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On 'Language'

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Dec 21 01:58:25 EST 2004

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|| [...]
|| Can you see it?
|| "Information" =always= exists only
|| =outside= of nervous systems. What
|| exists =within= nervous systems is
|| neural-topological "knowledge" with
|| respect to how to 'move' with respect
|| to external "information", and that
|| "knowledge" functions by cross-cor-
|| relating 'movement' with WDB2T.
|| [...]
| There's an =illusion= of "information
| existing within nervous systems" be-
| cause "language" has "subjects" and
| "verbs", etc., and, since one can look
| at this or that, say, a "clock" on the
| wall, and vocalize, "clock", one 'thinks'
| that there's "clock"-ness somewhere
| "within" one's self.
| But that's not it.
| What actually happens is that, when
| one's visual apparatus 'moves toward'
| the "clock" on the wall, TD E/I-minimi-
| zation occurs within one's nervous sys-
| tem, and this TD E/I-minimization con-
| verges upon a "supersystem configur-
| ation" [AoK, Ap5] that sets the 'state'
| of one's nervous system's neural Top-
| ology in accord with one's prior exper-
| ience.
| All of this occurs at a 'level' that's much-
| more-fundamental than is "language",
| but, if there's any further TD E/I-min-
| imization that can occur =between=
| two or more nervous systems, the "lang-
| uage-interface" is configured into the
| 'momentary' "supersystem configur-
| ation", and ongoing TD E/I-minimiza-
| tion drives the activation of motor-
| speech dynamics so that "language"
| behavior is manifested as is discussed
| in AoK, Ap6..
| Study "language", and you'll discover
| that it is 100% 'movement' with re-
| spect to external "information".
| "Huh?"
| Yeah, "subjects" in "language" behavior,
| for instance, are =just= TD E/I-minimi-
| zation literally 'moving toward' the TD
| E/I(min) that's been converged upon
| during prior experiencing of other "lang-
| uage" behavior.
| The goal of "language" behavior is =not=
| "the exchange of information".
| It is mutual-convergence upon shared-
| TD E/I-minimization.
| As is discussed in AoK, Ap1, "language"
| can be =anything=, but, if there is to be
| "communication" the one and only thing
| that must occur [the =only= thing that
| can actually occur] is mutual-convergence
| upon shared-TD E/I-minimization.
| To the degree that such shared-TD E/I-
| minimization occurs, two or more nerv-
| ous systems 'move toward' co-ordinated-
| 'movement' with respect to this or that
| that constitutes "information" that exists
| =only= within the =external= environ-
| ment.
| [...]
| Returning to discuss "language" dis-
| closes more,
| [...]

Consider, for instance, what's involved
in the manifestation of "language".

Jaw, larynx, diaphram, facial musculature
[to communicate via facial expressions],
and body musculature all have to be co-
ordinated, but each of the many muscles
involved must 'move' in its individual "dir-

Writing, typing, Singing, miming, etc.,
same-old, same-old.

And the whole coordinated set of 'move-
ments' [hopefully] "expresses" "informa-

See how the "information-content" is all
"directionality" within TD E/I-minimiza-

See how it is that "information" does
not exist =within= the nervous system.

What exists within nervous systems is
"Knowledge" with respect to how to
'move' with respect to "information".

"Memory" 'contains' such "Knowledge"
with respect to 'movement', which is
why the musculature 'moves' as it does
during "language"-behavior.

The "information-content" conveyed
in "language" dynamics isn't "letters-
in-a-book" stuff.

Rather, the "information-content" of
"language" is literally 'movement' that,
when it's experienced by another
nervous system, "tells" that nervous
system the 'directions' in which to

There's TD E/I, and TD E/I-minimi-
zation, within both nervous systems,
and the "information-content" is in the
=directionality= inherent.

What's "stored" within nervous systems'
neural Topologies are =directions=
with respect to 'moving' with respect
to =external= "information", and this
"storage" occurs, simply, in the form
of "microscopic trophic modifications"
["micro-mods"] within the neural Top-
ology as a =simple= result of the oc-
currence of the neural activation that
actually occurs within a nervous sys-

It's doubly-simple :-]

It's all highly-dynamically-configurable,
as is discussed in AoK, Ap5, but it's

What keeps it Simple is the rigorous
Topological-Order that's literally em-
bodied in the "special topological
homeomorphism" [AoK, "Short Paper"
section, and throughout].

It's the "special topological homeo-
morphism" [the "multi-Mobius-ed
Klein bottle"] that imbues "direction-
ality" with =meaning= that's rigorously-
correlated to the physical reality of
one's external experiential environment.

"Meaning" is 100% "Directionality".

In the "passive-" ["sensory-dominant-";
"information-gathering-"] "phase of
nervous system function, external
stuff imposes "directionality" upon
nervous system function, and, in the
directed-'movement' that's so imposed,
"information" is carried into the nervous

In the "active-" ["motor-dominant-";
"performance-optimization-"] "phase of
nervous system function, the TD E/I-
minimization that's been converged
upon directs the 'movements' of the
musculature, which imposes "direc-
tionality" upon one's external exper-
iential environment.

[See AoK, Ap5 and Ap7 for more
discussion of these information-proc-
essing "phases", and the way they're
rigorously-coupled to TD E/I-mini-

What's been referred to as "intelli-
gence" is 'just' the accumulation of
"Knowing" how to 'move' with re-
spect to "information" that exists
=external= to one's nervous system,
the result being one's "experiential
total" [AoK, Ap8].

Nervous systems =do not= "re-
create information" within them-

Nervous systems create "Knowledge"
with respect to how-to'move' with
respect to =external= "information".

Such "Knowledge" is literally embod-
ied in =Directionality" with respect
to a nervous system's neural Topology.

Let's see... how else can I say it?

The "action potentials" that occur
within nervous systems are =literally=
the physical embodiements of =Direc-
tionality". They have absolutely-nothing
to do with "encoding information".


It's Hard to convey this stuff be-cause
I've got only relatively-little "biological
mass" to "touch" within other folks'
nervous systems.

Other folks nervous systems 'want' to
converge upon TD E/I-minimization
with respect to the "information-con-
tent" of the term, "information", as "let-
ters-in-a-book" stuff -- as "bits" and
"bytes" and "words", but all of that
stuff is just False "finitizations" [AoK,
Ap4] that've accumulated, 'presump-
tively', over the millenia as a result of
interactively-induced TD E/I-minimiz-
ation, as above. But, with respect to
nervous system function, all of that
stuff is just "fantasy".

"Information", itself, is not stored
within nervous systems.

=Directionality= that enables a
nervous system to "Know" how to
'move' with respect to externally
existing "information" is what's
"stored" within nervous systems.

Get it?

Direction-in -> Td E/I(down -> Direction-out.

It's how nervous systems "Know"
how to direct the effectors to 'move'
so that our behavior is =Effective=
with respect to =externally= existing

That's all we have to "Know", and
all we =can= "Know".

I've formerly Erred in saying that
"physical reality literally comes to
exist within a nervous system". It's
"Knowing" how to 'move' with re-
spect to physical reality that lit-
erally comes to exist within nervous
systems. The difference is =Huge=.
The Erroneous thing would require
the physical encoding of "informa-
tion", itself, and that's impossible
be-cause there's infinite "informa-
tion" out-there. But "Knowing" how
to 'move' within that Infinity is flat-
out easy to achieve -- via TD E/I-
minimization within the "special
topological homeomorphism" that
is =rigorously= mapped with re-
spect to the Infinity. The Infinity
remains external to nervous systems,
but, via TD E/I-minimization, "Know-
ledge" with respect to how to 'move'
within the Infinity is accumulated as
a result of 'just-plain' neural activa-
tion within the "special topological
homeomorphism" that's rigorously-
mapped to the external Infinity. It
requires, only, that "micro-mods"
occur in a way that's rigorously-
coupled to the neural activation
that actually occurs within a nerv-
ous system.

[There's much more that needs
to be discussed with respect to
this stuff, but, before I can con-
tinue, I need some Stalwart to
"step-up" and let me know that
this stuff is actually being read.

Doing so does not "mean" that
one "agrees". It just means that
it's not all going to Waste, or
passing-through nervous systems,
undetected. [There's no way I
can Know other stuff I'd like to
Know, except through in-person

Also, challenges would be help-
ful -- letting me know where,
and how, to reiterate this or that
using different words. My discus-
sion won't alter. It'll just meet
folks' needs better.

You know -- it'll 'move toward'
mutual understanding [shared
TD E/I-minimization].

k. p. collins 

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