the
"COX2 inhibitors" got into trouble -- 
be-cause they were engineered in ways
that were 'blind' to the "functional
multiplexing" that's inherent in in the
3-D energydynamics.

For instance, the contribution of an
"ion gate" to the overall 3-D energy-
flow when an organism is "hungry"
will be different from it's contribution
to the overall 3-D energy-flow when
the organism is not "hungry".

So sticking stuff in-there that only
acts specifically with respect to one
"condition" [in the case of the COX2-
inhibitors, "pain"] induces dysfunction-
ality be-cause the stuff is not engineered
to be "friendly" with the anti-WDB2T-
tuning of 3-D energydynamics' function-
alities that are inherent in "functional multi-

Get it?

The stuff does what it does, in a way
that's 'blind' to the fact that the 3-D
energydynamics are tunable at all
scales, and, although the stuff might
be functional when the system exists
in =one= 'state' of tune, the stuff mucks-
up the 3-D energydynamics when the
system exists in other 'states' of tune,
which are right-there =in= "function-
al multiplexing" -- in the at-all-scales-
anti-WDB2T tuning of the 3-D energy-
dynamics that 'normally' occurs with-
in an "Alive"-thing.

So the non-"functionally-multiplexing"-
able "drugs" impose =disorder= with-
in all of the other 3-D energy-flow
'states' that routinely occur within the

In other words, the "functional-multi-
plexing-'blind' "drugs" impose WDB2T
upon the system, instead of enhancing
the anti-WDB2T "climbing" that is "Life".

That's what "disease" does.

But the problem is not "hopeless".

Pharmaceuticals 'just' have to be en-
gineered in ways that facilitate anti-
WDB2T 3-D energydynamics =re-
gardless= of the 'momentary' 'state'
of tune.

This means that pharmaceuticals must
be engineered to tune their functionalities
in ways that are rigorously-correlated
to the "functionally-multiplexed" tuning
of the "Alive"-thing's 3-D energydynam-

And, here, we arive back at the need
for "NL-P Medicine" ["NL-P": "non-
linearity-of-perspective], and further
discussion of that needs "Tapered
Harmony"]. In my long-former dis-
cussion of "NL-P Medicine", I got
things started simply, by focussing
upon the Tempemperature alterations
that occur in "fever" dynamics, and
why I've been writing this addendum
with "gusto" that is, perhaps, obvious,
is that I've "bridged" between the 'state'
of elevated-Temperature "NL-P"-co-
rrelations that I discussed in the "NL-P
Medicine" thread to =all= possible 3-D
energydynamics -- to See how "func-
tional multiplexing" is 'normally' tuned
within 'normal' Biological systems, and
how "Immune System"-functional-tun-
ing occurs as a 'normal' consequence
of 'momentary' 'states' of 3-D energy-

For instance, what have been referred
to as "emotions" are 'just' an "affective-
interface" that literally embodies the
'state' of the body's 3-D-energydyn-
amics and their Directionality in a way
that gives a nervous system's host
the ability to =experience= them
consciously. All "emotions" are is
this sort of "interface" with respect to
"consciousness". Underneath, their
"interface" they are 'just' the 3-D en-
ergydynamics, doing their anti-WDB2T
energy-flow-Directionality tuning.

Get it?

This means that pharmacological
action varies in ways that are dir-
ectly-reflected in [and can be dir-
ectly-read from] "emotion".

The connection has been made with
respect to stuff that's been referred to
as "stress", but all "stress" is is relatively-
high TD E/I -- in which neural activation
goes relatively-random, "indicating" that
WDB3T is "catching-up" with one's
ability to "climb"-it.

Get it?

It's not "stress" that's deleterious. That's
just been a "word" that's been used in
ways that've been 'blind' to what's in
TD E/I-minimization.

It's the relative-'randomness' that lit-
erally constitutes "back-sliding" with
respect to "climbing"-WDB2T -- 
constitutes WDB2T "catching-up" to
one's Being.

And everything can be followed ["read"]
all the way down, at all scales, by just
remembering how the "special topo-
logical homeomorphism" Rigorously
mapps 'moving away from' WDB2T.

It's =all= exactly-analogous to every-
thing I've discussed over the 'years'
with respect to global-scale TD E/I-

That is, tuning occurs at all scales with-
in biological systems in a way that's
=exactly= -analogous to the way that
TD E/I-minimization occurs in rigorous
accord with the mapping of the "special
topological homeomorphism".

It's a universal principle that determines
everything that occurs within biological

And this gives Hope to Medicine, be-
cause, as I said in my prior post [when
I was focussing upon "hunger"] "Bing,
bing, bing...", although the problem is
a Demanding one, everything in-it is
"just tick-off-able".

There're myriad 3-D sub-dynamics
within the global 3-D energy-flow.

But, juggle any few of them, and
you gain enough Knowledge
to read that sub-collection's "Dir-
ectionality", and, once you've
done that, you have the necessary
means [the necessary "tool"] to
explore that sub-dynamic's 3-D energy-
dynamics in their fullness.

Get it?

It's 'just' more "ranging widely"
within the portion of Truth's One-
Map that's in-focus when one does

It's not sufficient to do explicitly-
focused experiments.

Any such experiment's results have
to be 3-D-energy-dynamics-cross-
correlated with respect to all other
possible experimental results [even
those that have not yet been done].

This means that Medical Data-Basing,
that's engineered expressly to achieve
this 3-D-energy-dynamics cross-cor-
relation =MUST= be developed if
Medicine is to procede toward it's
goal of "doing no harm" while Healing.

That sounds like "too much", but it's
flat-out-doable. It's just the "bing,
bing, bing..." stuff, and, with respect
to those "all possible experiments",
as it increases in its "juggling" [as above],
this approach will flat-out disclose
even those results that've not yet been
achieved. In other words, it'll Predict.

Oh Joy!

I'm 'smiling' an "Oh well" 'smile' [a
'smile'-of-"resignation"] as I write this
because, if there's no one who's read
considerably in the stuff I've discussed
over the 'years', no one will See it, but
the Future of Medicine has been com-
pletely-delineated in this post.

It's all in the "Master-Key" that I re-
iterated in my immediately-prior post,
and which I'll continue to reiterate ad
infinitum, until folks get it.

Just remember -- give the machines
the ability to See =Directionality=,
not "information" [refer back to my
other posts of the last few 'days' here
in b.n to see why].

See the 3-D energydynamics in =every-


[I said, above, that I was going to re-
iterate some of "standing-wave genetics
[S-WG], but I've not gotten around to
that in this post. It's the way that Coulomb
'forces' sum to tune the activation of the
genetic material, and is, ultimately, the
Problem that Medicine must Resolve.
Basically, it's as above, but with respect
to what have been referred to as "genes".
'genes' functionalities are also multiplexed
in rigorous accord with the 3-D energy-
dynamics 'states' that they "experience",
which is what Connects the genetic mater-
ial to what's generally referred to as "ex-
perience". The "bottom line", here, is that
none of what have been referred to as
"genes" functions in any simple "on/off"
way. Rather, the functionality of 'genes'
is determined, within extremely-variable
ranges, by the 3-D energydynamics that
they "experience".]

[remainder of this post is the same as
it was in my prior post(?).]

k. p. collins

| It's the way NDT was developed.
| Anything else within all of physical
| reality, including, of course, all of
| Biology, same-old, same-old.
| It's all "Directionality".
| Dynamic "force-Topology", all
| behaving in rigorous accord with
| WDB2T.
| This Knowledge is the "Master-Key"
| to everything else within physical
| reality.
| So it's Worth the work inherent in
| learning how to 'move' with respect
| to it.
| Once you have this, you can 'go'
| =anywhere=, and you'll 'just' =See=
| everything that's in-there, flat-out,
| plain-as-day.
| The Universe laid-bare to your
| Seeing.
| No 'secrets'.
| 'Course, one must do the work
| inherent in "ranging-widely" within
| Truth's One-Map.
| One can only "see" to the degree
| that one does that work.
| See the discussion of the "volitional
| diminishing-returns decision" in AoK,
| Ap7, which is all about the doing of
| that work. Pay particular attention
| to the way "reward" functions within
| such.
| The Evolutionary-'Engineer' didn't
| overlook our working =Joyfully= :-]
| The harder one works at "ranging
| widely" with respect to Truth's One-
| Map, the more one 'moves toward'
| Joy.
| Literally.
| It's built-right-into us all.
| k. p. collins

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